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      Orson Welles

      Orson Welles

      Highest Rated: 100% The New Deal for Artists (1979)

      Lowest Rated: Not Available

      Birthday: May 6, 1915

      Birthplace: Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA

      An undeniable pioneer in both radio and film, actor-director Orson Welles used his bona fide genius to change the face of both mediums with imagination, ambition, and technically daring. Having started off as a performer on stage, most notably with John Houseman, with whom he formed the famed Mercury Theatre, Welles used his distinctive baritone voice to create innovative radio dramas. He became famous - notorious, even - following his 1938 broadcast of H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds," which he presented as a real time news event, sparking panic among listeners who thought Martians really were invading New Jersey. The fame he achieved in the wake of the broadcast attracted RKO Pictures, where he made the most stunning directorial debut in the history of cinema with "Citizen Kane" (1941), long considered to be the greatest film ever made. Using innovative narrative and technological techniques, Welles singlehandedly changed the face of cinema, earning the nickname the Boy Wonder. He went on to direct "The Magnificent Ambersons" (1942), though both films were financial failures that prompted his exit from RKO. After marrying Love Goddess Rita Hayworth and directing "The Stranger" (1946) and "Macbeth" (1948), Welles began a 10-year self-imposed Hollywood exile that saw him appear onscreen in movies like "The Third Man" (1949) while directing well-received films overseas like "Othello" (1952) and "Mr. Arkadin" (1955). He returned to Hollywood to helm "Touch of Evil" (1958), a classic film noir, while suffering a commercial drubbing with his adaptation of Franz Kafka's "The Trial" (1962). His take on Shakespeare's famed character, Falstaff, in "Chimes at Midnight" (1966) again earned international acclaim despite being largely ignored in the United States. Though he fell on hard times in the 1970s, Welles nonetheless remained busy with numerous projects in various stages of completion while appearing onscreen in a number of performances and using his distinctive voice in a variety of narrator roles. When he died in 1985, Welles left behind a legacy as a consummate artist and true auteur whose influence was profoundly felt by several generations of filmmakers.

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      88% No Score Yet Hopper/Welles Self,
      - 2020
      83% 58% The Other Side of the Wind Director,
      Film Editing
      - 2018
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Searching for Orson Unknown (Character) - 2006
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Brunnen (The Well) Unknown (Character) - 2005
      83% 70% It's All True Director - 1993
      No Score Yet 43% Hollywood Mavericks Unknown (Character) - 1990
      75% 55% Someone to Love Danny's Friend (Character) $10.4K 1987
      62% 88% The Transformers: The Movie Unicron (Voice) $5.8M 1986
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Search for the Titanic Narrator - 1985
      No Score Yet No Score Yet The Greenstone Narrator - 1985
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Gold Lust Narrator - 1984
      No Score Yet No Score Yet The Way to Bresson Self - 1984
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Where Is Parsifal? Klingsor (Character) - 1984
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Hot Money Sheriff Paisley (Character) - 1983
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Zen Business Sheriff Paisley (Character) - 1983
      No Score Yet 33% Butterfly Judge Rauch (Character) $15.4K 1981
      No Score Yet 74% Genocide Narrator - 1981
      No Score Yet 73% The Secret of Nikola Tesla J.P. Morgan (Character) - 1980
      100% No Score Yet The New Deal for Artists Narrator - 1979
      88% 88% The Muppet Movie Lew Lord (Character) - 1979
      No Score Yet 90% The Enchanted Journey Pippo (Voice) - 1978
      No Score Yet No Score Yet It Happened One Christmas Henry F. Potter (Character) - 1977
      No Score Yet No Score Yet The Rime of the Ancient Mariner Narrator - 1977
      83% 53% Voyage of the Damned José Estedes (Character) - 1976
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Orson Welles' F for Fake Trailer Director,
      - 1976
      No Score Yet 56% Bugs Bunny, Superstar Narrator - 1975
      No Score Yet 32% Ten Little Indians Voice of Tape (Character) - 1975
      No Score Yet 79% Rikki-Tikki-Tavi Narrator - 1975
      No Score Yet No Score Yet The Challenge: A Tribute to Modern Art Narrator - 1975
      88% 88% F for Fake Self,
      Film Editing
      - 1973
      No Score Yet 29% The Witching Mr. Cato (Character) - 1972
      No Score Yet 18% Treasure Island Long John Silver (Character),
      - 1972
      No Score Yet 42% Get to Know Your Rabbit Mr. Delasandro (Character) - 1972
      60% 37% Ten Days' Wonder Unknown (Character) - 1972
      No Score Yet No Score Yet The Man Who Came to Dinner Sheridan Whiteside (Character) - 1972
      No Score Yet 65% Malpertuis Cassavius (Character) - 1972
      No Score Yet No Score Yet The Legend of Doom House Cassavius (Character) - 1972
      No Score Yet 23% A Safe Place The Magician (Character) - 1971
      No Score Yet No Score Yet The Enemy Before Us Narrator - 1971
      No Score Yet 62% The Kremlin Letter Bresnavitch (Character) - 1970
      27% 82% Waterloo Louis XVIII (Character) - 1970
      81% 76% Catch-22 Brig. Gen. Dreedle (Character) - 1970
      No Score Yet 67% Twelve Plus One Maurice Markau (Character) - 1970
      No Score Yet No Score Yet 12 + 1 Markan (Character) - 1969
      No Score Yet 60% Blood and Guns Colonel Cascorro (Character) - 1969
      No Score Yet No Score Yet The Merchant of Venice Shylock (Character),
      - 1969
      No Score Yet No Score Yet The Southern Star Plankett (Character) - 1969
      No Score Yet 65% The Battle of Neretva Senator (Character) - 1969
      92% 70% The Immortal Story Mr. Charles Clay (Character),
      - 1968
      No Score Yet No Score Yet The Last Roman Emperor Justinian (Character) - 1968
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Oedipus the King Tiresias (Character) - 1968
      No Score Yet No Score Yet House of Cards Leschenhaut (Character) - 1968
      No Score Yet No Score Yet A King's Story Narrator - 1967
      26% 34% Casino Royale Le Chiffre (Character) - 1967
      No Score Yet 52% I'll Never Forget What's 'is Name Jonathan Lute (Character) - 1967
      No Score Yet No Score Yet The Sailor From Gibraltar Louis de Mozambique (Character) - 1967
      71% 71% Is Paris Burning? Consul Raoul Nordling (Character) - 1966
      89% 87% A Man for All Seasons Cardinal Wolsey (Character) - 1966
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Marco the Magnificent Akerman (Marco's Tutor) (Character) - 1966
      96% 85% Chimes at Midnight Falstaff (Character),
      $123.4K 1965
      No Score Yet 79% Buster Keaton Rides Again Narrator - 1965
      No Score Yet No Score Yet The Finest Hours Narrator - 1964
      0% 45% The V.I.P.s Max Buda (Character) - 1963
      No Score Yet No Score Yet La Ricotta Unknown (Character) - 1963
      86% 87% The Trial Albert Hastler (The Advocate) (Character),
      Film Editing
      $74.5K 1962
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Lafayette Benjamin Franklin (Character) - 1962
      No Score Yet 78% Rogopag The "Director" (Character) - 1962
      No Score Yet No Score Yet The Tartars Burundai (Character) - 1961
      No Score Yet 44% David and Goliath King Saul (Character) - 1960
      No Score Yet 60% Crack in the Mirror Hagolin/Lamerciere (Character) - 1960
      40% 60% Battle of Austerlitz Robert Fulton (Character) - 1960
      No Score Yet 0% Ferry to Hong Kong Captain Hart (Character) - 1959
      100% 85% Compulsion Jonathan Wilk (Character) - 1959
      No Score Yet 52% The Roots of Heaven Cy Sedgewick (Character) - 1958
      95% 92% Touch of Evil Police Captain Hank Quinlan (Character),
      - 1958
      86% 83% The Long, Hot Summer Will Varner (Character) - 1958
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Masters of the Congo Jungle Narrator - 1958
      No Score Yet 80% Man in the Shadow Virgil Renchler (Character) - 1957
      83% 73% Moby Dick Father Mapple (Character) - 1956
      75% 80% Mr. Arkadin Gregory Arkadin (Character),
      - 1955
      No Score Yet 88% Around the World with Orson Welles Unknown (Character),
      - 1955
      No Score Yet 85% Napoleon Sir Hudson Lowe (Character) - 1955
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Royal Affairs in Versailles Benjamin Franklin (Character) - 1954
      No Score Yet 40% Trouble in the Glen Sanin Cejador y Mengues (Character) - 1954
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Orson Welles' Ghost Story Narrator - 1953
      No Score Yet No Score Yet King Lear King Lear (Character) - 1953
      No Score Yet 73% Three Cases of Murder Lord Mountdrago (Character) - 1953
      No Score Yet 90% Othello Othello (Character),
      - 1952
      No Score Yet 14% Trent's Last Case Sigsbee Manderson (Character) - 1952
      No Score Yet 83% Return to Glennascaul (Orson Welles' Ghost Story) (A Story That Is Told in Dublin) Unknown (Character) - 1951
      No Score Yet 45% The Black Rose Bayan (Character) - 1950
      No Score Yet 71% Black Magic Cagliostro (Character),
      - 1949
      No Score Yet 59% Prince of Foxes Cesare Borgia (Character) - 1949
      99% 93% The Third Man The Third Man (Character) $447.0K 1949
      No Score Yet 36% Magia Negra Unknown (Character) - 1949
      86% 76% Macbeth Macbeth (Character),
      Costume Design
      - 1948
      85% 84% The Lady From Shanghai Michael O'Hara (Character),
      - 1948
      97% 88% Monsieur Verdoux Writer $60.6K 1947
      97% 81% The Stranger Professor Charles Rankin (Character),
      - 1946
      No Score Yet 85% Tomorrow Is Forever John Andrew MacDonald/Erik Kessler (Character) - 1946
      No Score Yet No Score Yet Follow the Boys Mercury Wonder Show (Character) - 1944
      100% 83% Jane Eyre Edward Rochester (Character) - 1944
      73% 49% Journey Into Fear Colonel Haki (Character),
      - 1942
      89% 84% The Magnificent Ambersons Director,
      - 1942
      99% 90% Citizen Kane Charles Foster Kane (Character),
      $977.3K 1941
      No Score Yet 58% Too Much Johnson Director,
      Film Editing
      - 1938
      80% 42% The Spanish Earth Narrator - 1937
      No Score Yet 40% The Hearts of Age Death (Character),
      - 1934


      No Score Yet No Score Yet Name of the Game Unknown (Guest Star) 1970
      No Score Yet 97% I Love Lucy Unknown (Guest Star) 1956
      No Score Yet No Score Yet I've Got a Secret Guest 1956