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Due to its use of cliched and ludicrous plot devices, this thriller is more predictable than suspenseful. Also, the acting is bad.



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Just how far should one man go to stay ahead of his competition? Milo Hoffmann (Ryan Phillippe) is a young and gifted computer software designer who with his close friend Teddy is about to launch a high-tech start-up firm based on Milo's inventive ideas in convergence, in which he's helping to create new ways for different forms of digital technology to work in harmony. However, before Milo and Teddy can get their company off the ground, Milo receives a very tempting offer from Gary Winston (Tim Robbins), a trailblazing genius in the digital world who has turned his company N.U.R.V. (which stands for "Never Underestimate Radical Vision") into one of the richest and most powerful computer firms on Earth. While Milo is sympathetic to Teddy's beliefs that computer technology should belong to the people and that open source software is the most promising future lies, Winston has long been Milo's role model in design and research, and Milo feels Winston's offer is too good to pass up. Milo and his girlfriend Alice Poulson (Claire Forlani) move out to Silicon Valley, and at first Milo thrives on the challenges of his new position, and develops a close working relationship with fellow designer Lisa Calighan (Rachael Leigh Cook). But Milo underestimates the ruthlessness of the leading-edge software industry, and he soon learns there's a sinister undercurrent to Winston's drive to stay on top. Antitrust earned rising star Ryan Phillippe his first million-dollar paycheck after well-regarded roles in 54 and Cruel Intentions.

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Ryan Phillippe
as Milo Hoffman
Rachael Leigh Cook
as Lisa Calighan
Claire Forlani
as Alice Poulson
Tim Robbins
as Gary Winston
Richard Roundtree
as Lyle Barton
Tygh Runyan
as Larry Banks
Yee Jee Tso
as Teddy Chin
Nate Dushku
as Brian Bissel
Ned Bellamy
as Phil Grimes
Tyler Labine
as Redmond
Rick Worthy
as Shrot's Assistant
Linda Ko
as Gary's Secretary
Ed Beechner
as Ken Cosgrove
Bobby Stewart
as Building 20 Guard
Eric Breker
as Building 20 Guard
Colin Cunningham
as Building 20 Guard
JR Bourne
as Building 21 Guard
Eric Keenleyside
as Coffee Guard
Dayna Devon
as TV Interviewer
Ron Halder
as Houseman
Sarah Deakins
as DOJ Receptionist
Daniel McKellar
as Co-Worker
Howard Storey
as Rent-A-Guard
Elizabeth Carol Savenkoff
as Clarissa Winston
Ingelise Nherlan
as Yoga Woman
Peter New
as Skinhead
Blaine Perrin
as Skinhead
Colin Foo
as Grocer
Helena Yea
as Grocer's Wife
Claire Riley
as Reporter
Patti Vieta
as Reporter
Rob Court
as Reporter
Scott Fee
as Reporter
Linden Banks
as Reporter
Benita Ha
as Party Reporter
Justin Sain
as Policeman
Ian Bliss
as Policeman
Peter Goudie
as Senator
Gregor Trpin
as Computer Guy
Peter Howitt
as Homeless Man
Julie McDowell
as Concerned Guest
Brian Walley
as Press Photographer
Robert J. Halas
as Cameraman
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  • Mar 04, 2011
    Milo: This isn't a game! In the real world, when you kill people they die - for real! And in the real world you're fucked! Gary Winston: It's just a matter of time before someone borrows your technology, improves it and makes a billion dollars on it. Ryan Phillipe (Cruel Intentions) stars as a computer wizard Milo who catches the eye of Gary Winston (Tim Robbins), a kind of seedier version of Bill Gates, whose company is on the verge of achieving a quantum leap forward in the realm of global communications. Their `Synapse' satellite system, once operational, will make global communications through any medium a reality and Milo just so happens to be one of maybe twenty programmers in the world who can accomplish the task before the targeted date set by Winston to launch Synapse. But Milo is not so much of a nerd that he would fail to notice his new boss is even resorting to murder in order to keep his project up and running. Director Peter Howitt manages to create quite a bit of tension as Milo slowly realises that no-one can be trusted, and everything ties up nicely in a well paced and exciting ending. <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a> <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a> <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a> <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>
    Deb S Super Reviewer
  • Oct 30, 2010
    This was and still is the one movie that inspires me to get my degree (sad isn't it?). I also thought this was one of the more realistic movies based on computers and programming. The similarities between the events in this film and both Microsoft and Apple are also easy to see. The plot is pretty basic and would never happen in real life but the real attraction, for me, was showing how a giant software corporation works and what they get up to. It features a good case, Tim Robbins steals the show and definitely looks like Bill Gates and this is one film that I can simply watch again and again.
    Ian W Super Reviewer
  • Jun 07, 2010
    Kind of an underrated film! I watched this in theaters when it first came out and just recently saw it again on cable and it is still really good.
    Jason R Super Reviewer
  • Jun 01, 2010
    I think I liked this movie more when it 1st came out & I saw it then now after watching it recently.Still a good movie though.This is what it must be like if Bill Gates crossed over to the dark side
    Brody M Super Reviewer

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