Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong

Highest Rated: 100% The Legend Of 420 (2017)

Lowest Rated: 0% High Times' Potluck (2003)

Birthday: May 24, 1938

Birthplace: Not Available

Canadian born Tommy Chong could boast a curious mixed lineage: Chinese, French, Scotch and Irish. A musician by inclination, Chong dropped out of high school as a sophomore, frequently working as a band member to support himself. At one point, Chong was playing with The Vancouvers, for whom he helped write a hit song, "Does Your Mama Know About Me?" Chong was exposed to quite a few improvisational comedy groups during his musical career; he developed a knack for getting laughs on his own, forming an improv group called City Works, which performed at a Vancouver nitery run by Tommy's brother. It is here that Chong met erstwhile humorist Richard "Cheech" Marin, who'd left his native Los Angeles for Canada in order to avoid the draft. Breaking away from City Works two years later, Cheech and Chong (as the act was now known) developed several routines built around the characters of two dim-witted dopers who aspired to nothing more than "good grass." By 1972, the team had won a Grammy award for their scatologically hilarious comedy albums. Cheech and Chong's record producer Lou Adler decided that the boys were movie material. The team's first film Up in Smoke (1978) turned out to be one of Warner Bros.' highest grossing films (in every sense of the word). Subsequent Cheech and Chong films didn't do quite so well; perhaps their time had passed, or perhaps their material was just too thin for a stream of comedy hits. In recent years, Cheech and Chong have worked separately and together with variable success, and both have contributed their vocal talents to Disney cartoon features. Chong is the father of actress Rae Dawn Chong.


Highest Rated Movies



85% Color Out of Space Actor 2020
100% The Legend Of 420 Actor 2017
No Score Yet I Am Sam Kinison Actor 2017
98% Zootopia Yax the Yak $341.3M 2016
No Score Yet Gone South: How Canada Invented Hollywood Actor 2015
53% The Fluffy Movie Video Store Clerk $2.9M 2014
No Score Yet Tommy Chong Presents Comedy At 420 Actor 2013
No Score Yet Cheech and Chong's Animated Movie! Chong 2013
No Score Yet George Lopez: It's Not Me, It's You Actor 2012
No Score Yet Cheech & Chong's Animated Movie Actor 2012
11% Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs Evil Stone $10.2M 2011
64% Troubadours Actor 2011
No Score Yet Cheech & Chong's Hey Watch This Screenwriter Actor 2010
No Score Yet Evil Bong II: King Bong Actor 2009
No Score Yet High Times Greatest Hits Actor 2009
No Score Yet The Hempire Strikes Back Actor 2008
No Score Yet The Union: The Business Behind Getting High Actor 2007
No Score Yet American Drug War: The Last White Hope Actor 2007
No Score Yet Evil Bong Jimbo Leary 2006
No Score Yet Greasy Rider Actor 2006
73% a/k/a Tommy Chong Actor 2006
No Score Yet American Stag Actor 2006
No Score Yet Secret Agent 420 Actor 2005
0% High Times' Potluck Hippie 2003
57% Pauly Shore Is Dead Himself 2003
No Score Yet DVX - Digital Video X: Hardcore Sports And Music Actor 2002
8% The Wash Dee's Connection $9.8M 2001
29% Half Baked Squirrel Master 1998
3% McHale's Navy Armando/Ernesto 1997
0% National Lampoon's Senior Trip Red 1995
63% FernGully - The Last Rainforest Root 1992
No Score Yet Far Out Man Screenwriter Director Far Out Man 1990
No Score Yet Tripwire Merle Shine 1990
80% The Spirit of '76 Stoner 1990
89% After Hours Pepe $10.7M 1985
No Score Yet Cheech & Chong Get Out Of My Room Actor 1985
No Score Yet Cheech and Chong's The Corsican Brothers Lucian Corsican Director Screenwriter 1984
22% Yellowbeard El Nebuloso 1983
11% Still Smokin' Director Screenwriter Chong 1983
No Score Yet It Came from Hollywood Actor 1982
No Score Yet Things Are Tough All Over Screenwriter Chong / Prince Habib 1982
43% Cheech and Chong's Nice Dreams Screenwriter Director Chong 1981
No Score Yet Cheech and Chong's Next Movie Screenwriter Director Chong 1980
47% Up in Smoke Man Stoner Screenwriter Director 1978


No Score Yet Great Performances
Appearing 2019
No Score Yet Celebrity Family Feud
Appearing 2018
No Score Yet Inside Comedy
Guest 2015
No Score Yet Dancing With the Stars
Reality cast member 2014
96% Raising Hope
Hubert 2014
47% The Millers
Ganja Pete 2014
61% Franklin & Bash
85% The Simpsons
Voice 2011
No Score Yet The Green Room With Paul Provenza
Guest 2011
No Score Yet Lopez Tonight
Guest 2010
No Score Yet WWE Monday Night Raw
Guest 2010
No Score Yet Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
Guest 2009
No Score Yet MADtv
Guest 2009
No Score Yet Tosh.0
Appearing 2009
No Score Yet Chelsea Lately
Guest 2008
No Score Yet Code Monkeys
Voice 2008
No Score Yet George Lopez
Mr. Gutierrez 2007
No Score Yet That '70s Show
Leo 2006
No Score Yet The Tonight Show With Jay Leno
Guest 2004
No Score Yet Dharma & Greg
Carl 1999


Judy Hopps says: Oh, you are naked!

Yax the Yak says: For sure, we're a naturalist club.

Man Stoner says: [after spitting out the judge's drink] Fuckin' vodka, man!

Man Stoner says: [Cheech starts toking on the giant joint] Toke, toke it up, man! [Cheech starts coughing] Kinda grabs ya' by the boo-boo, don't it?

Man Stoner says: [talking to Strawberry's bird] Wanna get high? Wanna get high? [the bird repeats his words]

Mad Hog says: Heh heh! We got us a rodent problem.

Stone says: He's not wearing any pants.

Man Stoner says: Hey, hey don't take those, man.

Pedro says: ...Wha?

Man Stoner says: I almost gave you the wrong shit, man.

Pedro says: Hey, man, I already took 'em, man.

Man Stoner says: [laughing in astonishment] Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo...

Pedro says: Hey, whaddaya mean "ho ho ho ho ho"?

Pedro says: Hey, whaddaya mean 'ho ho ho ho ho?'

Man Stoner says: Oh... HU-WOW, MAN!

Pedro says: Hey, what was in that shit, man?

Man Stoner says: You just did the most acid I've ever seen anybody eat in my life!