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Arthur Bishop (played by Charles Bronson) is a bounty-hunter known as "the Mechanic." He teaches his trade to an apprentice (Jan-Michel Vincent) in a series of jobs that find them chased by rival killers.

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Charles Bronson
as Arthur Bishop
Jan-Michael Vincent
as Steve McKenna
Jill Ireland
as The Girl
Lindsay Crosby
as Policeman
Takayuki Kubota
as Yamoto, Karate Master
Martin Gordon
as American Tourist
Steve Cory
as Messenger
Pat O'Moore
as Old Man
Linda Grant
as Bathtub Girl
Louis Fitch
as Librarian
Hiroyasu Fujishima
as Aikido Master
Steve Vinovich
as Policeman
Michael Hinn
as Rifle Range Attendant
Robert Jaffe
as Party Guest
Christine Forbes
as Bikini Waitress
Louise Fitch
as Librarian
Ernie F. Orsatti
as Chickin Lickin' Driver
J.N. Roberts
as Gang Leader
Sara Taft
as Garden Party Woman
John Barclay
as Garden Party Man
Alan R. Gibbs
as Bodyguard No. 1
Frank Orsatti
as Bodyguard No. 2
Celeste Yarnall
as The Mark's Girl
Athena Lorde
as Old Woman
Howard Morton
as Car Polish Man
Ken Wolger
as 1st Hippie
Stephen Vinovich
as 5th Hippie
Trina Mitchum
as 3rd Hippie
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Audience Reviews for The Mechanic

  • Apr 04, 2014
    Way overrated than it deserved. The Mechanic is a dull thriller about an assassin taking a young prodigy under his wing to exact revenge on the people that betrayed him. It's got the silent 15 minutes opening, but that's all this film has to offer. It's not as good as many people think it is. (If only the pace can be increased...) And the ending was laughable.
    Sylvester K Super Reviewer
  • Jun 30, 2011
    The Mechanic is one of the best action films of the 1970's. Starring Charles Bronson as meticulous hit-man Arthur Bishop, The Mechanic is a brilliant, near flawless action picture that also is a portrait into the mind of a killer. A well crafted film that not only has a lot of action, the film shows the twisted, savage side of a killer. Charles Bronson is a cold hearted killer, and he is superb in his role. What makes Charles Bronson perfect for the part of Arthur Bishop is his chiseled tough guy looks, his voice and on screen demeanor, it's really hard to picture someone else in the role. Bronson was born to play such a role. The Mechanic is a mix of action, thriller, suspense and somewhat drama. But the film mostly plays out like an action thriller. The film is a near flawless film that is one of Charles Bronson's finest films. The Mechanic is a classic of the genre. This is a fine action film that has yet to to be topped. What separates this film from most action films is that The Mechanic is not only an action, but a character study into the mind of a killer, we get an idea how a professional killer acts and and carries out his deadly tasks. Not only that, but The Mechanic gives the audience one of the most memorable of all Charles Bronson's films. A well made action film, and one of the defining films of the genre.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Jan 30, 2011
    Flawless action/thriller and character study of contract killer. Charles Bronson really is the ultimate bad ass, and plays the character of a no nonsense motherfucker perfectly. No dialouge throughout the first 15 minutes really lets the viewer get into this guys meticulous, detached and remorseless mindframe perfectly and the film just doesn't miss a beat after that. Pretty much perfect in every way.
    Ed Fucking H Super Reviewer
  • Jan 26, 2011
    Despite having some of the same trappings of other, similar films, what sets this 'hit man' film apart from the others is that it is at least trying for something more, something deeper besides action and violence. And, at times, it succeeds. This distinction is immediately noticeable during the opening sequence- 16 minutes free of dialogue that make the viewer pay attention to the details while still amping up the tension and suspense. It's a marvelous sequence, and a great way to get thigns going. I wish more films nowadays would try to strive for a bit of artistry and craft once in a while. The rest of the film is filled with bits of philosophy (namely existentialism) and high culture. The third act does descend into rousing action, but it is used as punctuation, and is earned as a way of highlighting what the rest of the film had been building up to. The pacing isn't snail-like, but this isn't a film for viewers who can't handle anything less than rapid cutting, fast editing, and movies that don't take the time to breathe. It's a very underrated film that has a very 70s feel to it. It deserves more attention, so you should definitely check it out.
    Chris W Super Reviewer

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