Stanley Holloway

Stanley Holloway

Highest Rated: 100% The Lavender Hill Mob (1951)

Lowest Rated: 42% In Harm's Way (1965)

Birthday: Oct 1, 1890

Birthplace: Not Available

British entertainer Stanley Holloway tried to make a go of his first job as a clerk in a Billingsgate fish market, but the call of the theatre was loud and strong. Originally planning an operatic career, Holloway studied singing in Milan, but this came to an end when World War One began. Finishing up his service with the infantry, Holloway headed for the stage again, making his London premiere in 1919's Kissing Time. His first film was The Rotters (1921), and the first time the public outside the theatres heard his robust voice was on radio in 1923. Holloway toured the music hall-revue circuit with his comic monologues, usually centered around his self-invented characters "Sam Small" and "The Ramsbottoms." Holloway's entree into talking pictures was with a 1930 film version of his stage success, The Co-Optimist. The British film industry of the '30s was more concerned in turning out "quota quickies" so that Hollywood would send over an equal number of American films, but Holloway was able to survive in these cheap pictures, occasionally rising to the heights of such productions as Squibs (1935) and The Vicar of Bray (1937). In 1941, Holloway was cast in one of the prestige films of the season, George Bernard Shaw's Major Barbara; this led to top-drawer film appearances throughout the war years, notably This Happy Breed (1944), The Way to the Stars (1945) and Brief Encounter (1947). Though he'd had minimal Shakespearian experience, Holloway was selected by Laurence Olivier to play the Gravedigger in Olivier's filmization of Hamlet (1947), a role he'd forever be associated with and one he'd gently parody in 1969's Private Life of Sherlock Holmes. Gaining an American audience through repeated showings of his films on early-'50s TV, Holloway took New York by storm as Alfred P. Doolittle in the stage smash My Fair Lady - a role he'd repeat in the 1964 film version (after James Cagney had turned it down), and win an Oscar in the bargain. Continuing his activities in all aspects of British show business -- including a 1960 one-man show, Laughs and Other Events -- Holloway decided he'd take a whack at American TV as the butler protagonist of the 1962 sitcom Our Man Higgins. It's difficult to ascertain the quality of this series, since it had the miserable luck of being scheduled opposite the ratings-grabbing Beverly Hillbillies. Stanley Holloway perservered with stage, movie, and TV appearances into the '70s; in honor of one of his two My Fair Lady songs, he titled his 1981 autobiography Wiv a Little Bit of Luck.


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet The Happy Family (Mr. Lord Says No) Actor 2014
No Score Yet Another Shore Actor 2013
No Score Yet The Sandwich Man Gardener 2013
No Score Yet The Life And Adventures Of Nicholas Nickleby Actor 2011
No Score Yet The Titfield Thunderbolt Valentine 2005
No Score Yet Up The Front Vincento 1989
No Score Yet Journey Into Fear (Burn Out) Mathews 1975
No Score Yet Flight of the Doves Judge Liffy 1971
92% The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes 1st Gravedigger 1970
No Score Yet Run a Crooked Mile Caretaker 1969
No Score Yet Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter George Brown 1968
No Score Yet Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians (And Then There Were None) William Blore 1965
42% In Harm's Way Clayton Canfil 1965
95% My Fair Lady Alfred Doolittle 1964
No Score Yet No Love for Johnnie Fred Andrews 1961
No Score Yet On the Fiddle Mr. Cooksley 1961
No Score Yet No Trees in the Street Kipper 1959
No Score Yet Jumping for Joy "Captain" Jack Montague 1956
No Score Yet An Alligator Named Daisy Actor 1955
No Score Yet The Beggar's Opera Lockit 1953
No Score Yet Meet Mr. Lucifer Mr. Sam Hollingsworth/Mr. Lucifer 1953
No Score Yet The Magic Box Broker's Man 1952
No Score Yet Meet Me Tonight (Tonight at 8:30) Henry Gow [Fumed Oak] 1952
No Score Yet Lady Godiva Rides Again Mr. Clark 1951
100% The Lavender Hill Mob Alfred Pendelbury 1951
No Score Yet One Wild Oat Alfred Gilbey 1951
93% Passport to Pimlico Arthur Pemberton 1949
No Score Yet The Perfect Woman Ramshead 1949
No Score Yet Winslow Boy Comedian 1949
95% Hamlet Gravedigger 1948
No Score Yet Snowbound Joe Wesson 1948
No Score Yet Noose Inspector Rendall 1948
No Score Yet One Night with You Tramp 1948
No Score Yet Nicholas Nickleby Actor 1947
No Score Yet Wanted for Murder Sgt. Sullivan 1946
No Score Yet Nicholas Nickleby Vincent Crummles 1946
No Score Yet Caesar and Cleopatra Belzanor 1945
91% Brief Encounter Albert Godby 1945
100% The Way Ahead (The Immortal Battalion) Brewer 1945
No Score Yet The Way to the Stars Mr Palmer 1945
100% This Happy Breed Bob Mitchell 1944
No Score Yet Champagne Charlie the Great Vance 1944
93% Major Barbara Policeman 1941
No Score Yet Cotton Queen Sam Owen 1937
No Score Yet Squibs Police Constable Charley Lee 1935
No Score Yet Lily of Killarney Father O'Flynn 1933


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