Stonewall Uprising Reviews

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August 5, 2019
Shines a light on a struggle that continues to this day, and does so in a gripping , inspiring fashion.
May 5, 2011
Among the year's best non-fiction features.
November 3, 2010
At moments it transcends its sometimes fuzzy construction and the spark that ignited a revolution becomes tremendously palpable and galvanizing.
September 10, 2010
Includes frank recollections and startling clips from vintage news reports, including 'The Homosexuals,' a 1967 CBS special narrated by Dan Rather that characterized homosexuality as 'a mental illness that has reached epidemiological proportions.'
August 27, 2010
August 17, 2010
For a movie about a groundbreaking gay rebellion, Stonewall Uprising plays it much too straight.
August 13, 2010
Excellent source of information for those who know little of this monumental occurrence, but for those with no need for a Stonewall riots 101, it has little to offer.
July 29, 2010
It comes alive through the memories of those who were there.
July 9, 2010
More than half of the documentary isn't about Stonewall at all, which makes for a frustrating 49-minute wait until the uprising begins to rise up.
July 8, 2010
On the one hand, Stonewall Uprising shows how far we've come toward enlightenment and tolerance since that hot June night. On the other, it reminds us that there are still many minds to change and rights to win.
July 8, 2010
Pplaces the incident within the context of the Civil Rights struggles of the 1960s with PBS-caliber tact and compassion.
June 30, 2010
Riveting -- and important -- stuff.
June 25, 2010
Stonewall Uprising is an important documentary -- and a passionate and compassionate reconstruction of the historic standoff between police and pubcrawlers.
June 21, 2010
Fascinating doc provides the story of this pivotal moment in gay rights.
June 20, 2010
Many witnesses offer emotional recollections of the ensuing riots, but equally powerful moments come courtesy of old footage, in which anti-gay "experts" expound with a confident ignorance that sounds chillingly familiar even today.
June 18, 2010
An excellent and insightful documentary...An inspiring chronicle of the birth of "gay power."
June 18, 2010
Heartfelt and engagingly filmed, but not nearly as insightful as it could have been with sharper, more provocative questions asked.
June 18, 2010
The great strength of Kate David and David Heilbroner's Stonewall Uprising is its rich context.
June 17, 2010
Stonewall Uprising is first and foremost about people. Politics and history and sexuality are there, too, but they're subsidiary to the human stories the documentary tells.
June 17, 2010
The directors score a coup in getting testimony from the police officer who led the raid, a now-elderly gentleman who freely confesses the fear that rippled through his unit, and his regrets in having been on the wrong side of history.
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