Batman: The Movie Reviews

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January 1, 2011
1960s flick won't appeal to today's kids.
August 25, 2008
Unlike other attempts at bringing these characters to life... the TV cast really captures the inherent insanity of the roles
July 8, 2008
The vibrant new film transfer of Batman: The Movie boasts an explosion of eye-popping colors that scream 1960s pop art. The film, like the TV series, has a definite cheese factor but both are still wildly entertaining today.
March 2, 2008
Campy, colorful fun with the Caped Crusader plus several of his TV villains.
September 24, 2006
It exists.
October 14, 2005
September 19, 2005
September 18, 2005
Campy fun
July 17, 2005
June 27, 2005
...can we at least all agree that 'Da na na na na na na na...BAT MAN!' is one of the greatest superhero themes ever?
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