Zasu Pitts

Highest Rated: 100% Way Out West (1937)
Birthday: Jan 3, 1894
Birthplace: Not Available
According to her own account, actress ZaSu Pitts was given her curious cognomen because she was named for two aunts, Eliza and Susan. Born in Kansas, Pitts moved with her family to California, where at age 19 she began her film career. Her first starring role was as an ugly duckling who finds true love in 1919's Better Times. Her calculated vagueness and fluttery hand gestures earned Pitts comedy roles from the outset, but director Erich Von Stroheim saw dramatic potential in the young actress. He cast her as the grasping, money-mad wife in his masterpiece Greed (1924), and she rose to the occasion with a searing performance. Except for a couple of later collaborations with Von Stroheim, Pitts returned to predominately comic assignments after Greed. One exception was her portrayal of Lew Ayres' ailing mother in the Oscar-winning All Quiet on the Western Front (1930), a brilliant piece of work that unfortunately fell victim to the editors' scissors when a preview audience, conditioned to Pitts' comedy roles, broke out in loud laughter when she came onscreen (she was replaced by Beryl Mercer in the domestic version of All Quiet, though reportedly her scenes were retained for some European versions). Established as a top character comedian by the '30s (her oft-imitated catchphrase was "Oh, dear, oh my!"), Pitts co-starred with Thelma Todd in a series of Hal Roach two-reelers, was top-billed in such feature programmers as Out All Night (1933) and The Plot Thickens (1935), and showed up in select character roles in A-pictures. During the '40s and '50s, she toured in Ramshackle Inn, a play written especially for her by George Batson. From 1956 through 1960, Pitts played Elvira "Nugey" Nugent on the popular Gale Storm TV sitcom Oh, Susanna. ZaSu Pitts died in 1963, shortly after completing her final film appearance in It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963) and just a few days after her last TV guest assignment on Burke's Law.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Vampire Boys Actor 2011
73% It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Switchboard Operator 1963
86% The Thrill of It All Olivia 1963
No Score Yet The Gazebo Mrs. MacGruder (scenes deleted) 1959
No Score Yet This Could Be the Night Mrs. Shea 1957
No Score Yet Francis Joins the WACs Lt. Valerie Humpert 1954
No Score Yet Denver & Rio Grande Jane 1951
No Score Yet Francis Valerie Humpert 1950
91% Life With Father Cora 1947
No Score Yet Breakfast in Hollywood Elvira Spriggens 1946
No Score Yet The Perfect Marriage Rosa 1946
No Score Yet Let's Face It Cornelia Figeson 1943
No Score Yet Tish Actor 1942
No Score Yet Meet the Mob Aunt Emma 1942
No Score Yet The Bashful Bachelor Geraldine 1942
No Score Yet Mexican Spitfire at Sea Miss Pepper 1942
No Score Yet Weekend for Three (Week-End for Three) Anna 1941
No Score Yet Mexican Spitfire's Baby Miss Pepper 1941
No Score Yet Niagara Falls Emmy Sawyer 1941
No Score Yet Broadway Limited (The Baby Vanishes ) Myra 1941
No Score Yet Uncle Joe Actor 1941
No Score Yet No, No, Nanette Pauline 1940
No Score Yet It All Came True Miss Flint 1940
No Score Yet Eternally Yours Carrie Bingham 1939
No Score Yet Nurse Edith Cavell Mme. Moulin 1939
No Score Yet Naughty But Nice Aunt Penelope 1939
100% Way Out West Actor 1937
No Score Yet Forty Naughty Girls Hildegarde Withers 1937
No Score Yet The Plot Thickens Hildegarde Withers 1936
No Score Yet 13 Hours by Air (Thirteen Hours by Air) Mina Harkins 1936
100% Ruggles of Red Gap Mrs. Judson 1935
No Score Yet The Gay Bride Mirabelle 1934
No Score Yet Sing and Like It Annie Snodgrass 1934
No Score Yet Three on a Honeymoon Alice Mudge 1934
No Score Yet The Meanest Gal in Town Tillie Prescott 1934
No Score Yet Dames Matilda Ounce Hemingway 1934
No Score Yet Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch Miss Tabitha Hazy 1934
No Score Yet Meet the Baron Zasu 1933
No Score Yet Professional Sweetheart Elmerada de Leon 1933
No Score Yet Hello, Sister! Actor 1933
No Score Yet Mr. Skitch Mrs. Skitch 1933
No Score Yet Aggie Appleby Sybby 1933
No Score Yet Back Street Mrs. Dole 1932
No Score Yet They Just Had to Get Married Molly Hull 1932
No Score Yet Madison Square Garden Florrie 1932
No Score Yet Once in a Lifetime Miss Leighton 1932
No Score Yet The Crooked Circle Nora Rafferty 1932
No Score Yet Blondie of the Follies Gertie 1932
No Score Yet Roar of the Dragon Gabby Tourist 1932
No Score Yet Make Me a Star Mrs. Scudder 1932
No Score Yet Is My Face Red Telephone Operator 1932
No Score Yet Strangers of the Evening Sybil 1932
No Score Yet The Trial Of Vivienne Ware Actor 1932
No Score Yet Destry Rides Again Temperance Worker 1932
No Score Yet Shopworn Aunt Dot 1932
No Score Yet Red Noses ZaSu 1932
No Score Yet Broken Lullaby, (The Man I Killed) Anna 1932
No Score Yet The Guardsman Liesl, the Maid 1931
No Score Yet The Big Gamble Nora Dugan 1931
No Score Yet A Woman of Experience Katie 1931
No Score Yet Seed Actor 1931
No Score Yet The Secret Witness Bella 1931
No Score Yet War Nurse Cushie 1930
No Score Yet Sin Takes a Holiday Anna 1930
No Score Yet The Lottery Bride Hilda 1930
No Score Yet Monte Carlo Bertha 1930
No Score Yet The Devil's Holiday Ethel 1930
No Score Yet The Locked Door Telephone Girl 1929
No Score Yet Sunny Side Up Actor 1929
No Score Yet The Squall Lena 1929
75% The Wedding March Cecelia 1928
No Score Yet Risky Business Sarah 1926
No Score Yet Lazybones Ruth Fanning 1925
100% Greed Trina 1925
No Score Yet Souls for Sale Actor 1923
No Score Yet A Modern Musketeer A Kansas Belle 1917
No Score Yet The Little Princess Becky 1917
No Score Yet Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm Actor 1917


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