Owen Moore

Owen Moore

Highest Rated: 100% A Star Is Born (1937)

Lowest Rated: 83% As You Desire Me (1932)

Birthday: Dec 12, 1886

Birthplace: Not Available

Irish-born Owen Moore came to America at age 11, along with his three brothers, Matt, Tom, and Joe -- actors all. At 19, Moore began his theatrical career, abandoning the stage in 1908 to work with D.W. Griffith at the Biograph film studio. Here he met ingénue Mary Pickford, whom he married in secret (a secret that didn't last very long), then divorced in 1920 when both he and Mary found others to fulfill their private lives. Owen Moore's later career was not as successful, though he staged some worthwhile comeback attempts throughout the talkie era: co-starring with his brothers, Matt and Tom, in 1929's Side Street, offering a bizarre and unsettling performance as Mae West's imprisoned ex-boyfriend in She Done Him Wrong, and convincingly portraying a cold-sober movie director in Selznick's A Star Is Born (1937).

Highest Rated Movies



100% A Star Is Born Casey Burke 1937
90% She Done Him Wrong Chick Clark 1933
No Score Yet Man of Sentiment Stanley Colton 1933
83% As You Desire Me Tony Boffie 1932
No Score Yet High Voltage Detective Dan Egan 1929
No Score Yet The Red Mill Dennis 1927
No Score Yet Married? Dennis Shawn 1926
No Score Yet The Black Bird West End Bertie 1926
No Score Yet Cinderella Prince Charming 1914
No Score Yet The Battle of the Sexes Frank Andrews 1914
No Score Yet Home Sweet Home The Tempter 1914
No Score Yet What the Daisy Said Actor 1910
No Score Yet A Corner in Wheat Actor 1909


Casey Burke says: His work is beginning to interfere with his drinking

Casey Burke says: His work is beginning to interfere with his drinking.