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March 17, 2018
One Of My All-Time Favorite Movies.
Alien Is Scary, Superbly Directed And Acted And Really Is That Movie That I Can Watch Again And Again And Still Love it. A Classic
March 15, 2018
Perfect sci-fi horror creates unique intensity and atmosphere along with one of the scariest monsters ever.
½ March 14, 2018
While this movie starts off slower than I would like it to, it is still beautifully shot and pays off in the end. This is the one that started them all. and it still looks amazing in high definition!
March 11, 2018
This movie is a cinematic masterpiece. The strategic filmmaking process Scott uses in this film keeps the audience on the edge of their seats and biting their nails in suspense. Horror movies of today may take note of the genius way that Scott keeps the fear of the movie constant without need for cheap jump-scare tactics or throwaway moments. Alien is completely suspenseful and frightening throughout the entire runtime and will have you obsessed with its lore and in-universe details by the end of the film
½ March 5, 2018
A brilliant piece of filmmaking and storytelling, this is still as good as when I first saw it 30 years ago.
February 28, 2018
Esta peli es una obra maestra, se siente creíble en todo momento, a diferencia de la nueva entrega (Alien Covenant), nos presenta un espacio vacío oscuro y sinuoso ideal para una pelicula de terror espacial.
February 23, 2018
Wonderfully atmospheric, a timeless classic. Yes the plot is simple but the execution is masterly. No dazzling special effects here as they're not needed. The film captures the silence, emptiness, and loneliness of space memorably and at the same time fills it with the inescapable horror and fear of being trapped in this emptiness with a deeply malevolent, unknown entity. It's not so much a monster but a force of terrifying evil made all the more frightening by the fact that you mostly only get brief glimpses of it and that it does not speak or give any clues as to its origins, feelings, or purpose. It is the most alien of all alien screen creations. Only (quite big) disappointment for me occurs at the very end when the full form of the creature is momentarily revealed - clearly a man in a monster suit, not dissimilar to the one in the Creature from Black Lagoon. Shame they did that - it wasn't necessary.
½ February 22, 2018
A well rounded blend of action and suspense. The use of the various camera angles combined with the glorious score amounts to a great deal of suspense, although the alien doesn't get the most amount of screen time you still get the feeling that it is there from start to finish. Overall a well thought out and executed movie.
½ February 21, 2018
Alien is a Sci-fi classic that blends sci-fi and horror to make an amazing film! It gives a great lead performance by Sigourney Weaver that made her career. It's incredibly suspensful with a decent amount of frightening moments but it all makes the movie what it is. Ridley Scott surely knows how to build tension throughout the course of the movie and and the visual effects are all outstanding. The xenomorph is one of the most iconic sci-fi/horror figures of all time and is definitely still creepy today!
February 17, 2018
1001 movies to see before you die.
February 17, 2018
A masterpiece from the 80s. The story, the implementation, the sets and above all the special (handmade) effects, timeless and decades ahead. Look, they are better than today's CGI and it's over 30 years. At that time we were much more surprised by such film pearls than today. I prefer watching the old movies more often than today's. It is missing today the movies heart and love to the film.
½ February 16, 2018
Saw this movie when I was 11 years old, scared the hell out of me, and still hasn't lost any of it's suspense and grit.
February 16, 2018
My fav movie of all time. This movie is so GREAT!!!!
February 12, 2018
The creative marriage of Ridley Scott and HR Giger (along with a fantastically skilled cast and crew) manage to elevate "Alien's" B-Movie premise, and create something truly frightening and awe inspiring.
Despite being almost 40 years old, Alien is just as suspenseful now as it was when it was released. A timeless horror classic that has endured and will continue to endure.
February 11, 2018
Perhaps everything that could be said on RT about Alien has already been written.

Today's Millennial techies have seen Alien on TV many times and have no doubt been desensitized to the film. It is a pity that those watching Alien today cannot see it through eyes of a person who saw it for the first time in 1979.

In 1979 there was nothing to prepare a movie goer for what they were about to see. Nothing was like it before and films like it after are, to some extent, an homage.

Star Trek and Star Wars projected a futuristic view of a Utopian world so far advanced and different from present day life and science. The Star Wars spacecrafts had clean futuristic lines and the costuming and gadgets were wonderous

A Horror movie in space was essentially new territory. 'The Thing' was perhaps most similar to Alien and has been said to inspire the story. The isolation and foreboding of the Arctic was similar to the emptiness but at the same time claustrophobia of space travel.

Except for the suspended animation chambers in the beginning of Alien, this future is unremarkable and not very awe inspiring
The ship is a hulking unimpressive bilgy utilitarian vessel not unlike a present-day cargo ship.
The crew is not a well-honed team but a scowling, complaining bunch putting in a day's work. Their dress and appearance convey how unremarkable and undisciplined they are, as is their attitude.
There is no endearing android like R2D2 or CP30 here either. These clearly are not the buck Rodgers, Han Solo heroes that we had come to expect from our spacemen and women prior to Alien.
They are not much different from us which, perhaps, makes Alien even more frightening.

In 1979 there was no CGI remotely like what we have to day. The dark steamy hell of the planet and the Alien were created with 1970s techniques and yes, meat parts. The music by Jerry Goldsmith is perfection in building nerve grating tension. The sound affects are the little mentioned costar of this movie. The jarring and ominous computer sounds set the uneasy mood. The subtle organic sounds of the movements of the Alien made it that much more frightening.

Unlike todays incredible CGI video games, Apple II and Atari crude video games like space invader and Asteroids could never have prepared us to what we were about to see in this movie. The original Alien trailer was perhaps one the most effective trailers ever produced.
It gripped TV viewers to the extent that it created anticipation and tension even before going to the theater.

I often wondered how Alien would differ if it were filmed in Black and White. It is primarily filmed in disturbing muted color; essentially Film Noir. I have intentionally viewed it in B&W only and believe me, it adds a whole new dimension.

I can remember when Alien was first reviewed. One reporter interviewed people who had walked out of the movie because they were so disturbed by it. The tension was too unbearable to them.

I wish that new viewers could see Alien the way we in 1979 did... never experiencing anything like it before... and not desensitized and maybe jaded by the following 37 years and 21st century digital wizardry.
The Next Time Alien is on your TV, turn on your sound system and transport yourself to a theater in 1979 surrounded by nervous movie goers already squirming as they view the famous slowly appearing fragmented title sequence. People already started to squeal during the opening scene and sound effects of the ship awakening even before a character was seen or a word of dialog was said.

Try to block out the following 40 years of Hollywood high tech and yes try turning off the color for a different film Noir experience.
February 10, 2018
Ridley Scott delivers a movie that combines horror and sci-fi in such a way making it into a terrific classic film. The movie centers around a group of people answering a distress signal from a planet only to have an alien make it onto the ship and they have to kill it before it kills them. As soon as the Alien makes it on their ship, the film provides a tense ride as the crew is offed one by one. The acting was fine on all parts and the cgi was pretty good for the time. This might get boring for some people but fans of sci-fi and horror will most likely enjoy the film. Director Ridley Scott did a great job setting up a plausible environment. It is pretty realistic and it didn't take the path that most horror movies nowadays take. The lighting and camera effects make the alien look like one of the most terrifying cgi monsters of the decade. This movie took the original alien movie formula that most movies of the 50's and 60's took and spiced it up adding new elements. It takes a simple plot and it turns it into a masterpiece. If you are a fan of sci-fi and horror then this movie is for you. It's one of the best horror films ever made.
February 8, 2018
In a time before action movies were allowed to have time to lay down a story, begin to build suspension & let that simmer, this movie delivers. This movie couldn't be done in today's "go, go, go" movie landscape, and that makes me appreciate this and its sequel even more. (Aliens)
February 1, 2018
Great Movie. The Directors cut is a bit to legnthy though.
January 29, 2018
I love this movie. I saw it in 1982 when I was 11 (don't tell my Mom). I checked my closet every night for the next 7 years before getting into bed... The atmosphere and lighting was ground breaking. The later Alien movies are okay but can't match this.
½ January 23, 2018
The second best Aliens movie made! Does get a bit boring at times but in general a good movie !
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