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The Incredible Hulk, the live-action TV series based on the popular Marvel Comics character, was preceded by a 2-hour TV-movie pilot. Bill Bixby stars as Dr. David Banner (Bruce Banner in the original comic books), a scientist whose experimentation with gamma rays has a most dramatic effect. Whenever his anger is aroused, Dr. Banner turns into a huge, green, rampaging monstrosity called the Hulk (played by bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno). Unjustly accused of being a criminal in his "Hulk" guise, Dr. Banner is forced to take it on the lam. In Fugitive fashion, the subsequent series found Dr. Banner and his alter-ego Hulk helping people in distress. Written, produced and directed by Kenneth Johnson, the Incredible Hulk pilot was first broadcast November 4, 1977.


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  • Mar 09, 2012
    This entertaining tv movie pilot started the famous show from the 70s we all know and love and introduced the world to Lou Ferrigno. this is a decent atempt, of course there are many flaws and cheapness to it, but it sets up whasts to come okay, it doesnt come off as silly as those Captain America versions around the same time and its clear to see wqhy this would be picked up for episodes. interestinly this was also released in theatres. as was the way in those days.
    scott g Super Reviewer
  • Sep 06, 2010
    This is the TV movie which is a sort of prequel or back story for the TV series of the same name. If you love the show, you wont want to miss this movie, I know I enjoyed it.
    Aj V Super Reviewer
  • Mar 08, 2010
    Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.David Banner, a research scientist who is haunted by the death of his wife whom he couldn't save in a car accident is researching how to tap the hidden reserves of incredible strength all humans have. While investigating episodes of people who have displayed such strength under times of great stress, he discovers that each one coincided with a solar flare spike of gamma radiation. Convinced by the link, Banner decides to put it to the test when he deliberately doses himself with gamma radiation. Unknown to him however, the machine was modified to give a far higher dose than he anticipated. While there was no immediate effect, that soon changes when on the way home, he forced to change a tire in the rain. He injures himself and the result anger and frustration transforms him into a massively powerful green giant, the Hulk. He eventually changes back and, now he must investigate what did this thing and face the consequences.
    Martin D Super Reviewer
  • Jul 03, 2008
    Better than the modern versions.
    Anthony V Super Reviewer

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