Kelly Reilly

Kelly Reilly

Highest Rated: 89% Calvary (2014)

Lowest Rated: 0% Puffball (2008)

Birthday: Jul 18, 1977

Birthplace: Surrey, England, UK

Actress Kelly Reilly grew up in a working-class neighborhood in London. Too timid to voice her desires to study drama, she learned about acting the hard way, plunging into a professional career and picking up as much as she could along the way. She began picking up small roles on British television and regularly worked throughout the next decade before she began snatching up roles in higher profile projects like 2005's Pride & Prejudice and Mrs. Henderson Presents.


Highest Rated Movies



48% Eli Actor 2019
67% 10x10 Cathy 2018
48% The Take (Bastille Day) Actor $42K 2016
58% Set Fire To The Stars Caitlin $4.8K 2015
19% Innocence Pamlea Hamilton $0.3M 2014
89% Calvary Fiona Lavelle $5.1M 2014
78% Chinese Puzzle (Casse-tête chinois) Wendy 2014
50% Heaven Is for Real Sonja Burpo 2014
50% A Single Shot Jess 2013
77% Flight Nicole $89.5M 2012
53% Edwin Boyd (Citizen Gangster) Doreen Boyd $625 2012
60% Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Mary Watson $186.9M 2011
No Score Yet Meant to Be Actor 2011
No Score Yet Ti Presento Un Amico Actor 2010
69% Sherlock Holmes Mary Morstan $208.8M 2009
85% Me and Orson Welles Muriel Brassler (Portia) $1.1M 2009
No Score Yet Triage Diane 2009
79% Eden Lake Jenny 2008
No Score Yet He Kills Coppers Actor 2008
0% Puffball Actor 2008
No Score Yet Joe's Palace Actor 2007
72% Russian Dolls (Les Poupées Russes) Wendy 2006
33% The Libertine Jane $4.8M 2006
67% Mrs. Henderson Presents Maureen $11M 2006
No Score Yet A for Andromeda Actor 2006
86% Pride and Prejudice Caroline Bingley $38.3M 2005
76% L'Auberge Espagnole Wendy $3.8M 2003
No Score Yet Dead Bodies Actor 2003
79% Last Orders Young Amy $2.2M 2002
50% Maybe Baby Nimnh 2000
No Score Yet Rebecca Actor 1997
No Score Yet Henry Fielding's Tom Jones Actor 1997


87% Britannia
Kerra 2019
69% Yellowstone
Beth Dutton 2019
78% True Detective
Jordan Semyon Jordan 2019
24% Black Box
Producer Dr. Catherine Black Dr. Elizabeth Black Catherine Black 2014
No Score Yet The View
Guest 2014
No Score Yet Above Suspicion: Silent Scream
DI Anna Travis 2012
No Score Yet Above Suspicion: Deadly Intent
No Score Yet Above Suspicion: The Red Dahlia
Anna Travis 2010
No Score Yet Above Suspicion
Anna Travis 2009
100% Prime Suspect
Polly Henry


Mycroft Holmes says: Madame! I believe congratulations are in order, Mrs. Watson? I am the other Holmes.

Mary Watson says: There's two of you? Marvelous! Could this evening get any better!?

Jenny says: Simply amazing

Jenny says: Simply amazing.

Jenny says: Somebody help me!!! Please!!!!

Jenny says: Somebody help me! Please!

Mary Watson says: I miss him too, you know, in my own way. It's going to be a beautiful week in Brighton.

Dr. John Watson says: He would have wanted us to go.

Mary Watson says: He would have wanted to come along.

Dr. John Watson says: [in the train, watching for attackers with his gun ready] How many were you expecting?

Sherlock Holmes says: Half a dozen.

Dr. John Watson says: Who are they?

Sherlock Holmes says: A wedding present from Moriarty. [to Mary] Lovely ceremony by the way. Many a tear shed in joy.

Mary Watson says: Oh John!

Dr. John Watson says: [shoots] Yes, just a minute, darling!

Sherlock Holmes says: Do you trust me?

Mary Watson says: No!

Sherlock Holmes says: Well then I should have to... do something about that. [pushes Mary out of the train and she lands in a river]

Dr. John Watson says: [shooting] Who's up to bat next, you bastards?

Sherlock Holmes says: John, do shut the door. [Watson does it, looks around, and realises that Mary is gone] It had to be done! [Watson runs to the other door and looks out] She’s safe now! In my own defence [Watson attacks him] I timed it perfectly!

Dr. John Watson says: [in the train] Come in! [the door to the compartment opens and a man with a champagne bottle comes in]

Mary Watson says: Oh, yes, please!

Dr. John Watson says: We didn't order that.

Train Conductor says: With our compliments, sir.

Dr. John Watson says: Thank you. Put it there. [the man comes in and closes the door behind himself, he attacks Watson with a knife, but he can ward him off]

Mary Watson says: [puts a gun against the man's head and Watson opens the door that leads out of the train] I think it's time for you to leave!

Dr. John Watson says: [throws the man out of the train; to Mary] Sit down! [opens the door and looks out; a couple of soldiers come towards their compartment, but suddenly a strange woman comes out and attacks them, when she comes towards Watson, she is revealed to be in fact Sherlock Holmes in disguise]

Sherlock Holmes says: I agree, it's not my best disguise, but I had to make do!

Mycroft Holmes says: Good evening, Mrs Watson. I'm the other Holmes.

Mary Watson says: You mean there's two of you? Marvelous.

Mycroft Holmes says: (Mary Watson falls in the river, and there is a boat nearby containing Mycroft) Over here! Hello, I am the other Holmes.

Mary Watson says: (Sarcastically) Another Holmes? Can this evening get any better?

Mary Watson says: (both John and Mary are on the train to their honeymoon, and are kissing) There's no place I'd rather be.

Mary Watson says: [both John and Mary are on the train to their honeymoon, and are kissing] There's no place I'd rather be.

Dr. Watson says: There's no other person I'd rather be with.

Mary Watson says: (Finds a gun in his pocket) Why have you got a gun in your pocket?

Mary Watson says: [finds a gun in his pocket] Why have you got a gun in your pocket?

Dr. Watson says: Old habits die hard.

Sherlock Holmes says: Do trust me.

Mary Watson says: .............No.

Mary Watson says: No.