Jason Biggs

Jason Biggs

Highest Rated: 95% Who We Are Now (2018)

Lowest Rated: 0% Amateur Night (2016)

Birthday: May 12, 1978

Birthplace: Pompton Plains, New Jersey, USA

Jason Biggs gained overnight recognition for his role in the 1999 summer smash American Pie. As the boy who put the American in the Pie, Biggs earned a place alongside There's Something About Mary's Ben Stiller on the screen roster of Most Embarrassing Moments Involving Genitalia and Inanimate Objects. What many people who saw him as an overnight success didn't realize, however, was that he'd actually been acting--on the screen, stage, and television--for most of his young life. A native of Pompton Plains, New Jersey, where he was born May 12, 1978, Biggs began modeling and acting in commercials when he was a small child. When he was barely an adolescent, the young actor made his Broadway debut opposite Judd Hirsch in the acclaimed play Conversations With My Father and landed a recurring role on the short-lived sitcom Drexell's Class around the same time. At the age of fifteen, he joined the cast of the daytime drama As The World Turns as Pete Wendall. His performance on the show, on which he appeared from 1994 to 1995, earned him a Daytime Emmy nomination. With this honor to his name, Biggs segued into film a short time later, debuting in the 1997 Camp Stories.In 1999, the unequivocal hit that was American Pie came along, and Biggs, portraying Jim, one of the more perpetually humiliated members of a group of four friends trying to lose their virginity by high-school graduation, made an undeniably distinct impression on critics and audiences alike. Riding high on his success, he soon entered into a two-picture deal with Miramax and a development project with 20th Century Fox Television, ensuring that his career had certainly gotten off to an auspicious and memorable start.In the two years following Pie, Biggs' recently-won popularity was evidenced by his starring roles in a number of films. Included amongst them were Robert Iscove's Boys and Girls, which cast the actor as a college student, and Amy Heckerling's Loser, in which Biggs again set foot on a college campus to play a social misfit in love with an unattainable girl (Pie co-star Mena Suvari). Pairing the young star with two comic actors 10 years his senior (Jack Black and Steve Zahn), Saving Silverman followed in early 2001; with it, Biggs completed a triumverate of critical and commercial failures.Finding himself in need of a comeback at the ripe old age of 23, Biggs seemed poised to do just that later in the year, beginning with his reprisal of the bumbling post-adolescent Jim in American Pie 2. Taking a step back from leading roles, the actor then poked fun at the movie industry with a cameo in director Kevin Smith's satire Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back before playing a supporting part opposite Christina Ricci in the big-screen adaptation of Elizabeth Wurtzel's memoir, Prozac Nation. After rounding out the American Pie trilogy with 2003's American Wedding, Biggs would once again appear opposite Ricci in the Woody Allen comedy Anything Else (also 2003). Though the film may have performed fairly well with teens at the box office given the names of the young stars involved, an 'R' rating from the MPAA was likely the culprit in relegating the movie to little more than a brief "blip" on the box-office radar. In 2004, Biggs returned to the screen with a supporting-role in Jersey Girl, which reteamed him with Smith but was plagued by scathing reviews and the stigma of the "Bennifer" fiasco of 2003. Biggs would keep a low profile for the next few years, appearing in movies like Eight Below and Wedding Daze before turning to the small screen with the sitcom Mad Love in 2011, alongside Judy Greer and Sarah Chalke. Around that same time, Biggs signed on for another installment in the franchsie that launched his career, reprising the role of Jim in 2012's American Reunion. In 2013, he took on a supporting role in the surprise hit Orange is the New Black, playing Larry Bloom.


Highest Rated Movies



95% Who We Are Now Vince 2018
16% Dear Dictator Mr. Spines 2018
No Score Yet Angry Angel Barker 2017
0% Amateur Night Guy Carter 2016
No Score Yet All at Once Marcus 2016
50% Grassroots Phil Campbell $7K 2012
26% L!fe Happens Sergei 2012
45% American Reunion Jim Levinstein Executive Producer $55.4M 2012
No Score Yet Lower Learning Tom 2008
14% My Best Friend's Girl Dustin $19.2M 2008
15% Over Her Dead Body Dan $7.5M 2008
No Score Yet Farce of the Penguins Insecure Penguin 2007
73% Eight Below Charlie Cooper $81.6M 2006
33% Wedding Daze Anderson Wells 2006
42% Guy X Rudy Spruance 2005
42% Jersey Girl Arthur Brickman 2004
40% Anything Else Jerry Falk $3.2M 2003
54% American Wedding Jim Levenstein $104.4M 2003
No Score Yet Full Frame Documentary Shorts Actor 2003
52% Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Himself $29.9M 2001
52% American Pie 2 Jim $144.1M 2001
18% Saving Silverman Darren Silverman $19M 2001
28% Prozac Nation Rafe 2001
24% Loser Paul Tannek 2000
11% Boys and Girls Hunter (Steve) 2000
61% American Pie Jim 1999
No Score Yet Camp Stories Abby 1980
No Score Yet Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel Actor 1955


22% Outmatched
Mike 2020
No Score Yet Match Game
Panelist 2019
No Score Yet The Wendy Williams Show
Guest 2018
No Score Yet The View
Guest 2017
41% Chelsea
Guest 2016
No Score Yet Nightcap
No Score Yet Hollywood Game Night
Appearing 2016
No Score Yet @midnight With Chris Hardwick
Panelist 2016
90% Orange Is the New Black
Larry Bloom 2016
No Score Yet Late Night With Seth Meyers
Guest 2015
No Score Yet The Chew
Guest 2015
No Score Yet The Talk
Guest 2014
No Score Yet Conan
Guest 2014
No Score Yet Chelsea Lately
Guest 2014
94% The Good Wife
Dylan Stack 2013
No Score Yet The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson
Guest 2013
No Score Yet Jimmy Kimmel Live
Guest 2012
No Score Yet The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Guest 2012
No Score Yet The Tonight Show With Jay Leno
Guest 2012
No Score Yet Lopez Tonight
Guest 2011
43% Mad Love
Ben Parr 2011
No Score Yet Will & Grace
Baby Glenn 2005
93% Frasier
Dr. Hauck 2004
10% Off Centre
Rick Steve 2002
14% Drexell's Class
Willie Trancas 1991
79% Chelsea Does


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