Mack Swain

Mack Swain

  • Highest Rated: 100% The Gold Rush (1925)
  • Lowest Rated: 83% Tillie's Punctured Romance (1914)
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  • After 22 years of experience with minstrel shows, vaudeville, and legitimate theater, in 1913 he joined Mack Sennett's Keystone comedies. Standing 6'2" and weighing 280 pounds, he was skilled in knockabout, slapstick comedy; he supported Charlie Chaplin in many of the latter's earliest shorts. In late 1914 he began starring in his own comedy series, portraying Ambrose, an energetic, lecherous lout with a huge mustache and thick makeup. In the late teens his career started drying up, and he might have become a has-been if not for Charlie Chaplin, who rescued his career; he played supporting roles in many of Chaplin's films, including his features. He was especially memorable in The Gold Rush (1925) as the starving prospector who imagines Chaplin to be a chicken dinner. He went on to play character parts and occasional leads through the early '30s.

Highest Rated Movies








No Score Yet Down Memory Lane Actor 1949
No Score Yet The Sea Bat Dutchy 1930
No Score Yet The Locked Door Hotel Proprietor 1929
No Score Yet The Cohens and Kellys in Atlantic City Mr. Kelly 1929
No Score Yet The Last Warning Robert 1929
No Score Yet My Best Girl The judge 1927
No Score Yet Mockery Gaidaroff 1927
No Score Yet The Beloved Rogue Nicholas 1927
No Score Yet Shamrock and the Rose Actor 1927
No Score Yet Kiki Pastryman 1926
No Score Yet Torrent Don Mattias 1926
No Score Yet The Nervous Wreck Jerome Underwood 1926
No Score Yet Hands Up Silas Woodstock 1926
No Score Yet Whispering Wires Actor 1926
100% The Gold Rush Big Jim 1925
No Score Yet The Pilgrim Deacon 1923
No Score Yet Pay Day Foreman 1922
No Score Yet The Idle Class Father 1921
No Score Yet Yankee Doodle in Berlin adjutant 1919
No Score Yet The Rink Actor 1916
No Score Yet A Movie Star Actor 1916
No Score Yet His Bitter Pill Actor 1916
No Score Yet Madcap Ambrose Ambrose 1916
No Score Yet His Prehistoric Past, (A Dream), (King Charlie ) Actor 1914
No Score Yet A Fair Exchange Ambrose 1914
No Score Yet His Trysting Place Ambrose 1914
No Score Yet Musical Tramps Ambrose 1914
No Score Yet Gentlemen of Nerve Mr. Walrus 1914
No Score Yet Mabel's Married Life Wellington, a Ladykiller 1914
No Score Yet The Knockout Spectator 1914
No Score Yet Laughing Gas Patient 1914
No Score Yet The Fatal Mallet Another Rival 1914
No Score Yet A Busy Day Husband 1914
No Score Yet Caught in the Rain Husband 1914
No Score Yet Caught in a Cabaret Actor 1914
No Score Yet Mabel at the Wheel Man at Races 1914
83% Tillie's Punctured Romance John Banks, Tillie's Father 1914


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