Jon Gries

Jon Gries

Highest Rated: 100% Waterborne (2005)

Lowest Rated: 0% Eternity: The Movie (2016)

Birthday: Jun 17, 1957

Birthplace: Glendale, California, USA

A longtime character actor with the unique ability to alternate between meek and menacing at the drop of a hat, Jon Gries can play a computer wiz (Real Genius, The Pretender) or a South American mercenary (The Rundown) with equal zeal and conviction. A native of Glendale, CA, and the son of Emmy-winning writer/producer/director Tom Gries, Jon launched his acting career with a small role in his father's made-for-television feature Helter Skelter (1976). His father unfortunately died shortly thereafter due to a heart attack, but the the groundwork for Gries' career had been laid. After moving to New York, the young actor studied under the capable tutelage of Stella Adler. Supporting roles in More American Graffiti, Joysticks, and High School USA segued Gries' career into the 1980s, with his role as the reclusive genius Lazlo in the brainy college comedy Real Genius enduring him to a nation of moviegoers. If the remainder of the decade didn't offer Gries the sort of roles that would take him to leading-man status, they would at least find him cast in such high-profile releases as Running Scared, The Monster Squad, and Fright Night Part 2. After once again appearing opposite Real Genius co-star Val Kilmer in the 1989 noir thriller Kill Me Again, Gries found a niche in television with roles in such series as Martin and The Pretender in the 1990s. Of course, Gries also continued to remain active on the big screen throughout the 1990s, and after a bit role in the popular sci-fi comedy Men in Black, he would establish a fruitful working relationship with Mark and Michael Polish -- the filmmaking duo behind the quirky sleeper Twin Falls Idaho. After turning in a memorable performance as a lawyer in that film, Gries became something of a stock player for the Polish brothers with appearances in both Jackpot and Northfork. Even outside of his work with the Polish brothers, Gries continued to gain indie credibility thanks to parts in such features as The Big Empty and Napoleon Dynamite. Gries' performance as a literally whip-smart heavy in the 2003 action comedy The Rundown found him essaying a rare villainous role, but doing so with such malevolent gusto that even audiences with vivid memories of the brainy Lazlo may not have realized whom they were watching give The Rock such a sound thrashing.


Highest Rated Movies



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0% Eternity: The Movie Actor 2016
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58% The Astronaut Farmer FBI Agent Killbourne $11M 2006
31% Stick It Brice Graham $26.9M 2006
100% Waterborne Ritter 2005
71% Napoleon Dynamite Uncle Rico $44.5M 2004
69% The Rundown Harvey $47.6M 2003
86% The Snow Walker Pierce 2003
56% Northfork Arnold $1.3M 2003
71% The Big Empty Elron 2003
No Score Yet The Beatnicks B Cool 2001
29% Jackpot Producer Sunny Holiday 2001
No Score Yet The Pretender 2001 Actor 2001
No Score Yet Pretender: Island of the Haunted (Island of the Haunted ) Actor 2001
78% Twin Falls Idaho Jay 1999
50% Ed and His Dead Mother Rob Sundheimer 1997
92% Men in Black Van Driver 1997
No Score Yet Casualties Bill 1997
No Score Yet Race Against Time: The Search for Sarah Steve 1996
87% Get Shorty Ronnie Wingate 1995
No Score Yet Four Eyes and Six-Guns Deputy Elmo 1993
91% The Grifters Drunk's Friend 1990
No Score Yet Rainbow Drive Azzolini 1990
No Score Yet Kill Me Again Alan Swayze 1989
No Score Yet Pucker up and Bark Like a Dog Max 1989
33% Fright Night 2 Louie 1989
64% The Monster Squad Desperate Man 1987
No Score Yet Number One with a Bullet Bobby Sweet 1987
60% Running Scared Tony 1986
0% TerrorVision O.D. 1986
73% Real Genius Lazlo Hollyfeld 1985
No Score Yet High School U.S.A. Dirty Curt 1983
No Score Yet Joy Sticks King Vidiot 1983
20% More American Graffiti Ron $8.2M 1979
No Score Yet The Chicken Chronicles Tom 1977
85% Will Penny Horace Allen 1968


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Frank 1983


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Archie says: You bet it does, everything's got a story son!

Uncle Rico says: How much do you want to bet I can throw this football over them mountains?

Uncle Rico says: How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?

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