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Franco Ferrini

Highest Rated: 77% The Stendhal Syndrome (1996)

Lowest Rated: 20% The Card Player (2004)

Birthday: Jan 05, 1944

Birthplace: La Spezia, Italy

With over 50 screenplays and scripts to his name, Franco Ferrini was a key member of the influential Italian giallo movement; giallo, which comes from the Italian word for "yellow," was named after the cheap paperback thrillers from which the genre emerged. Frequently collaborating with renowned Italian horror director Dario Argento, one of the fathers of giallo cinema, Ferrini played a large part in shaping the movement with his layered, original, and often chilling stories. His first credit as a writer came in 1978 on the self-explanatory "Virgin Killer." From there his career took off; he rarely penned less than two scripts a year throughout the 1980s and '90s. His first collaboration with Dario Argento was 1985's "Phenomena," about a young girl who uses her ability to talk to insects to solve a rash of murders. This thoroughly unique plot exemplifies the style of Ferrini, who went on to work with Argento on several more films of equally bizarre and brilliantly original plots, among them "Demons" (1985), "Opera" (1987), and "The Stendhal Syndrome" (1996). Not solely a writer of giallos, Ferrini worked on plenty of successful films in other genres, most notably Sergio Leone's epic crime-drama "Once Upon a Time in America," starring Robert De Niro. The new millennium saw Ferrini join forces with Argento again on 2004's "The Card Player."



No Score Yet 77% The Goodbye Kiss Writer - 2006
No Score Yet 31% Do You Like Hitchcock? Writer - 2005
No Score Yet 73% Vanilla and Chocolate Writer - 2004
20% 21% The Card Player Writer - 2004
50% 50% Sleepless Writer - 2001
77% 51% The Stendhal Syndrome Writer (Story) - 1996
No Score Yet No Score Yet Poliziotti Creator - 1994
56% 36% Two Evil Eyes Writer - 1990
No Score Yet No Score Yet Sweets From a Stranger Director,
- 1987
No Score Yet No Score Yet Demons 2 Screenwriter - 1986
No Score Yet 67% The Pool Hustlers Screenwriter - 1983
No Score Yet No Score Yet Vai alla grande Writer - 1983
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Cricket Writer - 1980
No Score Yet No Score Yet Virgin Killer Screenwriter - 1978


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