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The CB (citizen's band) radio fad had nearly run its course when this feel-good action film was made by director Sam Peckinpah. In the story, based on C.W. McCall's song "Convoy", a group of struggling truckers (who stay in touch by CB) run into a situation which ignites their indignation. They arrange to form a truck convoy under the leadership of the man whose CB nickname is "Rubber Duck" (Kris Kristofferson). He is the most aggrieved of the bunch, having been harassed beyond the point of endurance by Lyle Wallace (Ernest Borgnine) a blackmailing traffic cop who pursues him ever more frantically through several states after he fails to submit to the phony speed trap he had set up. As news of the truck convoy spreads, unexpected allies join the line, and the now-gigantic illegal protest becomes the subject of national news reports.

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Kris Kristofferson
as Martin 'Rubber Duck' Penwald
Ali MacGraw
as Melissa
Madge Sinclair
as Widow Woman
Ernest Borgnine
as Sheriff Lyle 'Cottonmouth' Wallace
Burt Young
as Bobby 'Love Machine' 'Pig Pen'
Franklyn Ajaye
as Spider Mike
Brian Davies
as Chuck Arnoldi
Seymour Cassel
as Governer Jerry Haskins
Walter Kelley
as Federal Agent Hamilton
Whitey Hughes
as White Rat
Thomas Huff
as Lizard Tongue
Jorge Russek
as Tiny Alvarez
Tom Runyon
as Runyon
Herb Robins
as Mechanic Bob
Don Levy
as Senator Myers
Spec O'Donnell
as 18 Wheel Eddie
Paul Taylor
as Texas Governor
Allen Keller
as Rosewell
John Gill
as Jack - Garage Attendant
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  • Jul 30, 2015
    Following on from such movies as 'White Line Fever' and more notably 'Smokey and the Bandit', this film continues with the highly popular truckin' and CB radio craze that swept America at the time. Twas the ultra cool thing to do back then, the grizzly manly thing all men did to show how...errr...manly they were, and stick it to the man! Drive your big rig (18 wheeler) across the dusty barren highways of southern America, usually shirtless, with a sexy broad at your side and pissing off the local law enforcement with your erratic (dangerous) driving. Lets not forget about talking nonsense over the CB radio now, that was the highlight of the truckin' camaraderie. Yeah OK I rip on the concept but its not that bad, its actually is a pretty sweet concept. I mean lets be honest here, really, these trucks are cool, they look cool, they sound cool and hauling cargo across the great wilderness of the USA must be an awesome adventure. The whole lifestyle of being free and easy, being your own boss, going at your own pace and being able to chat to virtually anyone over your CB radio does sound like fun to an outsider. So when you have Hollywood jumpin' on the bandwagon and introducing these butch, kickass characters that are a merry band of rebellious, amusing, insightful, dashing rogue types, I can fully understand the surge in popularity. I mean look at the plot for this thing. The good guys (the truckers) are set up by crooked cop Sheriff Wallace (Ernest Borgnine) for speeding, they have to bribe him to get out of it. Later on at a diner the cop catches up with them and starts to abuse one of the truckers, the black guy, hey its the 70's. All hell breaks loose when Rubber Duck (Kris Kristofferson) tries to help out his fellow trucker, despite by being civil a nice big bar brawl breaks out, cops vs truckers. The truckers win of course and have to put the pedal to the metal to get to the next State before the cops can nab them. From here on the truckers tear up the highways getting to the State boarder and beyond. Along the way lots of other truckers and various vehicles join in all taking a stand against the corrupt police force led by Sheriff Wallace, hence the films title. The plot is pretty basic lets be honest, not only that it could of virtually encouraged people (at the time) to rebel against the police trying to emulate the current craze (at the time). Not saying that would or did happen, but when you have a string of movies all with the same message it could happen here and there. Of course most everything we see here has been inspired by 'Smokey and the Bandit' which was a massive success the previous year (not fact but its obvious). The truckers are local southern boys trying to make a living hauling cargo, which is in the same vein as the Bandit, whilst the big ego of the law is trying to make their life hard, again in the same vein as Sheriff Buford T. Justice to a degree. The fact they cast Borgnine as Sheriff Wallace really makes this obvious if you ask me, he is practically the same character as Buford T. Justice, same look, build and relatively the same comedy aspect. Not only this but most of the chase action is very familiar, the trucks go off-road to shake the cops and naturally most of the squad cars end up crashing big time. There are also smash-ups with other road users, large highway advertising boards, other squad cars, road blocks and at one point an entire small town gets destroyed by rampaging 18 wheelers! A pretty daft moment frankly, as if you could do that without trashing your truck and what about innocent people?! The carnage isn't exactly original but the fact its all carried out by big rigs does add much spice to the proceedings, not something you see everyday in a movie. Although to be fair there isn't much truck chaos in the movie, most of the time we see them merely in convoy set against some fantastic American backdrops. What is kinda confusing is the tone of the movie. At first it almost comes off as a sort of indie road movie, a sort of cultural landmark for a generation, much like 'Easy Rider'. Then it does indeed go down the old 'Smokey and the Bandit' route with a reasonable amount of banger racing, although not overly goofy. During the middle of the film it becomes much deeper and emotional when the cops bag the black character and beat him to try and lure in Rubber Duck. Plus there is all that political business with the Duck meeting the Governor of New Mexico because he is seen as a local folk hero and the Gov wants to ride that with a PR campaign. Then towards the finale things become quite dark as Wallace faces-off against Duck with the National Guard and a tank! Indeed the ending (and fate of Duck) seems completely out of place, followed by a rather lame twist which is the polar opposite to the dark finale you witness minutes prior. All of this is of course littered with all the CB trucker jargon you can muster, its all here, stuff you've heard before and stuff you haven't. I understand the CB obsession was fresh back then, it enabled you to be cool and it was fun I'd imagine, but everyone could hear what you say, surely this would have many disadvantages in this specific scenario. Yeah its a macho movie, Kris Kristofferson is the epitome of a macho man with his golden tan, gruff beard and gruff vest. There is the obligatory token black character, and this time, female character too! whilst all the other rednecks are your standard bearded, cowboy hat wearing tobacco chewers. Ducks sexy sidekick played by Ali MacGraw seems to have a certain haircut/style to try and fit in with the hip blaxploitation genre and appeal to all demographics, whilst being the epitome of a weak female character totally dependent on the strong male lead. Weird how she sells her Jaguar E-Type at the start to raise some cash, surely you'd get a shot load of cash for a Jag! Oh and her romance with Duck is so flippin' cheesy and cliched, but hey this is an old movie. This is such a 70's flick it really is, so damn 70's, but director Peckinpah does really add a glossy sheen to it which elevates it above other seedy looking 70's flicks. You still have that horrible hippie-esque vibe going on in parts which I hate, but the vehicle porn on display is really good, really slick at times with a great array of now vintage trucks and other jalopies. The main truck used by Duck is the star of the show for the most part and it does look great as it belches out black fumes whilst it thunders along, true American muscle. Its a mixed bag with great visuals and truck porn, I think most will know if this is there cup of tea, niche genre really, solid but nothing special.
    Phil H Super Reviewer
  • Dec 15, 2010
    Kris Kristofferson is classed in my personal faves as dudes too cool to be on this planet! Everr role this guy has played in that i have had the pleasure to watch was done with such a cool tour de force as much like his music the man is craftsman one way or another! Many peoplew during this movie's actual run in the theatre critically bashed it saying b movie status and this and that and most expecially blasted Kristofferson's performance as only being able to show one emotion...hey if i was allowed one emotion and that emotion was cool, what can i say i'd run with it. He has led a comfortable life minus the drugs and booze and hardships affiliated with his musical career, what i mean is financially wise, so whose to complain? This movie along with Smokey And The Bandit, is 1 of the best trucker films around! I know cb's have since been replaced with cell phones and pagers however why not bring em back? I loved the 70's song that this film was based on by CW Mccall as well and always , when the mood strikes me and i put this flick on,it always ends up with me watching either karaoke or home made video versions of the song on you tube. Nostalgic is the feeling i am looking for. Cb handle The Duck is Kris Kristofferson's charector in this's handle. He is notorious on the cb, nowadays it would be the web, for having various altercations in one form or another with the law, When one of his merry band of truckers gets in a fight with some of the local law enforcers including sheriff Dirty Lyle who has been gunning for The Duck since his name was incarnated, this leads with a pack of truckers racing to get over stateline, where they feel Lyle wont be able to touch them, along the way however through the cb chat world a convoy of trucks begins to follow Duck and his merry men! If you are either a fan of Kristtoferson's music, his movies or eve trucking in general i'd definatly say give this a chance and dont listen to the critics!
    Lee K Super Reviewer
  • Nov 01, 2009
    Will never defeat Smokey & the Bandit and that's a BIG 10-4
    The B Super Reviewer
  • Aug 16, 2009
    Bloody awful! The only Peckinpah movie I would never watch again. If you're going to base a movie on a song, at least pick a decent fucking song!!! Makes <i>Smokey and the Bandit</i> look like <i>Citizen Kane</i>.
    Stephen M Super Reviewer

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