Oliver Platt

Oliver Platt

Highest Rated: 100% The Tale of the Princess Kaguya (2014)

Lowest Rated: 9% Shut In (2016)

Birthday: Jan 12, 1960

Birthplace: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

A hulking character actor who brings new meaning to the concept of versatility, Oliver Platt has appeared in a dizzying array of films that make him instantly recognizable but not instantly placeable to the average filmgoer. Since making his screen debut as an oily Wall Street drone in Mike Nichols' Working Girl (1988), Platt has lent his talents to almost every conceivable genre, including period dramas, political comedies, children's films, and campy horror movies.The son of a U.S. Ambassador, Platt was born in Windsor on January 12, 1960, Platt and his family soon moved to Washington, D.C. Thanks to his father's job, he had an exceptionally itinerant childhood. By the time he was 18, he had attended 12 different schools in places as diverse as Tokyo, the Middle East, and Colorado. Long interested in acting, Platt received a BA in drama from Boston's Tufts University; following graduation, he remained in Boston for three years to pursue his stage career. In 1986 he moved to New York, where he performed in a number of off-Broadway productions and had the lead in the 1989 Lincoln Center production of Ubu. Following his screen debut in Working Girl, Platt began finding steady work in such films as Married to the Mob (1988), Postcards from the Edge (1990), Beethoven (1992) -- which featured him and future collaborator Stanley Tucci as puppy thieves -- and Benny and Joon (1993). He also proved himself adept at cheesy period drama in The Three Musketeers (1993), which cast him as Porthos, and at all-out comedy, as demonstrated by his turn as a struggling comic in Funny Bones (1995). Rarely cast as a leading man, Platt has always been visible in substantial supporting roles, equally comfortable at portraying nice guys, bad guys, and just flat out weird guys alike. As Ashley Judd's suitor in Simon Birch (1998), he was the straight man, while in The Impostors (1998), his second collaboration with Tucci (two years earlier he served as associate producer for the latter's Big Night), he again displayed his capacity for broad physical comedy as a struggling actor who finds himself a stowaway on an ocean liner. In Dangerous Beauty (1998), Platt was able to exercise his nasty side as a bitter nobleman-turned-religious zealot in 16th-century Venice; that same year, his capacity for exasperated quirkiness was displayed in Bulworth, which cast him as Warren Beatty's put-upon, coke-snorting campaign manager.1999 proved to be a somewhat disappointing year for Platt, as two of his films, Three to Tango (which featured him as a gay architect) and the schlock-horror Lake Placid, which cast him as an idiosyncratic mythology expert, were both critical and commercial flops. A third film that year, Bicentennial Man -- in which Platt played the scientist who turns the titular robot (Robin Williams) into a man -- fared somewhat better. The following year, Platt's comic abilities were again on display in Gun Shy, in which he hammed it up as a bottom-rung mafioso with an overblown ego.Fortunately for the workhorse actor, the 2000s seemed to prove the boost -- and exposure -- his sagging career needed. Earning back to back Emmy nominations in 2006 and 2007 for his performance opposite former Tufts University classmate Hank Azaria in the weekly dramedy Huff, Platt was also nominated for a Screen Actor's Guild Award for his turn as New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner in the TV mini-series The Bronk is Burning (2007). With 2008 came yet another Ammy nomination -- this time for his guest role on the hit FX series Nip/Tuck -- and in 2009 he appeared as Nathan Detroit in the Broadway revival of Guys and Dolls. Other notable television appearances from this phase of Platt's career included a recurring character on the seriocomic HBO series Bored to Death and a prominent role as the husband of a suburban housewife diagnosed with cancer in the Showtime comedy drama series The Big C.


Highest Rated Movies



82% The Cleanse Actor 2018
No Score Yet American Experience: Into the Amazon Actor 2018
No Score Yet American Experience: The Bombing of Wall Street Narrator 2018
No Score Yet American Experience: The Gilded Age Narrator 2018
86% Professor Marston & The Wonder Women M.C. Gaines $1.6M 2017
50% The Ticket Bob 2017
55% Rules Don't Apply Forester $3.7M 2016
9% Shut In Dr. Wilson $6.9M 2016
38% The 9th Life of Louis Drax Dr. Perez 2016
53% One More Time (When I Live My Life Over Again) Alan 2016
No Score Yet Frank and Cindy Frank 2016
35% Cut Bank Joe Barrett 2015
12% Mortdecai Actor $6.9M 2015
89% Bessie Carl Van Vechten 2015
14% A Merry Friggin' Christmas Hobo Santa 2014
100% The Tale of the Princess Kaguya Lord Minister of the Right Abe $0.5M 2014
77% Kill the Messenger Jerry Ceppos $2.5M 2014
77% Lucky Them Giles 2014
87% Chef Ramsey Michel $23.7M 2014
17% Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return Wiser the Owl $6.5M 2014
25% Chinese Zodiac Lawrence 2013
78% Ginger & Rosa Mark $1.1M 2013
65% Love, Marilyn Actor $2.9K 2012
31% The Oranges Terry $0.3M 2012
No Score Yet Gods Behaving Badly Apollo 2012
86% X-Men: First Class Man in Black $145.4M 2011
48% Love and Other Drugs Bruce Winston $33.3M 2010
41% Letters to Juliet Bobby $53.1M 2010
87% Please Give Alex $4.1M 2010
39% 2012 Carl Anheuser $166.2M 2009
14% Year One High Priest $43.4M 2009
82% Wonder Woman Hades 2009
93% Frost/Nixon Bob Zelnick $18.7M 2008
34% Martian Child Jeff $7.5M 2007
35% The Ten Marc Jacobson $0.6M 2007
18% Loverboy Mr. Pomeroy 2006
43% Casanova Paprizzio $11.2M 2005
47% The Ice Harvest Pete Van Heuten $8.9M 2005
90% Kinsey Herman Wells $10.3M 2004
No Score Yet Strip Search Actor 2004
84% Pieces of April Jim Burns $2.5M 2003
23% Hope Springs Doug Reed 2003
25% Ash Wednesday Moran 2002
44% Zigzag Mr. Walters / 'The Toad' 2002
20% Liberty Stands Still Victor Wallace 2002
24% Don't Say a Word Louis $54.3M 2001
23% Ready to Rumble Jimmy King 2000
24% Gun Shy Fulvio Nesstra 2000
36% Bicentennial Man Rupert Burns 1999
28% Three to Tango Peter Steinberg 1999
46% Lake Placid Hector 1999
62% The Impostors Maurice 1999
44% Simon Birch Ben 1998
42% Dr. Dolittle Dr. Mark Weller 1998
76% Bulworth Dennis Murphy 1998
68% Dangerous Beauty Maffio Venier 1998
No Score Yet Doctor Dolittle Actor 1998
66% A Time to Kill Harry Rex Vonner 1996
64% Executive Decision Dennis Cahill 1996
No Score Yet The Infiltrator Yaron Svoray 1995
61% Funny Bones Tommy Fawkes 1995
50% Tall Tale Paul Bunyan 1995
28% The Three Musketeers Porthos 1993
34% Indecent Proposal Jeremy 1993
29% The Temp Jack Hartsell 1993
71% Benny & Joon Eric 1993
57% Diggstown Fitz 1992
30% Beethoven Harvey 1992
84% Postcards from the Edge Neil Bleene 1990
48% Flatliners Randy Steckle 1990
83% Working Girl Lutz 1988
90% Married to the Mob Ed Benitez 1988
67% Crusoe Mr. Newby 1988


No Score Yet Chicago Med
Daniel Charles 2020
No Score Yet American Experience
Voice Narrator 2018
73% Chicago Justice
No Score Yet Chicago Fire
Dr. Daniel Charles 2017
No Score Yet Chicago P.D.
Daniel Charles Dr. Daniel Charles 2017
86% Modern Family
Martin 2017
No Score Yet Sofia the First
Voice 2017
No Score Yet Late Night With Seth Meyers
Guest 2015
94% The Good Wife
R.D. 2015
96% Fargo
Stavros Milos 2014
55% The Big C
Paul Jamison 2013
79% Bored to Death
Richard Antrem 2011
75% Nip/Tuck
Freddie Prune Freddy Prune 2008
67% Huff
Russell 2006
No Score Yet The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Guest 2005
75% The West Wing
Oliver Babish 2005
No Score Yet NOVA
Voice Narrator 2004
No Score Yet American Masters
Voice Narrator 2003
58% Deadline
Wallace Benton 2001
No Score Yet Wiseguy
Cy 1990
No Score Yet Miami Vice
Speed Styles 1988
No Score Yet Prohibition


Adrian Helmsley says: Yes sir. Who are you bringing?

Carl Anheuser says: Nobody! Who, my ex wife? Last thing she said to me, never want to see you again. So be it.

Hank Keogh says: I never heard of a crocodile crossing an ocean.

Hector Cyr says: Well, they conceal information like that in books.

Hank Keogh says: I'm going to say this because I believe in being straight with people: I think you are a mental.

Hector Cyr says: Sheriff, I appreciate your candor, really I do. I think it's always good to know where somebody's coming from and frankly your origins have been a bit of a mystery ... to me.

Pete Van Heuten says: Everybody has regrets. Guys our age, what else is there?

Nina Ostroff says: Can't we just be normal?

Terry Ostroff says: What's normal?

Terry Ostroff says: Okay I hurt my ankle.

Hector Cyr says: Let's not overlook the fact that he didn't eat me.

Jack Wells says: 'Cause he just ate a cow, stupid!

Hector Cyr says: [Upon finding a decaying toe] Is this the man that was killed?

Hank Keogh says: He seemed... taller.

Oh says: rub it in with my hand?

Oh says: Rub it in with my hand?

High Priest says: no your ball sack, yes your hand!

High Priest says: No your ball sack, yes your hand!

Carl Anheuser says: Where the hell is President Wilson!

Sally - President's Secretary says: He's praying, sir, and under these circumstances that's not such a bad idea.

Carl Anheuser says: Kind of galling when you realize that nutbags with cardboard signs had it right the whole time.

Peter Steinberg says: Oscar, about Amy... u know there is plenty of fish in the sea, right?

Peter Steinberg says: You do know there are other fish in the sea?

Oscar Novak says: Yeah, i used to think like that. but what if u find "the" fish?

Oscar Novak says: But what if you found *the* fish?

Man in Black says: We'll use [Cerebro] to find more mutants to recruit.

Man in Black says: Hank turned that radar installation into a transmitter. It's designed to amplify brain waves, so you it could enhance your telepathic powers. Help us find other mutants for our division.

Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto says: And what if they don't want to be found?

Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto says: What if they don't want to be found by you? [surprised to see the sudden appearance of Erik]

Professor Charles Xavier says: How's that for a magic trick?

Man in Black says: Best I've ever seen.

Professor Charles Xavier says: Would you like to see another trick?

Man in Black says: Yes I would!

Professor Charles Xavier says: Get in the car.

Man in Black says: Good idea!

Alex says: We buy from the children of dead people.