Terence Chang

Terence Chang

Highest Rated: 94% Hard-Boiled (1992)

Lowest Rated: 14% The Adventurers (2017)

Birthday: Not Available

Birthplace: China

Cutting his teeth on the hyper-violent and stylish "gun-fu" films of 1990s Hong Kong cinema, Terence Chang benefitted particularly from his longtime friendship and working relationship with director and gun-fu master John Woo. Chang started as a production manager on fairly standard Hong Kong offerings, eventually reaching the position of producer. It was in this capacity that he first collaborated with Woo, on the director's uncharacteristically lighthearted movie about a trio of larcenous friends, "Once a Thief" (1991). The two collaborated on Woo's next effort the following year, the tougher and bloodier cop gun-fest, "Hard Boiled." When the director got the call to helm Hollywood action movies, Chang went along as a producing partner. The duo first teamed up in America on 1996's "Broken Arrow," about a rogue Air Force pilot attempting to steal a Stealth fighter. The budgets were bigger and the ammo count higher in their next Hollywood effort, "Face/Off" (1997), starring Nicolas Cage and John Travolta in interchangeable roles as a face-borrowing master criminal and the FBI agent trying to stop him. Chang continued to work with Woo, contributing his producing talents to such fare as popcorn espionage actioner "Mission: Impossible II" (2000), but he also worked on films made by other helmers. These include the New York City Chinese triad gang story "The Corruptor" (1999) and the 2003 comic book fantasy adaptation "Bulletproof Monk," starring Woo regular Yun-Fat Chow.



52% 66% Papillon Executive Producer $2.3M 2017
14% 22% The Adventurers Producer $214.5K 2017
No Score Yet No Score Yet End of Summer Executive Producer - 2017
No Score Yet 60% Brotherhood of Blades Executive Producer - 2014
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Crossing Producer - 2014
69% 82% Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale Producer - 2011
70% 73% Reign of Assassins Producer - 2010
No Score Yet 82% Red Cliff II Producer - 2009
91% 78% Red Cliff Producer $626.8K 2008
No Score Yet No Score Yet Blood Brothers Producer - 2007
No Score Yet 77% Appleseed: Ex Machina Producer - 2007
No Score Yet 71% All the Invisible Children Producer - 2005
27% 45% Paycheck Producer $53.8M 2003
23% 38% Bulletproof Monk Producer $23.0M 2003
33% 50% Windtalkers Producer $40.9M 2002
No Score Yet No Score Yet Red Skies Executive Producer - 2002
56% 42% Mission: Impossible 2 Executive Producer $215.4M 2000
51% 64% Anna and the King Executive Producer - 1999
48% 43% The Corruptor Executive Producer $15.2M 1999
No Score Yet No Score Yet Once a Thief: Brother Against Brother Executive Producer - 1998
No Score Yet No Score Yet Once a Thief: Family Business Executive Producer - 1998
No Score Yet 28% Blackjack Executive Producer - 1998
43% 57% The Big Hit Executive Producer $27.1M 1998
38% 47% The Replacement Killers Executive Producer $19.0M 1998
54% 44% Broken Arrow Producer $70.6M 1996
94% 92% Hard-Boiled Producer - 1992
60% 54% Once a Thief Producer - 1991
No Score Yet No Score Yet Double Decker Producer - 1984
No Score Yet No Score Yet Lonely Fifteen Producer - 1982