Mark Robson

Mark Robson

Highest Rated: 100% The Inn of the Sixth Happiness (1958)

Lowest Rated: 31% From the Terrace (1960)

Birthday: Dec 4, 1913

Birthplace: Not Available

Canadian-born Mark Robson began his career in the movie industry in the prop department at 20th Century-Fox, and subsequently joined RKO, where he moved through various departments before settling into editing. He worked with Robert Wise on the editing of Orson Welles' Citizen Kane, and then, with Wise, was swept up in the turmoil surrounding Welles' ouster from the studio, and landed a spot as an editor working for Val Lewton's B-movie unit at RKO. Robson (later joined by Wise) succeeded Jacques Tourneur as Lewton's director for his low budget horror movies -- today regarded as some of the finest pictures ever made by the studio -- including The Ghost Ship and The Seventh Victim. RKO's instability finally led to Robson's exit in 1948. He was fortunate to find a berth with independent producer Stanley Kramer, who was about to embark on an ambitious program of film production -- among the movies that Robson got to direct were Champion (1949), one of the most celebrated boxing movies of its era, and Home of the Brave (1949). Robson also went to work for Samuel Goldwyn and directed the underrated, seldom seen dark drama Edge of Doom (1950) and the Korean War drama I Want You (1951). He reached his commercial peak soon after, with films such as The Bridges At Toko-Ri (1955); The Harder They Fall (1956), Humphrey Bogart's final film); and Peyton Place (1957), which moved Robson into big-budget, high-profile movies. The Prize (1963), Von Ryan's Express (1965), and Valley of the Dolls (1967) were among his most successful films of the 1960s. He seemed to lose his commercial touch after that, although he made a brief comeback -- at least to box office success -- in the 1970s in a production partnership with Robert Wise, with the movie Earthquake (1974), a critical and artistic disaster that cleaned up at the box office.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Edge Of Doom Director 2004
No Score Yet Avalanche Express Producer Screenwriter Director 1979
42% Earthquake Producer Director 1974
No Score Yet Limbo Director 1972
No Score Yet Happy Birthday, Wanda June Director 1971
No Score Yet Daddy's Gone A-Hunting Actor Director Producer 1969
35% Valley of the Dolls Director 1967
No Score Yet Lost Command Producer Director 1966
89% Von Ryan's Express Executive Producer Director 1965
No Score Yet Nine Hours to Rama Director Producer 1963
50% The Prize Director 1963
No Score Yet Lisa Producer 1962
31% From the Terrace Director 1960
100% The Inn of the Sixth Happiness Director 1958
65% Peyton Place Director 1957
No Score Yet The Little Hut Producer Director 1957
100% The Harder They Fall Director 1956
No Score Yet A Prize of Gold Director 1955
No Score Yet Trial Director 1955
No Score Yet Phffft! Director 1954
No Score Yet Hell Below Zero Director 1954
80% The Bridges at Toko-Ri Director 1954
No Score Yet Return to Paradise Director Producer 1953
No Score Yet I Want You Director 1951
No Score Yet Bright Victory Director 1951
No Score Yet Edge of Doom Director 1950
No Score Yet My Foolish Heart Director 1949
88% Home of the Brave Director 1949
No Score Yet Roughshod Director 1949
93% Champion Director 1949
89% Bedlam Director Screenwriter 1946
88% Isle of the Dead Director 1945
No Score Yet Youth Runs Wild Director 1944
71% Ghost Ship Director 1943
93% The Seventh Victim Director 1943


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