Jack Albertson

Jack Albertson

Highest Rated: 100% The Subject Was Roses (1968)

Lowest Rated: 56% Roustabout (1964)

Birthday: Jun 16, 1907

Birthplace: Malden, Massachusetts, USA

On stage from his teens (as part of the "Dancing Verselle Sisters" troupe), Jack Albertson worked in almost any form of live entertainment you could name: vaudeville, burlesque, legitimate stage, even opera. For two years he was straight man to comedian Phil Silvers on the Minsky's Burlesque Circuit, carrying over this partnership in Silvers' hit Broadway musicals High Button Shoes (1947) and Top Banana (1953). Albertson began taking bit roles in films in 1938; among his many fleeting film parts was the postal worker who redirected all of Santa Claus' mail to the New York Courthouse in Miracle on 34th Street (1947). On television, Albertson was a frequent guest star on the Burns and Allen Show and had regular roles on The Thin Man (1957-59) and Ensign O'Toole (1963). He also co-starred with Sam Groom on the 1971 syndicated series Dr. Simon Locke--at least until angrily walking off the series due to its severe budget deficiencies. Albertson became an "overnight success" with his portrayal of Martin Sheen's taciturn father in the 1964 Broadway play The Subject Was Roses, which earned him a Tony Award; he repeated the role in the 1968 film version, winning an Oscar in the process. Albertson added a pair of Emmies to his shelf for his performance as crotchety garage owner Ed Brown on the TV sitcom Chico and the Man (1974-77), and for his guest appearance on a 1975 episode of the variety series Cher. Jack Albertson was the brother of character actress Mabel Albertson.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Charlie and the Great Balloon Chase Charlie Bartlett 1982
70% The Fox and the Hound Slade 1981
73% Dead and Buried William G. Dobbs 1981
No Score Yet Marriage Is Alive and Well Actor 1980
79% The Poseidon Adventure Manny Rosen 1972
No Score Yet Pickup on 101 Hobo 1972
90% Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Grandpa Joe $4.1M 1971
No Score Yet The Late Liz Rev. Gordon Rogers 1971
No Score Yet Rabbit, Run Marty Tothero 1970
No Score Yet Lock, Stock and Barrel Actor 1970
No Score Yet Justine Cohen 1969
No Score Yet Changes Kent's Father 1969
100% The Subject Was Roses John Cleary 1968
No Score Yet How to Save a Marriage---and Ruin Your Life Mr. Slotkin 1968
75% The Flim-Flam Man Mr. Packard 1967
64% How to Murder Your Wife Dr. Bentley 1965
82% The Patsy Man 1964
No Score Yet A Tiger Walks Sam Grant 1964
No Score Yet Kissin' Cousins Capt. Robert Salbo 1964
56% Roustabout Lou 1964
86% Son of Flubber Mr. Barley 1963
No Score Yet Who's Got the Action? Hodges 1963
100% Days of Wine and Roses Trayner 1962
71% Period of Adjustment Desk Sergeant 1962
No Score Yet Convicts 4 Art Teacher 1962
90% Lover Come Back Fred 1961
No Score Yet The George Raft Story Milton 1961
68% The Shaggy Dog Reporter 1959
No Score Yet Never Steal Anything Small Sleep-Out Charlie 1959
86% Teacher's Pet Guide 1958
No Score Yet Don't Go Near the Water Rep. George Jansen 1957
No Score Yet Monkey on My Back Sam Pian 1957
88% Man of a Thousand Faces Dr. J. Wilson Shields 1957
No Score Yet You Can't Run Away From It 3rd Proprietor 1956
No Score Yet The Eddy Duchin Story Piano Tuner 1956
100% The Harder They Fall Pop 1956
No Score Yet Over-Exposed Les Bauer 1956
No Score Yet Bring Your Smile Along Jenson 1955
No Score Yet Top Banana Vic Davis 1954
96% Miracle on 34th Street Post Office Employee 1947
No Score Yet Strike Up the Band Barker 1940
No Score Yet Next Time I Marry Reporter 1938
No Score Yet Big Business Girl Actor 1931


No Score Yet Charlie's Angels
Edward Jordan 1980
No Score Yet Gunsmoke
Lucius Prince Moses Darby / Joshua Finch Danny Wilson 1974
No Score Yet The Streets of San Francisco
Tim Murphy 1973
No Score Yet Bonanza
Blessing Widower 1972
No Score Yet Marcus Welby, M.D.
Chambers 1970
No Score Yet Ironside
Howard Dave Spangler 1970
No Score Yet The Andy Griffith Show
Bradford J. Taylor 1967
82% The Twilight Zone
Genie Jerry Harlowe 1963
No Score Yet The Dick Van Dyke Show
Eisenhower 1962
No Score Yet I Love Lucy
Helicopter Dispatcher 1956


Grandpa Joe says: If Slugworth wants a gobstopper, he can have one!

Willy Wonka says: Wrong sir, wrong! Under section 37B of the contract signed by him. It states quite clearly that all offers shall become null and void if, and you can read it for yourself in this photostatic copy. I the undersigned shall forfeit all rights privileges and licenses herein and herein contained et cetera et cetera... huhh fax mentis incendium gloria culpum et cetera et cetera... huhh memo bis punitor delicatum! It's all there black and white clear as crystal! You stole fizzylifting drinks! You bumped into the ceiling which now has to be washed and sterilized so you get nothing! You lose! Good day sir!

Grandpa Joe says: You're a crook. You're a cheat and a swindler. That's what you are! How can you do a thing like this?! Build up a little boy's hope and then smash all his dreams to pieces! You're an inhuman MONSTER!

Willy Wonka says: I SAID GOOD DAY!

Grandpa Joe says: Mr. Wonka?

Willy Wonka says: I'm extraordinary busy sir.

Grandpa Joe says: Uh I just want to ask about the chocolate. Uh the lifetime supply of chocolate for Charlie. When does he get it?

Willy Wonka says: He doesn't.

Grandpa Joe says: Why not?

Willy Wonka says: Because he broke the rules.

Grandpa Joe says: What rules? We didn't see any rules, did we Charlie?