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½ February 16, 2018
The action is pretty gritty and very graphic... it's a little John Wick meets Bond, perhaps. The main guy is a lot like neo-Keanu.
February 15, 2018
Er?s kezdés, lapos befejezés. De legalább a zenéje jó volt.
February 10, 2018
Honesty not a bad movie I enjoyed it and the beginning was a good way to start. Worth watching!!!!
February 9, 2018
Enjoyable action film. Acting is OK with Michael keaton being the highlight. Action set pieces are well done through out
February 7, 2018
Great movie glad to see Michael Keaton is still a bad ass
February 6, 2018
The kind of action movie where we're told the characters are the best at what they do, while said characters demonstrate the exact opposite. Seriously, how am I supposed to believe they're good at following people when they're sitting stock still, in all dark outfits, openly STARING AT THEIR TARGET and making no attempt to blend in at all. Michael Keaton is seriously the ONLY good thing in the film, as he's chewing scenery left and right. If he wasn't in this, it would have been unwatchable.
January 31, 2018
American Assassin is an entertaining movie with well-done action and good pacing, as well as a committed performance from Dylan O'Brien. However, it is also generic with nothing to make this stand out from countless other action-thriller movies.
January 29, 2018
½ January 28, 2018
A smartass kid with an incredibly stupid haircut becomes a CIA assassin. Ridiculous premise, terrible acting, horrible script.
January 28, 2018
This movie is just bad, a girlfriend we dont care about, stupid character motivation and lots of other things make up this crap movie.
January 25, 2018
michael keaton is back!
January 23, 2018
For those who love the books, don't see this movie. This is an over CGI-ed garbage movie. The villain is underdeveloped. All of the characters are underdeveloped. They took about 2% from the actual book, and completely made up the rest for a jumbled mess of a film.
January 21, 2018
The acting and storyline was so bad I was actually rooting for the terrorists...
½ January 21, 2018
Everyone knows critics have a regressive left wing agenda, but apart from the usual knit-picks they would have with a movie such as this there is one thing in particular that they absolutely don't want audiences to see.

***** SPOILER ALERT *****

It's the opening sequence of the movie. In this sequence a terrorist attack unfolds at a resort beach and a lot of innocent people are mercilessly gunned down. Sounds like standard fare but the scene is so expertly done and incredibly impactful that you can't help but be affected by it. I can say with certainty that it was one of the most gut wrenching and frankly upsetting scenes I've seen in a movie in a very long time. Now when I say "upsetting" I don't mean in some namby-pamby hurt feelings sort of way, in the same vein as the endless torrent of complaints coming from the serially triggered SJW masses. I mean "upsetting" in a more genuine sense (i.e. the scene was terrifying and heart wrenching as intended). The opening sequence of American Assassin comes closer than anything I've seen in a movie at giving audiences are mere hint of what the actual terror of such an even must entail. For that critics want to bury it. They don't want you gaining any sort of clarity on the issue of Islamist terror despite the muddy cesspool of apologetic misdirection churned out daily by the MSM. They don't want you being patriotic and taking a stance against something vile and destructive, and to that end they will attempt to silence all voices that oppose their agenda. They will try to bury movies like this just as actively as they will shamelessly promote those that jive with their radical leftist views. Don't believe me? Watch even the first 15 minutes of American Assassin and you'll know exactly what I mean. Then when you're done reflecting, consider the fact that real life terror attacks are infinitely worse if only by virtue of being real.

For those wondering, this movie is not "jingoistic" or one sided. That's a bald faced lie from critics who want you to "just take our word for it" and skip this film.

Michael Keaton, Dylan O'Brien, Sanna Lathan, and Shiva Negar were all great in this movie and I look forward to seeing more of them in other shows as well as more of the Mitch Rapp mythos.
January 20, 2018
Great movie. Really portrayed the books well.
January 19, 2018
I loved it! Dylan O'Brien as the next action hero is actually what I would watch. I hope there's a sequel.
January 18, 2018
good spy action thriller. some pretty good action and cool scenes. enjoyable overall, but feels a little throw-away, like a one and done movie experience. (1 viewing)
½ January 18, 2018
Lead character was such an annoying jerk who only thinks about his own need for vengeance. Pretty disappointed with the movie.
January 17, 2018
In general the film is a low risk/low reward action thriller with a few good scenes and some pretty good performances by the two male leads that try so hard to carry the film and take it to another level but honestly, they just barely get it over "Adequate"
½ January 16, 2018
This was meant to be the movie of an amazing book but the reality is they took the book threw it in the bin and completely re wrote the story. I have read all of Vince Flynns book s and feel that he would never have signed off on this if he had lived to see it. The film makers completely changed the facts of the book and the story line doesn't follow the book at all terrible film my advice read the books ignore the film.
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