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Two friends embark on a quest for a lost buddy. On this journey, they encounter a long forgotten bet, a wedding they must crash, and a funeral that goes, ridiculously out of control. As they make their way through the perilous landscape, another journey begins: their inner journey through memory lane and the story of their friend -- the impressible free-thinker Rancho, who is in unique way, touched and changed their lives. It's a story of their hostel days that swings between Rancho's romance with the spirited Pia, and his clash with an oppressive mentor, Viru Sahastrabudhhe. And then one day, suddenly, Rancho vanished. Who was he? Where did he come from? Why did he leave? The friend who influenced and inspired them to think creatively and independently, even as the conformist world called them "three idiots." Where is the original idiot now? Finally, in misty mountains of unparalleled beauty, the friends find the key to the secret.


Aamir Khan
as Rancho
Boman Irani
as Viru Sahastrabudhhe, aka Virus
as Farhan
Omi Vaidya
as Chatur Ramalingam
Javed Jaffrey
as Rancchoddas Shyamaldas Chanchad
Amardeep Jha
as Raju's Mother
Farida Dadi
as Farhan's Mother
Rahul Kumar
as Manmohan/Millimeter
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Audience Reviews for Three Idiots

  • Aug 13, 2014
    Despite Aamir Khan's charismatic performance, this initially amusing comedy gets sadly lost in a melodramatic second half full of ludicrous situations and unnecessary revelations, with a pathetic conclusion that believes that hugs and laughs are enough to solve everything.
    Carlos M Super Reviewer
  • Aug 18, 2013
    <i>"All is well."</i> Sometimes, a film could be so beautiful that even after it has finished rolling, you know that it has stuck with you. Whatever you do, when you sit by a corner, when you do some chores, and most especially when you try to get to sleep, it haunts you. Some films are just so powerful and captivating that its memories stay with you forever. I am greatly blessed to have seen 3 Idiots.
    Maymay A Super Reviewer
  • Mar 24, 2013
    Films that tend to have something significant to say about the education system get mix results out of me. I have my personal feelings and my objective feelings about education that either agree or disagree with what's presented. With "3 Idiots" there is no such problem with it message on a personal level I support it and on an objective level is what education should encourage. 3 Idiots is about two friends who are searching for their long lost companion. They revisit their college days and recall the memories of their friend who inspired them to think differently, even as the rest of the world called them "idiots". The plot is excellently written. Our protagonists tackle the education system of grades and points being rewarded whereas knowledge and understanding is forgotten. The tackling of thus issue is something that not only I could get behind as a college student, but as a common person. The central characters are well rounded each changing gradually through the course of the film with each facing their own relatable conflicts. One minor complaint was the avoidance of a touchy topic on students suicide which is brought up but not given much of an examination. It returns as a somewhat force plot point. Somewhat because it made sense since one of the protagonists is stressed, but went against the character intelligence. The subject is brought out of nowhere while serving a purpose is not a natural re-occurrence. Aside from that minor complaint all is well with this comedy blending well with drama. Aamir Khan acting is excellent in this film. He has the mannerism and acts exactly like a college student. His clothing and body language suggest college student, but his physical appearance (at least for me) was tough to get past at times for he looked older than most of cast. Co-stars Ramanujan Madhavan and Sharman Joshi are never upstaged by Aamir Khan presence. Ramanujan Madhavan contains a certain innocence which he embodies into his character. His character shyness never feels like a restrainment of Madhavan talent. Sharman Joshi plays the most stressed of the "3 Idiots" allowing him more flexibility in the dramatic and balancing into humor. Boman Irani is easily comfortable playing an oppressive dean. His impeccable performance matches that of Aamir Khan. Kareena Kapoor is fun in her comedic bits. The music while forgettable is amusing to listen to. 3 Idiots is a wonderfully upbeat comedy with some touching dramatic moments going along well with a timeless message. The trio of Ramanujan Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, and Aamir Khan is a match made in heaven with their fun being shared with the audience. A great story and good cast balances it material with an intelligent delivery of a good message goes above your typical comedy.
    Caesar M Super Reviewer
  • Aug 20, 2012
    While having a decidedly Bollywood movie plot, the execution in "3 Idiots" is quite the contrast to Bollywood norms. Of course, it wouldn't be Bollywood without the choreographed dances to songs, but its tunes are uncharacteristically more varied and influenced by other music genres. The movie pushes boundaries by challenging India's current model in its education system and overtly conservative traditions, which is a welcome to the usual love-and-crime type of storylines. Using the emotional weights of academic suicide resulting from family and societal pressures, plus good humour and body gags without going overboard, "3 Idiots" is both an entertaining and informational watch.
    Chihoe H Super Reviewer

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