Telly Savalas

Telly Savalas

Highest Rated: 100% Cape Fear (1962)

Lowest Rated: 0% Beyond the Poseidon Adventure (1979)

Birthday: Jan 21, 1924

Birthplace: Garden City, New York, USA

American actor Telly Savalas was born into a transplanted Greek family in Garden City, New York. After dropping out of Columbia University, Savalas served in World War II, from which he was discharged with a Purple Heart disability. Though not a performer himself, Savalas remained active in show business via the Information Services of the State Department, which led to a news director post at the ABC network. Savalas was often called upon to help producers locate foreign-speaking actors for the various live TV dramatic series of the era. In 1959, Savalas attended an audition for the CBS anthology series Armstrong Circle Theatre, intending to prompt an actor friend who was up for a role. Instead, the casting director took Savalas's sinister demeanor (and bald head) into account and cast him in a character part, which led to other TV assignments. The 1960-61 CBS television anthology Witness, though not a ratings success, brought the novice actor a great deal of acclaim for his portrayal of racketeer Lucky Luciano, gaining attention from audiences, producers, and even a few of Luciano's old associates (who liked the show). More TV and movie roles of a slimy-villain nature followed, and then Savalas was cast as Burt Lancaster's fellow Alcatraz inmate in The Birdman of Alcatraz (1962) -- a performance that earned an Oscar nomination. Many in the industry felt that Savalas had what it took to be a leading man; Imogene Coca, with whom Savalas worked on an episode of Coca's TV series "Grindl," announced publicly that the actor was one of the funniest men she'd ever met (this from an actress who once costarred with Sid Caesar). Still, producers continued to use Savalas as a supporting bad guy. Even in The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965), Savalas incurred audience hisses as Pontius Pilate. In 1973 Savalas starred as police lieutenant Theo Kojak in The Marcus-Nelson Murders, a TV movie based on a real-life homicide. The actor's fully rounded interpretation of the sarcastic, incorruptible, lollipop-sucking New York detective earned him a full time TV job as the star of the series Kojak (which ran from 1973-78 on CBS, and, in a brief revival, 1989-90 on ABC). Now a genuine, 14-carat celebrity, Savalas assumed a great deal of creative control on Kojak, which included full script approval, choice of directors, and the insistence upon casting Savalas's brother George (professionally named "Demosthenes") in the role of Detective Stavros. Kojak lasted until 1978, during which time Savalas became a fixture of TV variety shows, where he frequently demonstrated his questionable singing talents. After the series, the actor embarked on a globe-trotting existence involving numerous forgettable European films and a sumptuous bon vivant lifestyle (which included the squiring of several attractive and much-younger ladies). Savalas periodically revived the character of Kojak in a few 1980s TV movies and profited from the (brief) revival of the Kojak series itself, but for the most part he was seen on the tube as spokesman for a high-priced credit card company. In the early 1990s, Savalas developed prostate cancer, ultimately succumbing to the disease at the age of 72.

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No Score Yet Remembering Ellis Island: Everyman's Monument Actor 1995
No Score Yet Backfire! Evil Man 1994
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No Score Yet Faceless (Los Depredadores de la Noche) (Les Prédateurs de la Nuit) Hallen 1989
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62% Lisa And The Devil (Lisa e il diavolo) (The Devil in the House of Exorcism) Actor 1973
No Score Yet A Reason to Live, A Reason to Die (Ragione per vivere e una per morire, Una) Actor 1972
No Score Yet Pancho Villa Pancho Villa 1972
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10% Pretty Maids All in a Row Captain Sam Surcher 1971
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No Score Yet Violent City (The Family)(Città violenta) Al Weber 1970
77% Kelly's Heroes MSgt. Big Joe 1970
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82% On Her Majesty's Secret Service Blofeld 1969
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38% The Greatest Story Ever Told Pontius Pilate 1965
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No Score Yet The Man from the Diners' Club Foots Pularcios 1963
No Score Yet The Interns Dr. Riccio 1962
86% Birdman of Alcatraz Feto Gomez 1962
100% Cape Fear Private Detective Charles Sievers 1962
50% The Young Savages Detective Lt. Gunderson 1961
No Score Yet Mad Dog Coll Lt. Dawson 1961


No Score Yet The Commish
Colette 1993
No Score Yet The Equalizer
No Score Yet American Playhouse
No Score Yet Kojak
Director Lt. Theo Kojak 1978
100% The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Count Fanzini 1967
No Score Yet The Fugitive
Polichek Vic Leonetti Keller 1966
No Score Yet Bonanza
Charles Hackett 1965
80% The Twilight Zone
Erich Streator 1963
No Score Yet Tales of the Unexpected
Joe Brisson


Blofeld says: No no no, Mr. Bond. Respectable baronets from the College of Heralds do "not" seduce female patients in clinics. On the other hand, they do get their professional details... "right". The De Bleauchamps tombs are "not" in the Augsburg Cathedral as you said, but in the Ste. Anna Kirch. Sir Hillary Bray would have known!

Blofeld says: No no no, Mr. Bond. Respectable baronets from the College of Heralds do 'not' seduce female patients in clinics. On the other hand, they do get their professional details... 'right'. The De Bleauchamps tombs are 'not' in the Augsburg Cathedral as you said, but in the Ste. Anna Kirch. Sir Hillary Bray would have known!

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Crap Game says: Ya make a DEAL!

Big Joe says: "What kind of a deal??"...

Big Joe says: What kind of a deal?

Crap Game says: "A DEAL DEAL....."

Crap Game says: A DEAL DEAL.

Oddball says: But for 1.6 million dollars, we could become heroes for three days.

Oddball says: Why don't you say something rightous or hopeful for a change? [to Moriarity]

Moriarty says: Crap! [to Oddball]

Big Joe says: Well then, why the hell aren't you up there helping them? [fix the tank]

Oddball says: answers: (laughs) I only ride em I don't know what makes em work.

Oddball says: [answers] I only ride em I don't know what makes em work.

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Archer Maggott says: Suh? Do we have to eat with niggahs? [Jefferson jumps Maggot]

Sgt. Bowren says: [as Reisman exits the room] : What's going on, sir?

Maj. Reisman says: Oh, the gentleman from the South had a question about the dining arrangements. He and his comrades are discussing place settings now.

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