Glenn Strange

Highest Rated: 100% The Lusty Men (1952)
Lowest Rated: 17% The Sea of Grass (1947)
Birthday: Aug 16, 1899
Birthplace: Not Available
A New Mexican of Native American extraction, actor Glenn Strange held down several rough-and-tumble jobs, from deputy sheriff to rodeo rider, before settling on a singing career. He made his radio bow on Los Angeles station KNX (the CBS-owned affiliate) as a member of the Arizona Wranglers singing group. Thanks to his husky physique and plug-ugly features, Strange had no trouble finding work as a stuntman/villain in western films and serials. He also displayed a flair for comedy as the sidekick to singing cowboy Dick Foran in a series of B-sagebrushers of the late '30s. During the war years, Strange became something of a bargain-basement Lon Chaney Jr., playing homicidal halfwits in a handful of horror pictures made at PRC and other low-budget studios. These appearances led to his being cast as the Frankenstein monster in the 1944 Universal programmer House of Frankenstein; he was coached in this role by the "creature" from the original 1931 Frankenstein, Boris Karloff. Given very little to do in House of Frankenstein and the 1945 sequel House of Dracula other than stalk around with arms outstretched at fadeout time, Strange brought none of the depth and pathos to the role that distinguished Karloff's appearances. Strange was shown to better advantage in his last appearance as The Monster in Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948) where he convincingly menaced the eternally frightened Lou Costello and even indulged in a couple of time-honored "scare" routines, while still remaining in character (Some scenes had to be reshot because Strange couldn't stop laughing at Costello's antics; towards the end of shooting, Strange broke his ankle and had to be replaced in a few shots by Lon Chaney Jr., who was costarring in the film as the Wolf Man). Though typecast as heavies in both movies and television -- he played the hissable Butch Cavendish in the Lone Ranger TV pilot -- Strange was well known throughout Hollywood as a genuine nice guy and solid family man. Glenn Strange's last engagement of note was his 11-year run (1962-73) as Sam, the Long Branch bartender on TV's Gunsmoke.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Sixteen Tongues Actor 1999
No Score Yet Alias Jesse James Henchman 1959
80% Last Train from Gun Hill Saloon Bouncer 1959
No Score Yet Quantrill's Raiders Todd 1958
79% Jailhouse Rock Simpson, Convict 1957
No Score Yet The Halliday Brand Townsman 1957
No Score Yet The Fastest Gun Alive Sheriff 1956
No Score Yet Jubilee Trail Tom Branders 1954
No Score Yet Escape From Fort Bravo Sgt. Compton 1953
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No Score Yet Legend of the Lone Ranger Actor 1952
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No Score Yet Comanche Territory Big Joe 1950
No Score Yet Master Minds Atlas 1949
No Score Yet The Gal Who Took the West Man 1949
No Score Yet Rimfire Stagecoach Driver 1949
88% Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein The Monster 1948
100% Red River Naylor 1948
No Score Yet The Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap Lefty 1947
17% The Sea of Grass Bill Roach 1947
80% Sinbad the Sailor Slave Master 1947
91% Brute Force Tompkins 1947
No Score Yet Wyoming Cowboy 1947
No Score Yet Up Goes Maisie Cop 1946
No Score Yet Saratoga Trunk Cowboy 1946
No Score Yet Beauty and the Bandit Actor 1946
56% House of Dracula The Monster 1945
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No Score Yet Renegades of the Rio Grande Bart Drummond 1945
No Score Yet Harmony Trail US Marshal Taylor 1944
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No Score Yet The Monster Maker Giant 1944
55% House of Frankenstein Frankenstein Monster 1944
No Score Yet Forty Thieves Ike Simmons 1944
No Score Yet The Woman of the Town Walker 1944
No Score Yet Knickerbocker Holiday Big Muscle 1944
No Score Yet Death Valley Rangers Actor 1943
No Score Yet False Colors Sonora 1943
No Score Yet Bullets and Saddles Actor 1943
No Score Yet Arizona Trail Matt Baker 1943
No Score Yet The Kansan,(Wagon Wheels) Second Gate Guard (uncredited) 1943
No Score Yet Action in the North Atlantic Tex Mathews 1943
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No Score Yet Wild Horse Stampede Tip 1943
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No Score Yet Black Market Rustlers Corbin 1943
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29% The Mummy's Tomb Man Riding Buckboard 1942
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No Score Yet Down Texas Way Sheriff 1942
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No Score Yet Sunset on the Desert Louie 1942
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No Score Yet Lone Star Law Men Scott 1942
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No Score Yet Forbidden Trails Howard 1941
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No Score Yet Across the Plains Jeff Masters 1939
No Score Yet Law of the Pampas Slim 1939
No Score Yet Range War Sheriff 1939
No Score Yet Mysterious Rider Cramer 1938
No Score Yet Prison Break Prisoner 1938
No Score Yet Pride of the West Saunders 1938
No Score Yet Gunsmoke Trail Actor 1938
No Score Yet Forbidden Valley Corlox 1938
No Score Yet Six-Shootin' Sheriff Kendal Henchman 1938
No Score Yet Border Wolves Deputy Joe O'Connell 1938
No Score Yet Sunset Trail Bouncer 1938
No Score Yet In Old Mexico Burk 1938
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No Score Yet Whirlwind Horseman Henchman Bull 1938
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No Score Yet Arizona Days Pete 1937
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No Score Yet Spaceship to the Unknown Soldier 1936
No Score Yet Law of the 45's Monte 1935
No Score Yet Lawless Range Burns' Henchman (uncredited) 1935
No Score Yet Moonlight on the Prairie Stew-Bum - Henchman with Pete 1935
No Score Yet The New Frontier Norton 1935
No Score Yet Westward Ho Carter 1935
No Score Yet Border Vengeance Actor 1935
No Score Yet The Star Packer (He Wore a Star) Loco Frank 1934
No Score Yet Hurricane Express Jim 1932
No Score Yet The Riding Tornado Cowboy 1932
No Score Yet A Man's Land ranch hand 1932
No Score Yet Range Feud Cowhand Slim 1931
No Score Yet Hard Hombre Cattleman in Plaid Shirt (uncredited) 1931
No Score Yet Wild Horse Actor 1931


No Score Yet Gunsmoke
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