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      George Zucco

      George Zucco

      Highest Rated: 100% After the Thin Man (1936)

      Lowest Rated: 29% The Mummy's Tomb (1942)

      Birthday: Jan 11, 1886

      Birthplace: Manchester, England, UK

      British actor George Zucco began his career during the transition from silent films to pictures with sound. After honing his craft as a vaudeville actor in the 1910s, Zucco made his screen debut in the 1931 film "The Dreyfus Case," which chronicled the conviction of French officer Alfred Dreyfus for treason in 1894. Following his debut, Zucco followed a career path whereby he would take nearly every role he was offered, resulting in a colossal filmography. One of his most iconic roles came in 1939 when Zucco played the villainous Professor Moriarty in "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." His popular turn as an antagonist opened up new doors in Hollywood--in particular, he went on to play numerous characters in Universal Pictures horror films. Zucco was usually featured in a supporting role as a sinister intellectual. He played Dr. Lorenzo Cameron in 1942's "The Mad Monster," the titular character in 1942's "Dr. Renault's Secret," and Dr. Alfred Morris in 1943's "The Mad Ghoul," among other nefarious roles. From 1940 to 1947 alone, Zucco starred in almost two-dozen horror films. Nevertheless, he found time to return to Sherlock Holmes mysteries in 1943, playing a Nazi spy in "Sherlock Holmes in Washington." Astonishing as it may seem, Zucco acted in nearly 100 films in the span of his 20-year career.

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      No Score Yet 70% Madame Bovary Dubocage (Character) - 1949
      55% 70% The Barkleys of Broadway The Judge (Character) - 1949
      No Score Yet 75% The Secret Garden Dr. Fortescue (Character) - 1949
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Who Killed Doc Robbin? Doc Hugo Robbin (Character) - 1948
      90% 54% Joan of Arc Constable of Clerveaux (Character) - 1948
      78% 75% The Pirate The Viceroy (Character) - 1948
      No Score Yet 14% Tarzan and the Mermaids Palanth (Character) - 1948
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Curley and His Gang in the Haunted Mansion Doc Hugo Robbin (Character) - 1948
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Where There's Life Paul Stertorius (Character) - 1947
      No Score Yet 30% Desire Me Father Donnard (Character) - 1947
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Moss Rose Craxton (Character) - 1947
      100% 68% Lured Officer H. R. Barrett (Character) - 1947
      63% 17% Scared to Death Dr. Joseph Van Ee (Character) - 1947
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Imperfect Lady Mr. Mallam (Character) - 1947
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Flying Serpent Prof. Andrew Forbes (Character) - 1946
      No Score Yet 80% Confidential Agent Detective Geddes (Character) - 1945
      No Score Yet 55% Weekend at the Waldorf Bey of Aribajan (Character) - 1945
      No Score Yet 0% Midnight Manhunt Jelke (Character) - 1945
      55% 47% House of Frankenstein Prof. Bruno Lampini (Character) - 1945
      No Score Yet 20% Fog Island Leo Grainer (Character) - 1945
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Sudan Horadef (Character) - 1945
      No Score Yet 33% Having Wonderful Crime King aka The Great Movel (Character) - 1945
      100% 73% The Seventh Cross Fahrenburg (Character) - 1944
      33% 18% The Mummy's Ghost Andoheb (Character) - 1944
      No Score Yet 10% Voodoo Man Nicholas (Character) - 1944
      No Score Yet 50% Return of the Ape Man Ape Man (Character) - 1944
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Shadows in the Night Frank Swift (Character) - 1944
      No Score Yet 49% Sherlock Holmes in Washington Heinrich Hinckel (Character) - 1943
      No Score Yet 78% Holy Matrimony Mr. Crepitude (Character) - 1943
      No Score Yet 5% The Mad Ghoul Dr. Alfred Morris (Character) - 1943
      No Score Yet 14% The Black Raven Amos Bradford (Character) - 1943
      No Score Yet 13% Dead Men Walk Dr. Lloyd Clayton/Dr. Elwyn Clayton (Character) - 1943
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Never a Dull Moment Tony Rocco (Character) - 1943
      83% 73% The Black Swan Lord Denby (Character) - 1942
      No Score Yet 25% Dr. Renault's Secret Dr. Robert Renault (Character) - 1942
      No Score Yet 5% The Mad Monster Dr. Lorenzo Cameron (Character) - 1942
      29% 24% The Mummy's Tomb Andoheb (Character) - 1942
      100% 74% My Favorite Blonde Dr. Hugo Streger (Character) - 1942
      No Score Yet 33% The Monster and the Girl Dr. Parry (Character) - 1941
      100% 83% A Woman's Face Defense Attorney (Character) - 1941
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Dark Streets of Cairo Abbadi (Character) - 1940
      60% 48% The Mummy's Hand Professor Andoheb (Character) - 1940
      No Score Yet 57% New Moon Vicomte Ribaud (Character) - 1940
      No Score Yet 64% Arise, My Love Prison Governor (Character) - 1940
      100% 78% The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Prof. Moriarty (Character) - 1939
      94% 87% The Hunchback of Notre Dame Procurator (Character) - 1939
      No Score Yet 71% The Cat and the Canary Mr. Crosby, lawyer (Character) - 1939
      No Score Yet 17% Arrest Bulldog Drummond Rolf Alferson (Character) - 1938
      100% 65% Three Comrades Dr. Plauten (Character) - 1938
      No Score Yet 46% Charlie Chan in Honolulu Dr. Cardigan (Character) - 1938
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Arsene Lupin Returns Prefect of Police (Character) - 1938
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Fast Company Otto Brockler (Character) - 1938
      No Score Yet 38% Lord Jeff James "Jim" Hampstead (Character) - 1938
      No Score Yet 45% Souls at Sea Woodley (Character) - 1937
      60% 50% Madame X Dr. LaFarge (Character) - 1937
      100% 53% Conquest Sen. Malachowski (uncredited) (Character) - 1937
      No Score Yet 29% Rosalie General Maroff of Romanza (Character) - 1937
      No Score Yet 86% Saratoga Dr. Harmsworth Bierd (Character) - 1937
      63% 76% The Man Who Could Work Miracles Moody (Character) - 1937
      No Score Yet 67% The Bride Wore Red Count Armalia (Character) - 1937
      No Score Yet No Score Yet London by Night Inspector Jefferson (Character) - 1937
      100% 90% After the Thin Man Dr. Adolph Kammer (Character) - 1936
      No Score Yet 17% Something Always Happens Unknown (Character) - 1934
      No Score Yet No Score Yet What Happened Then? Inspector Hull (Character) - 1934