Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood

Highest Rated: 100% The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947)

Lowest Rated: 5% Meteor (1979)

Birthday: Jul 20, 1938

Birthplace: San Francisco, California, USA

A doe-eyed, brunette beauty, Natalie Wood was one of Hollywood's brightest stars and a legend both on and off the silver screen. Born to Russian immigrants, Wood found herself in the spotlight as a child, capturing audience's hearts in the holiday classic, "Miracle on 34th Street" (1947). Maintaining a successful career as an adult, she went on to turn in Oscar-nominated performances in the films "Rebel Without a Cause" (1955) and "Splendor in the Grass" (1961), as well as charming audiences as Maria in the hit musical "West Side Story" (1961). Wood's storybook marriage to fellow actor Robert Wagner delighted movie fans - first, in the late 1950s, and later, following their divorce, when the couple reunited for a second go at marriage in the early 1970s. With a personal life rivaling the plot of any Hollywood movie, Wood was one of the most beloved actresses of her time, even long after her mysterious drowning death in 1981, which left behind more questions than answers. Although investigations into Wood's mysterious death seemed to be re-opened every few years, with Wagner being named a "person of interest" in early 2018, it remained officially unsolved.


Highest Rated Movies



55% 56% Brainstorm Karen Brace (Character) - 1983
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Memory of Eva Ryker Eva Ryker / Claire Ryker (Character) - 1980
No Score Yet 24% The Last Married Couple in America Mari Thompson (Character) - 1980
No Score Yet 38% Willie and Phil Cameo (Character) - 1980
No Score Yet No Score Yet From Here to Eternity Karen Holmes (Character) - 1979
5% 13% Meteor Tatiana Donskaya (Character) - 1979
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Cracker Factory Cassie Barrett (Character) - 1979
No Score Yet 89% Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Margaret (Character) - 1976
No Score Yet 89% James Dean, the First American Teen-ager Unknown (Character) - 1975
No Score Yet 42% Peeper Ellen Prendergast (Character) - 1975
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Affair Courtney Patterson (Character) - 1973
79% 65% Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice Carol Sanders (Character) - 1969
No Score Yet 62% Penelope Penelope Elcott (Character) - 1966
64% 77% This Property Is Condemned Alva Starr (Character) - 1966
33% 51% Inside Daisy Clover Daisy Clover (Character) - 1965
74% 83% The Great Race Maggie Dubois (Character) - 1965
50% 56% Sex and the Single Girl Helen Gurley Brown (Character) - 1964
80% 87% Love With the Proper Stranger Angie Rossini (Character) - 1963
64% 74% Gypsy Louise Hovick (Character) - 1962
92% 84% West Side Story Maria (Character) - 1961
82% 90% Splendor in the Grass Wilma Dean Loomis (Character) - 1961
No Score Yet 50% All the Fine Young Cannibals Sarah "Salome" Davis (Character) - 1960
No Score Yet 38% Cash McCall Lory Austen (Character) - 1960
No Score Yet 62% Kings Go Forth Monique Blair (Character) - 1958
No Score Yet 55% Marjorie Morningstar Marjorie Morgenstern (Character) - 1958
No Score Yet 30% Bombers B-52 Lois Brennan (Character) - 1957
98% 88% The Searchers Debbie Edwards (older) (Character) - 1956
No Score Yet 0% The Girl He Left Behind Susan Daniels (Character) - 1956
No Score Yet 29% Cry in the Night Elizabeth (Character) - 1956
No Score Yet 47% The Burning Hills Maria-Christina Colton (Character) - 1956
No Score Yet No Score Yet One Desire Seely Dowder (Character) - 1955
94% 88% Rebel Without a Cause Judy (Character) - 1955
13% 19% The Silver Chalice Helena (Character) - 1954
29% 60% The Star Gretchen (Character) - 1952
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Rose Bowl Story Sally Burke (Character) - 1952
No Score Yet 80% Just for You Barbara Blake (Character) - 1952
No Score Yet No Score Yet Dear Brat Pauline (Character) - 1951
No Score Yet 50% No Sad Songs for Me Polly Scott (Character) - 1950
No Score Yet 60% Our Very Own Penny Macaulay (Character) - 1950
No Score Yet 64% The Jackpot Phyllis Lawrence (Character) - 1950
No Score Yet 20% Never a Dull Moment Nancy `'Nan'` Heyward (Character) - 1950
No Score Yet 30% Father Was a Fullback Ellen Cooper (Character) - 1949
No Score Yet 57% Chicken Every Sunday Ruth Hefferan (Character) - 1949
No Score Yet 33% The Green Promise Susan Matthews (Character) - 1949
No Score Yet No Score Yet Scudda-Hoo! Scudda-Hay! Eufraznee `'Bean'` McGill (Character) - 1948
No Score Yet 73% Driftwood Jenny Hollingsworth (Character) - 1947
100% 88% The Ghost and Mrs. Muir Anna Muir (as a Child) (Character) - 1947
96% 87% Miracle on 34th Street Susan Walker (Character) - 1947
No Score Yet 84% Tomorrow Is Forever Margaret Ludwig (Character) - 1946


No Score Yet No Score Yet Hart to Hart Unknown (Guest Star) 1979
No Score Yet No Score Yet From Here to Eternity Unknown (Character) 1979
No Score Yet No Score Yet What's My Line? Guest 1966


Dr. Helen Brown says: Mrs. Broderick, does he come home to you every night?

Susan says: [as Sylvia] Well, I really don't know.

Susan says: Well, I really don't know.

Dr. Helen Brown says: You don't?

Susan says: No because, um - well I don't always come home every night.

Dr. Helen Brown says: You know; when you smile like that you do look like Jack Lemmon.

Dr. Helen Brown says: You know, when you smile like that you do look like Jack Lemmon.

Dr. Helen Brown says: I have a-a - metabolism thing and I, uh, get drunk very easily.

Bob Weston says: Well I was reading a medical journal just the other day where it says that if you take a drink, and take it down in one gulp, it bypasses the metabolism.

Bob Weston says: Remember when I was holding your hands before? I - I wanted to say something but I, uhm, lacked the confidence.

Dr. Helen Brown says: Well say it, Mr. Broderick. Speak right out - it will make you feel good.

Bob Weston says: It's dirty.

Dr. Helen Brown says: Good!! That will make you feel even better!

Maggie DuBois says: Max, you little rat! I'll get you for this!

Maggie DuBois says: And because I consider myself sexually free and morally emancipated, I am still a responsible, discriminating woman who does not intend to jump into bed with the first wavy-haired, muscle-bound, egocentric male who thinks he can seduce me by agreeing with some of the things I believe in.

Maggie DuBois says: You mean amazing because I'm a woman.

Susan Walker says: I believe, I believe, I believe.

Judy says: What kind of a person do you think a girl wants?

Jim Stark says: A man.

Judy says: But a man who can be gentle and sweet.

Maria says: I can kill too now because I have hate!

Daisy Clover says: All I can say is "What's the point?"

Daisy Clover says: All I can say is 'What's the point?'