Dennis Hoey

Highest Rated: 100% Joan of Arc (1948)
Birthday: Mar 30, 1893
Birthplace: Not Available
Lantern-jawed British actor Dennis Hoey was 25 when he launched his theatrical career. A character player almost from the outset, Hoey was a valuable supporting presence in British films from 1927 through 1936. He came to America in 1941, where he worked steadily in films and in Hollywood-based radio programs until his retirement a decade later. Dennis Hoey is most fondly remembered for his portrayal of the thick-eared Inspector Lestrade in Universal's Sherlock Holmes films of the 1940s, a role that he carried over into the Holmes radio series.

Highest Rated Movies



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No Score Yet Bikini Island Press in Hospital 1991
No Score Yet Almost Sonny Taggart 1990
No Score Yet Plymouth Adventure Head Constable 1952
80% David and Bathsheba Joab 1951
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100% Joan of Arc William Glasdale 1948
No Score Yet Ruthless Mr. Burnside 1948
No Score Yet Christmas Eve Williams 1947
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No Score Yet If Winter Comes Tiny Wilson 1947
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40% The Strange Woman Tim Hager 1946
88% Anna and the King of Siam Sir Edward 1946
17% She-Wolf of London (The Curse of the Allenbys) Inspector Pierce 1946
No Score Yet Tarzan and the Leopard Woman Commissioner 1946
75% Terror by Night Inspector Lestrade 1946
No Score Yet Roll on Texas Moon Cole 1946
No Score Yet A Thousand and One Nights Sultan Kamar Al-Kir/Prince Hadji 1945
No Score Yet Sherlock Holmes in the House of Fear Lestrade 1945
No Score Yet The Keys of the Kingdom Alex Chisholm 1944
100% National Velvet Mr. Greenford 1944
No Score Yet The Pearl of Death Inspector Lestrade 1944
No Score Yet Uncertain Glory Father Le Clerc 1944
No Score Yet Sherlock Holmes in the Spider Woman Insp. Lestrade 1944
No Score Yet Sherlock Holmes Faces Death Inspector Lestrade 1943
25% Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man Inspector Owen 1943
No Score Yet Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon Inspector Lestrade 1943
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