Larry Fessenden

Larry Fessenden

Highest Rated: 100% Dementer (2019)

Lowest Rated: 24% Psychopaths (2017)

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Producer, director, and occasional character actor Larry Fessenden personifies low-budget independent filmmaking at its edgiest and riskiest. Like the better-known Abel Ferrara, with whom he is often favorably compared, Fessenden established himself by making gritty, supernaturally tinged studies of paranoia, often set in an urban landscape, with sudden, shocking bursts of violence atop cerebral undercurrents -- "philosophical horror," he terms it. The extent to which Fessenden gleaned enthusiastic reviews for these outings, including many from mainstream critics, serves as a reflection on the extent of his long-honed skills and his ability to function outside of the system. Fessenden grew up in a wealthy family on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and attended the Andover preparatory school. Feeling dissatisfied, he dropped out, obtained his GED, and high-tailed it to New York University, where he enrolled in filmmaking and acting courses and set up his own independent production banner, Glass Eye Pix, in 1985. After a series of short projects in the mid- to late '80s, Fessenden emerged with his first feature: 1991's No Telling. This decidedly offbeat outing deftly blends the Frankenstein mythos with ecological and animal rights themes. The director followed it up with the 1996 Habit, also an unusual and inventive take on a longtime horror staple -- this time, the vampire genre -- about an alcoholic bartender (Fessenden) who becomes hopelessly enmeshed in a physiological and psychological addiction to a seductive woman with a penchant for bloodletting. These first two films both gleaned enthusiastic reviews and a devoted cult following; they actually constituted the premier and sophomore installments in what came to be known as the director's "Urban Paranoia" trilogy. The third opus, Wendigo (2001), tells of a stressed and burnt-out couple who take a detour from life on a rural retreat with their young son, only to run headfirst into a malevolent creature. The Last Winter (2006) culled the most glowing reviews to date for Fessenden; it dramatizes the plight of a group of Arctic oil workers confronted by a supernatural entity. Beginning in 2000, Fessenden also branched off into two directions simultaneously, alongside his directorial efforts; he established himself as a character actor (no stretch, thanks to a distinguished look that earned frequent comparisons to a more extreme Jack Nicholson) in such outings as Family Portraits: A Trilogy of America (2004), Broken Flowers (2005), The Brave One (2007), and Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (2008), while also producing the work of other directors through Glass Eye Pix. That production banner specialized in work similar in genre and theme to Fessenden's own directorial efforts; titles included The Roost (2004), Zombie Honeymoon (2004), Automatons (2006), and Sisters (2007, a remake of the Brian De Palma shocker of the same name).


Highest Rated Movies



87% Depraved Director Producer Screenwriter 2019
55% The Dead Don't Die Danny Perkins 2019
100% Dementer Actor 2019
76% The Ranger Producer Uncle Pete 2018
73% Like Me Marshall 2018
No Score Yet Sadistic Intentions Actor 2018
24% Psychopaths Starkweather 2017
93% Most Beautiful Island Producer Rudy 2017
85% The Transfiguration Drunk Man $22.4K 2017
76% Dig Two Graves Executive Producer 2017
75% Stray Bullets Producer Charlie 2017
No Score Yet Stake Land II Producer 2017
No Score Yet No Way to Live Actor 2017
63% Small Crimes Actor 2017
43% Girlfriend's Day Taft 2017
76% In a Valley of Violence Roy $50.9K 2016
91% Certain Women Executive Producer $1.1M 2016
62% The Mind's Eye Mike Connors 2016
62% Carnage Park Travis 2016
71% Darling Officer Maneretti 2016
80% Southbound Radio DJ $32.3K 2016
83% Entertainment Executive Producer $56K 2015
95% We Are Still Here Jacob Lewis 2015
75% Pod Smith 2015
63% Late Phases Producer 2014
No Score Yet Worst Friends Jerry 2014
73% ABCs of Death 2 Director 2014
100% The Battery Frank 2014
86% Night Moves Executive Producer 2014
63% American Jesus Producer 2014
79% All The Light In The Sky Rusty 2013
96% Birth Of The Living Dead Executive Producer Actor $9.1K 2013
86% We Are What We Are Bearded Tenant $54.9K 2013
78% You're Next Erik Harson $25.1M 2013
76% Jug Face Sustin 2013
33% Beneath Producer Director 2013
No Score Yet Ritual Actor 2013
No Score Yet Bro' Louis 2012
80% The Innkeepers Producer $78K 2012
33% Satan Hates You Actor Producer 2011
75% Silver Bullets Sam 2011
74% Stake Land Roadhouse Bartender Producer $19K 2011
48% Vanishing On 7th Street Bike Messenger $22.7K 2011
57% Bitter Feast William Coley Executive Producer Producer 2010
No Score Yet Hypothermia Producer 2010
87% The House of the Devil Producer 2009
No Score Yet Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever Bill 2009
72% I Sell the Dead Producer Willie Grimes 2008
85% Wendy and Lucy Man in Park Producer $0.8M 2008
88% Liberty Kid Producer 2008
100% I Can See You Mickey Hauser Executive Producer 2008
73% Mulberry Street Actor 2007
90% Trigger Man Henchman Executive Producer 2007
76% The Last Winter Charles Foster Producer Director Screenwriter 2007
43% The Brave One Sandy Combs $36.9M 2007
63% Automatons Enemy Guard Executive Producer 2006
No Score Yet Sisters Executive Producer 2006
No Score Yet Satellite Executive Producer Jim 2006
50% The Roost Tow Truck Driver Executive Producer 2005
87% Broken Flowers Will $13.6M 2005
34% Imaginary Heroes Store Clerk 2005
50% Headspace Father 2005
82% Zombie Honeymoon Executive Producer 2004
No Score Yet Family Portraits: A Trilogy of America Jimmy Doyle 2004
48% Happy Here and Now Clifton 2002
60% Wendigo Director Screenwriter 2002
No Score Yet You Are Here Palichuck 2001
72% Happy Accidents Junkie 2001
64% Session 9 Craig McManus 2001
76% Margarita Happy Hour Max 2001
82% Animal Factory Inmate 2000
72% Bringing Out the Dead Cokehead 1999
72% Habit Screenwriter Sam Director 1997
94% River of Grass Producer Lee Ray Harold 1995
No Score Yet No Telling (The Frankenstein Complex) Director 1991


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