Mario Adorf

Mario Adorf

Highest Rated: 100% Lola (1981)

Lowest Rated: 52% Smilla's Sense of Snow (1997)

Birthday: Sep 8, 1930

Birthplace: Zurich, Switzerland

Swiss actor Mario Adorf has played numerous character roles in European features and on German television. A physically imposing man, he is usually cast as a villain, but sometimes he also plays leading roles. A native of Zurich, Switzerland, Adorf learned his craft at the Falckenberg School in Munich, and during the late '50s, he was part of Kammerspiele-Munich. It was around that time that Adorf broke into films with a tiny role in 08/15. In 1957, Adorf had his breakthrough as a movie actor in Robert Siodmak's Nachts wenn der Teufel Kam (The Devil Strikes at Night). In the early '60s, Adorf moved to Rome. Though he worked steadily through the decade, Adorf did not really come to prominence until the establishment of German New Wave cinema, when he appeared in such major features as Die Verlorene Ehre der Katharina Blum (The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum) (1975) and the Palm d'Or-winning Die Blechtrommel (The Tin Drum) (1979).


Highest Rated Movies



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No Score Yet Der letzte Ritt nach Santa Cruz (The Last Ride to Santa Cruz) Actor 2012
No Score Yet Notte Italiana Actor 2012
No Score Yet Majestät brauchen Sonne Actor 2011
No Score Yet Gegengerade - 20359 St. Pauli Baldu 2011
No Score Yet Die Herren mit der weißen Weste (Gentlemen in White Vests) Actor 2011
No Score Yet Passion & Poetry: The Ballad of Sam Peckinpah Actor 2011
No Score Yet Es ist ein Elch entsprungen (A Christmoose Carol) Actor 2010
No Score Yet Same Same But Different Publishing Director Mr. Behr 2009
No Score Yet Jester Till (Till Eulenspiegel) Actor 2009
No Score Yet The Italian Connection Actor 2003
No Score Yet Il ritorno del piccolo lord Actor 2000
No Score Yet Pirates: Blood Brothers Actor 1999
52% Smilla's Sense of Snow Lukas 1997
No Score Yet Rossini Paolo Rossini 1997
No Score Yet The Fearless Four Actor 1997
No Score Yet Felidae Blaubart 1994
No Score Yet Amigomio Grandfather 1994
No Score Yet Money The Turk 1991
No Score Yet The Cave of the Golden Rose (Fantaghirò) Actor 1991
No Score Yet Jours Tranquils a Clichy Regentag 1990
No Score Yet The Bachelor Actor 1990
No Score Yet Francesco Ugolino 1989
No Score Yet The Panisperna Street Boys (I ragazzi di via Panisperna) Actor 1988
No Score Yet Momo Nicola 1986
No Score Yet Second Victory Dr. Sepp Kunzli 1986
No Score Yet El Pacto Holcroft Jurgen Maas/Erich Kessler 1985
No Score Yet State buoni... se potete Actor 1984
No Score Yet Klassenverhältnisse (Class Relations) Uncle Jakob 1984
No Score Yet Invitation au Voyage Timour 1982
100% Lola Schuckert 1981
82% The Tin Drum (Die Blechtrommel) Alfredo 1980
69% Fedora Hotel Manager 1978
88% Germany in Autumn Actor 1978
No Score Yet Io ho paura (I Am Afraid) (The Bodyguard) Giudice Moser 1977
83% Die Verlorene Ehre der Katharina Blum oder: Wie Gewalt entstehen und wohin sie führen kann (The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum) Beizmenne 1975
No Score Yet La faille (Weak Spot) Manager 1975
No Score Yet What Have They Done to Your Daughters Actor 1974
No Score Yet Il delitto Matteotti (The Assassination of Matteotti) Benito Mussolini 1973
No Score Yet Il boss (Wipeout!) Actor 1973
No Score Yet Die Reise Nach Wien Actor 1973
No Score Yet The Italian Connection Luca Canali 1972
No Score Yet Milano Calibro 9 (Caliber 9) Actor 1972
No Score Yet La Polizia ringrazia (Execution Squad) (The Enforcers) Ricciuti 1972
No Score Yet King, Queen, Knave Prof. Ritter 1972
No Score Yet La Corta notte delle bambole di vetro (Short Night of the Glass Dolls) Actor 1971
88% The Red Tent Biagi 1971
No Score Yet When Women Lost Their Tails Actor 1971
No Score Yet Deadlock Enzo 1970
93% L'uccello dalle piume di cristallo (The Bird With the Crystal Plumage) Berto Consalvi 1970
No Score Yet Scalawag Bunch Brother Tuck 1970
No Score Yet Gli specialisti (Drop Them or I'll Shoot) (The Specialist) El Diablo 1969
No Score Yet Massnahmen gegen Fanatiker (Measures Against Fanatics)(Precautions Against Fanatics) Actor 1969
No Score Yet ...e per tetto un cielo di stelle (A Sky Full of Stars for a Roof) Actor 1968
No Score Yet The Treasure of San Gennaro Sciascillo 1966
No Score Yet La Visita Cucaracha 1966
90% I Knew Her Well (Io la conoscevo bene) Boxer 1965
No Score Yet Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians (And Then There Were None) Herr Grohmann 1965
97% Major Dundee Sgt. Gomez 1965
No Score Yet Le Soldatesse Actor 1965
No Score Yet Station Six---Sahara Santos 1964
No Score Yet Winnetou I Santer 1963
No Score Yet Brainwashed (Schachnovelle) Actor 1961
No Score Yet Qui etes-vous, Monsieur Sorge? Actor 1961
No Score Yet Mein Schulfreund (My School Chum) Neidermoser 1960
No Score Yet Ship Of The Dead (Das Totenschiff) Actor 1959
No Score Yet Rosemary Horst 1959
No Score Yet Der Arzt von Stalingrad (The Doctor From Stalingrad) Actor 1958
83% The Devil Strikes at Night (Nachts, wenn der Teufel kam) Bruno Ludke 1957


No Score Yet Pinocchio
100% Smiley's People


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