Timothy West

Lowest Rated: 14% Beyond Borders (2003)
Birthday: Oct 20, 1934
Birthplace: Not Available
Gifted with gravitas, Timothy West is a master at playing authority figures. Over his long and distinguished career, he has portrayed Winston Churchill in three productions (Hiroshima, 1995; The Last Bastion, 1984; and Churchill and the Generals, 1979), King Francis in Ever After (1998), Emperor Vespasian in Masada (1981), Cardinal Wolsey in Henry VIII (1979), King Edward VII in Edward the King (1975), and Bolingbroke -- the future King Henry IV -- in The Tragedy of King Richard II (1970). He has also portrayed sundry sirs, lords, judges, overseers, superintendents, doctors, professors, and high-ranking military officers. Remove him to the fantasy world of animated features, and it's the same. In two cartoon series, he was the voice of King Otto (The Big Knights, 1999) and King Hrothgar (Beowulf, 1998). Often, he plays the head of a family rather than the head of an army or a country. For example, he portrayed Charles Dickens' father, John, in the 2002 TV miniseries Dickens; Gloucester, father of Edgar and Edmund, in a 1997 TV production of Shakespeare's King Lear; and James Tyrone, the head of a dysfunctional family, in the 1991 British National Theatre adaptation of Eugene O'Neill's A Long Day's Journey Into Night. West also portrayed still another king -- Harry King -- in a 1987 TV production, Harry's Kingdom.West was born in Bradford, Yorkshire, England, on October 20, 1934. Whether his veins ran with royal blood -- the kind that would later enable him to play those kings and emperors -- is doubtful. But there is no question that his veins ran with acting blood: Both of his parents were theater professionals. It was only natural, therefore, that he would marry an actress, Prunella Scales, and that he would father children, Samuel and Joseph, who grew up to act in films of their own. On occasion, Scales and West perform together, as in the O'Neill play and in Harold Pinter's The Birthday Party at London's Piccadilly Theatre in 1999. West has also acted with his sons. In the aforementioned Edward the King, they played his onscreen sons. West began his professional film, stage, and TV career in the 1960s. In the early '70s, his appearance in two important motion pictures -- Nicholas and Alexandra (1971) and The Day of the Jackal (1973) -- helped win him roles in other major productions, including adaptations of such literary classics as Joseph Andrews, Hard Times, Crime and Punishment, and Oliver Twist.

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No Score Yet The Fourth Angel (The 4th Angel) Actor 2003
45% Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas Dymas $26.4M 2003
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91% Ever After: A Cinderella Story King Francis 1998
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No Score Yet Hiroshima Winston Churchill 1995
No Score Yet The Tragedy of Flight 103: The Inside Story Hood 1991
No Score Yet Consuming Passions Dr. Rees 1988
82% Cry Freedom Capt. de Wet 1987
No Score Yet Death by Prescription Actor 1986
No Score Yet Florence Nightingale William Russell 1985
No Score Yet Last Bastion Actor 1984
No Score Yet Murder Is Easy Easterfield 1982
No Score Yet Masada Vespasian 1981
No Score Yet Churchill and the Generals Actor 1981
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No Score Yet It's a Steal? Actor 1979
77% Agatha Kenward 1979
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No Score Yet The Thirty Nine Steps Porton 1978
No Score Yet Joseph Andrews Tow-Wouse 1977
No Score Yet Hard Times Josiah Bounderby 1977
No Score Yet Operation: Daybreak Vaclav 1976
No Score Yet Hedda Judge Brack 1975
No Score Yet Soft Beds, Hard Battles (Party for Hitler) (Undercovers Hero) Chaplain 1975
No Score Yet Edward the King Actor 1975
No Score Yet The Edwardians Actor 1974
No Score Yet Hitler: The Last Ten Days Prof. Gebhardt 1973
90% The Day of the Jackal Berthier 1973
71% Nicholas and Alexandra Dr. Botkin 1971
No Score Yet Edward II Actor 1970
No Score Yet Twisted Nerve Superintendent Dakin 1969
No Score Yet The Looking Glass War Taylor 1969
No Score Yet The Deadly Affair Matrevis 1966


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