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October 7, 2017
Alright, was enjoyable but very silly
May 4, 2017
I love this movie! CLASSIC!
April 24, 2017
Where are the angry mob? No they're not. His spirit possesses the snowman!
January 14, 2017
It's a good family film. Not meant to be an award winning film, but it is a sad, then happy, feel good movie.
December 27, 2016
A good family movie even if it is a little silly. Michael Keaton is amusing as a snow dad. (First viewing - December 1998 in theaters)
December 14, 2016
Its old but its not lost any of its charm. It starts off rough and a bit grim but it soon picks up. Yes the laughs arent the loudest but its a beautifully christmas film full of sentiment. It hits home and will always remain in my memory.
July 25, 2016
This movie made me afraid of snowmen. Thanks a lot.
½ February 14, 2016
Sure, there are plenty of magical harmonicas out there that can turn you into a snowman when you die (sarcasm). Even despite the fact that the movie makes no sense at all, the unfunny and awkward plot makes me want to regret these dreadful 105 minutes of my life.
December 24, 2015
Sloshy plotline and a creepy title character.
December 20, 2015
ok, i just love Michael Keaton. We had this movie when the kids were young and watch it at Christmas. Always good to be flad for what we have
December 8, 2015
As a kid I probably would of gave this movie a three star rating because Back then, I liked anything with Michael Keaton in it. Now, I look at this movie as a missed opportunity. They could of made this movie a really funny family comedy. Obviously the director intended some drama. But my question is Why. From the trailer it's advertised like it's a comedic family film of sorts. And believe me it's not. It's depressing, sentimental, and slightly pretentious. Although, there are some to funny moments provided by Keaton, but surely not enough. This movie needed a funny tone from the start. Like having Keaton die in a humorous way on screen, and then maybe having him come back in the end. Because when you watch a trailer for a movie, with a talking snowman sledding down a hill, you expect it to be pretty much just a comedy. and have transitions like that. What i'm really trying to say is; Find a balance. This movie doesn't know what genre it is.
December 8, 2015
Not a classic but a nice enough story. Probably more magical for kids than adults.
December 4, 2015
Best movie ever made! My daughter thinks Micheal Keaton is cute in there
December 4, 2015
This Christmas movie showed in life you always get a second chance especially with your own children!
November 9, 2015
A heart warming film for Christmas that guarantees an emotional journey. There is plenty about this film to enjoy with comical moments, sad moments and even great music. The only reason I think it has been rated so low is due to a few inappropriate references in the film in regards to an adult nature such as the mention of "balls" from the snowman and a part where Jack gets snowballs on his chest that suggest he has breasts. other than that minor downside to a family film, this movie deserves a five star rating.
October 1, 2015
Michael Keaton does the best he can to attempt to work with Jack Frost's script, but it's not enough to save this pile of yellow snow, ugly animatronics, poor writing and storytelling, and direction with very little effort put into it!
½ September 2, 2015
One of the most silly films I've ever seen and not in a good way!!!
I've got no problems with children enjoying this over the festive period but other than that I think it's a film that should not have been made I just cant get my head around what a stupid concept this story is.michael Keaton must look back with embaresment when he sees this now.
June 9, 2015
It's an underdeveloped story that tries to be more touching and sentimental than it actually is.
May 15, 2015
Not a classic and covered in schmoltz but not a bad little Christmas story....not a great one but good.
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