George Meeker

George Meeker

  • Highest Rated: 100% Road to Rio (1947)
  • Lowest Rated: 80% Up in Arms (1944)
  • Birthday: Mar 5, 1904
  • Birthplace: Not Available
  • Tall, handsome, wavy-haired character actor George Meeker was never in the upper echelons of Hollywood stardom; off-camera, however, he was highly regarded and much sought after -- as an expert polo player. Meeker switched from stage to screen in the silent era, playing leading roles in such important features as Four Sons (1928). In talkies, Meeker seemingly took every part that was tossed his way, from full secondary leads to one-line bits. In his larger roles, Meeker was frequently cast as a caddish "other man," a spineless wastrel who might be (but seldom was) the mystery killer, or the respectable businessman who's actually a conniving crook. He showed up frequently in the films of Humphrey Bogart, most memorably as the white-suited gent in Casablanca (1942) who turns to Bogart after the arrest of Peter Lorre and sneers "When they come to get me, Rick, I hope you'll be more of a help." Other significant George Meeker credits include the role of Robespierre in Marie Antoinette (1938) (cut down to a sniff and a single line -- "Guilty!" -- in the final release print), the supercilious dude who wins Mary Beth Hughes away from Henry Fonda in The Ox-Bow Incident (1943), and the smarmy would-be bridegroom of heiress Dorothy Lamour in The Road to Rio (1947).

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No Score Yet Afraid to Talk (Merry-Go-Round) Actor 2012
No Score Yet Dropped Director 2006
No Score Yet Spoilers of the Plains Scientist 1951
No Score Yet Government Agents vs. Phantom Legion Willard 1951
No Score Yet Twilight in the Sierras Matt Brunner 1950
No Score Yet The Invisible Monster Long 1950
No Score Yet Shark God Doc 1949
No Score Yet One Touch of Venus Mr. Crust 1948
No Score Yet The Dude Goes West Gambler 1948
No Score Yet Gay Ranchero Vance Brados 1948
No Score Yet Superman Driller 1948
No Score Yet Apache Rose Reed Calhoun 1947
No Score Yet Smash Up: The Story of a Woman Wolf 1947
100% Road to Rio Sherman Malley 1947
No Score Yet Home in Oklahoma Steve McClory 1946
No Score Yet Below The Deadline (Jumping Joe) Jeffrey Hilton 1946
No Score Yet Angel on My Shoulder Mr. Bentley 1946
No Score Yet Northwest Trail Whitey Yeager 1945
No Score Yet Crime, Inc. Parry North 1945
No Score Yet Eadie Was a Lady Caleb Van Horne VIII 1945
No Score Yet The Big Show-Off Wally Porter 1945
No Score Yet Brenda Starr, Reporter Frank Smith 1945
80% Up in Arms Ashley's Aide 1944
No Score Yet Dead Man's Eyes Nick Phillips 1944
No Score Yet I Accuse My Parents Charles Blake 1944
No Score Yet Marriage Is a Private Affair Josie 1944
No Score Yet Seven Doors to Death Charles Eaton 1944
No Score Yet Song of Nevada Colohon 1944
No Score Yet Take It Big John Hankinson 1944
No Score Yet Port of 40 Thieves Frederic St. Clair 1944
90% The Ox-Bow Incident Mr. Swanson 1943
98% Casablanca Friend 1942
No Score Yet You Can't Escape Forever Cummings 1942
No Score Yet The Gay Sisters Clerk 1942
93% Yankee Doodle Dandy Hotel Clerk 1942
No Score Yet Larceny, Inc. Mr. Jackson 1942
No Score Yet Captains of the Clouds Playboy 1942
No Score Yet The Male Animal Reporter 1942
No Score Yet Dive Bomber Commander 1941
100% Love Crazy DeWest 1941
95% High Sierra Pfiffer 1941
No Score Yet The Singing Hill John R. Ramsey 1941
No Score Yet A Night at Earl Carroll's Stage Manager 1940
No Score Yet Michael Shayne, Private Detective Harry Grange 1940
No Score Yet Rough Riders' Round-up Lanning 1939
100% The Roaring Twenties Masters 1939
No Score Yet Stunt Pilot Martin 1939
No Score Yet Nick Carter, Master Detective Hartley 1939
No Score Yet Marie Antoinette Robespierre 1938
No Score Yet Danger on the Air Tuttle, Undercover FCC Man 1938
No Score Yet Tarzan's Revenge Nevin 1938
No Score Yet Having Wonderful Time Subway Masher 1938
No Score Yet Meet the Mayor Harry Bayliss 1938
No Score Yet Music for Madame Orchestra Leader 1937
88% Stella Dallas Spencer Chandler 1937
No Score Yet The Man Who Found Himself Howard Dennis 1937
100% History Is Made At Night Norton 1937
No Score Yet Escape by Night Fred Peters 1937
No Score Yet Beware of Ladies Freddie White 1937
No Score Yet Wedding Present Blaker 1936
No Score Yet Walking on Air Tom Quinlan 1936
89% Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Brookfield 1936
No Score Yet The Country Doctor Dr. Wilson 1936
No Score Yet Tango Foster Carver 1936
No Score Yet Remember Last Night? Vic Huling 1935
No Score Yet The Rainmakers Orville Parker 1935
No Score Yet Murder by Television Richard Greyson 1935
No Score Yet Dante's Inferno Drunk at Ship's Cafe 1935
No Score Yet Oil for the Lamps of China Kendall 1935
No Score Yet The Wedding Night Gilly 1935
No Score Yet Murder on a Honeymoon `Kelsey'/Forrest 1935
No Score Yet Bachelor of Arts Prof. Donald Woolsey 1935
100% Broadway Bill Henry Early 1934
No Score Yet The Richest Girl in the World Donald 1934
No Score Yet The Dragon Murder Case Monty Montague 1934
No Score Yet Paris Interlude Rex Fleming 1934
No Score Yet Little Man, What Now? Shultz 1934
No Score Yet Dark Hazard Pres. Barrow 1934
No Score Yet Hips, Hips Hooray Beauchamp 1934
No Score Yet Hi, Nellie! Sheldon 1934
No Score Yet The World Changes Actor 1933
No Score Yet Only Yesterday Dave Reynolds 1933
No Score Yet Chance at Heaven Sid Larrick 1933
No Score Yet Double Harness Dennis Moore 1933
No Score Yet Life of Jimmy Dolan Magee 1933
No Score Yet Night of Terror Arthur Hornsby 1933
No Score Yet Pick-Up Artie Logan (uncredited) 1933
No Score Yet The Match King Erickson 1932
No Score Yet Back Street Kurt Shendler 1932
No Score Yet Fireman, Save My Child Stevens 1932
No Score Yet Emma Bill Smith 1932
No Score Yet Blessed Event Church 1932
No Score Yet Meet the Mayor Actor 1932
No Score Yet Four Sons Andres 1928


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