Walter Huston

Walter Huston

  • Highest Rated: 100% The Furies (1950)
  • Lowest Rated: 67% The List of Adrian Messenger (1963)
  • Birthday: Apr 6, 1884
  • Birthplace: Not Available
  • Canadian-born actor Walter Huston enjoyed an early theatrical life of roller-coaster proportions which he doggedly pursued, despite a lifelong suffering of "stage fright." Taking nickel and dime performing jobs, quitting to pursue "real" work -- an engineering job came to an end when his inept attempts to fix a town's reservoir nearly resulted in a flood -- then returning to bit roles were all part of Huston's early days. Before 1910, Huston had toured in vaudeville, worked in stock companies, tried to maintain a normal married life, and fathered a son whose life was twice as tempestuous as Walter's: future director John Huston. The barnstorming days ended when Huston got his first major Broadway role in Mr. Pitt (1924), which led to several successful New York seasons for the actor in a variety of plays. His stage and vaudeville training made him an excellent candidate for talkies; Huston launched his movie career with Gentlemen of the Press (1929), and spent the 1930s playing everything from a Mexican bandit to President Lincoln. Returning to Broadway in 1938 for the musical comedy Knickerbocker Holiday, Huston, in the role of 17th century New Amsterdam governor Peter Minuit, achieved theatrical immortality with his poignant rendition of the show's top tune, "September Song," the recording of which curiously became a fixture of the Hit Parade after Huston's death in 1950. Throughout the 1940s, Huston offered a gallery of memorable screen portrayals, from the diabolical Mr. Scratch in All That Money Can Buy (1941) to George M. Cohan's father in Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942). Still, it was only after removing his expensive false teeth and trading his fancy duds for a dusty bindlestiff's outfit that the actor would win an Academy Award, for his portrayal of the cackling old prospector Howard in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948), directed by his son. At the time of his death, Huston was preparing to take on the part of the "world's oldest counterfeiter" in Mister 880, a role ultimately played by fellow Oscar winner Edmund Gwenn.


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No Score Yet December 7th: The Movie Actor 2001
67% The List of Adrian Messenger Derek 1963
100% The Furies T. C. Jeffords 1950
No Score Yet The Great Sinner Gen. Ostrovsky 1949
No Score Yet Summer Holiday Nat Miller 1948
100% The Treasure of the Sierra Madre Howard 1948
80% Duel in the Sun The Sin Killer 1946
No Score Yet Dragonwyck Ephraim Wells 1946
83% Let There Be Light Narrator 1946
100% And Then There Were None Dr. Edward G. Armstrong 1945
No Score Yet War Comes to America Narrator 1945
No Score Yet Dragon Seed Ling Tan 1944
No Score Yet Know Your Enemy - Japan Actor 1944
No Score Yet The Battle of China Actor 1944
No Score Yet The North Star (Armored Attack) Dr. Kurin 1943
No Score Yet Mission to Moscow Joseph E. Davies 1943
80% The Outlaw Doc Holliday 1943
No Score Yet Report from the Aleutians Narrator Director 1943
No Score Yet Edge of Darkness Dr. Martin Stensgard 1943
No Score Yet The Battle of Russia Narrator Narration 1943
No Score Yet Divide and Conquer Actor 1943
No Score Yet Howard Hughes: The Outlaw Actor 1943
No Score Yet The Battle of Britain Narrator 1943
93% Yankee Doodle Dandy Jerry Cohan 1942
No Score Yet In This Our Life Bartender 1942
No Score Yet Always in My Heart MacKenzie 'Mac' Scott 1942
100% The Shanghai Gesture Sir Guy Charteris 1942
No Score Yet December 7th Uncle Sam 1942
No Score Yet Our Russian Front Narrator 1942
No Score Yet Why We Fight Actor 1942
100% The Devil and Daniel Webster Mr. Scratch 1941
100% The Maltese Falcon Capt. Jacobi 1941
No Score Yet Swamp Water Thursday Ragan 1941
No Score Yet The Light That Failed Terpenhow 1939
No Score Yet Land of Liberty Actor 1939
No Score Yet Of Human Hearts Ethan Wilkins 1938
89% Dodsworth Sam Dodsworth 1936
No Score Yet Rhodes of Africa Cecil Rhodes 1936
No Score Yet Transatlantic Tunnel President of the U.S. 1935
No Score Yet The Prizefighter and the Lady Professor 1933
No Score Yet Ann Vickers Judge Barney Dolphin 1933
No Score Yet Storm at Daybreak Mayor Dushan 1933
No Score Yet Hell Below Lt. Cmdr. Toler 1933
86% Gabriel over the White House Hon. Judson Hammond 1933
100% Rain Rev. Alfred Davidson 1932
No Score Yet Kongo King 'Deadlegs' Flint, aka Rutledge 1932
No Score Yet American Madness Dickson 1932
No Score Yet Night Court Judge Moffett 1932
No Score Yet The Wet Parade Pop Tarleton 1932
No Score Yet Law and Order Frame Johnson 1932
No Score Yet The Beast of the City Capt. Jim Fitzpatrick 1932
No Score Yet Star Witness Dist. Atty. Whitlock 1931
No Score Yet A House Divided Seth Law 1931
No Score Yet The Criminal Code Mark Brady 1931
90% Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln 1930
100% The Virginian Trampas 1929


Water's precious. Sometimes may be more precious than gold.
Ah, as long as there's no find, the noble brotherhood will last but when the piles of gold begin to grow. . .that's when the trouble starts.
If I were you boys, I wouldn't talk or even think about women. Taint good for your health.
I know what gold does to men's souls.
You want some beans? Goin' through some mighty rough country tomorrow, you'd better have some beans.
Dr. Martin Stensgard
Why must everything in the world be black or white?
Kaspar Torgersen
I'm a man that deals in facts.
Dr. Martin Stensgard
Shut your fat evil mouth.
They slaughtered us in the streets and you call it murder (defending the town).
They slaughtered us in the streets and you call it murder. [defending the town]
Sixtus Andresen
In all the books I have read, they never gave me an answer.
Dr. Martin Stensgard
This man is in no condition to talk.
Gunnar Brogge
I could kill you for this (to the doctor).
Gunnar Brogge
I could kill you for this. [to the doctor]
Dr. Martin Stensgard
God help us, God help us all.
Anna Stensgard
How many mornings are we going to say goodbye?
Gunnar Brogge
If we are going to fight, we must be like steel.