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Pitting actors against murderers in a self-aware struggle for stardom, Baghead successfully skates the borders of horror and comedy.



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While the Duplass Brothers were shooting their last feature film "The Puffy Chair," a crew member raised the question "what's the scariest thing you can think of?" Someone immediately said "a guy with a bag on his head staring into your window." Some agreed, but some thought it was downright ridiculous and, if anything, funny (but definitely not scary). Thus, "Baghead" was born, an attempt to take the absurdly low-concept idea of a "guy with a bag on his head" and make a funny, truthful, endearing film that, maybe, just maybe, was a little bit scary, too.


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  • The truth eventually comes out, as it must, and it's not exactly a stunner.

    Sep 18, 2008 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…
  • A refreshingly brisk and modest salvo from the American independent film front, proving there's still interesting life in the scruffy, shot-on-video genre.

    Aug 29, 2008 | Rating: 3/4
  • Baghead is at its best when it captures the subtleties of romantic machinations, macho power plays and the indignity of women aging in Hollywood.

    Aug 21, 2008 | Full Review…
  • The coda, even if it doesn't wholly work, should have some sobering lessons for would-be filmmakers who see this. Kids, try this at home.

    Aug 15, 2008 | Rating: 3/5
  • he brothers Duplass have a knack for the to-and-fro of modern relationships. Their horror sense is less acute, but at least they understand that when the budget is low, it's best to keep the villain in the shadows.

    Aug 8, 2008 | Rating: 2.5/4 | Full Review…
  • Too bad the characters are so rote. The women are almost nonentities, and the bond between the men borders on the maudlin. The actors are often better than their lines.

    Aug 8, 2008 | Rating: 2.5/4

Audience Reviews for Baghead

  • Oct 10, 2013
    A fun and charming comedy about making a low budget horror film. Greta Gerwig is fantastic as always and so is everyone else. Just a really fun indie flick.
    ZACHO D Super Reviewer
  • Oct 22, 2012
    Decent low budget horror comedy that is pretty decent. The idea behind this film is pretty interesting, and it is different. Although it is a decent flick, it still has plenty of flaws, and the end result is a film that had so much more potential than what it turned out to be. The dialogue is one of the weaker points of the film, along with a few questionable performances. For the most part, this is a fun film to watch, and it definitely is a refreshing take on comedy horror despite its imperfections. For what it's worth, the cast do what they can with a sketchy script and the result is an imperfect film that does still manage to deliver a fun, entertaining hour and twenty minutes. The direction is quite good, but is never great and that's to be expected from a low budget film. As a whole, if you're tired of the same old remakes, and want something really original, yet imperfect, give Baghead a shot. This is a decent picture that manages to be quite fun and is a must see for genre fans. At times the film has corny dialogue and laughable scenes, and not in a good way, luckily the directors are able to deliver more with effective interesting ideas that work, which in turn makes up for the film's mistakes. Baghead is a decent film overall and work well enough to keep you entertained from start to finish, just don't expect anything great with this one. Worth seeing if you want something quite different that your usual horror comedy.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Oct 11, 2011
    4 out of work actors inspired by a director getting vpraise for his indie effort., and the way he went about it, decide to develope a film themselves, so off they go to a cabin and flesh out the ideas, but between the four many friendships going on between them, once a concept is decided inspired by the night before, things turn a bit weird. a interesting concept come the end credits, more a indie relationship drama with a stalker element rather than the reverse, and to a degree it works, its enjoyable and all 4 cast members bring something. it does not hit the mark fully but there is something to be had
    scott g Super Reviewer
  • May 05, 2010
    Welcome to Amateur Hour: filmed for about $137.89 (cabin rental for a day), this relationship drama masquerading as a horror movie starkly shows the difference between a poorly executed cheapie and 'The Blair Witch Project.' Manages to generate two scares, the rest of the time wasted lingering over the characters' shallow connections to each other. Writer/actor Matt and aspiring starlet Michelle (whose delivery resembles the next Darryl Hannah) have some screen charisma, but the other pair of this foursome are plain lousy. Hangdog Chad we're told by Matt is "the funniest guy I know" but never once tells a joke and is supposed to generate sympathy for his unrequited love for Michelle, but is such a meek douchebag that he doesn't really deserve any. Material for a 40-minute short stretched (barely) to a feature-length 75, including a tortuous 10-minute denouement before you can finally do something you'd rather be doing. Like weed the garden, take out the garbage, or care for your cousin's incontinent cats.
    Doctor S Super Reviewer

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