The Battle of Shaker Heights


The Battle of Shaker Heights

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LaBeouf is appealing, but The Battle of Shaker Heights feels too watered down and disjointed.



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The Battle of Shaker Heights is directed by the team of Efram Potelle and Kyle Rankin. Kelly Ernswiler (Shia LaBeouf) is a quirky 17-year-old whose greatest passion is reenacting battles from World War II. After meeting Bart Bowland (Elden Henson), someone who is nothing like him but shares his passion, Kelly ends up putting his battlefield knowledge to work in real life. The script by Erica Beeney was the winner of the second Project Greenlight competition.

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Shia LaBeouf
as Kelly Ernswiler
Elden Henson
as Bart Bowland
Amy Smart
as Tabby Bowland
Billy Kay
as Lance
Kathleen Quinlan
as Eve Ernswiler
William Sadler
as Abe Ernswiler
Ray Wise
as Harrison Bowland
Philipp Karner
as Maurice/German Soldier
Anson Mount
as Miner Weber
Dale Simonton
as Todd/German Soldier
Michael McShane
as Mr. Norway
Hattie Winston
as Principal Holmestead
Rick Cramer
as German Officer/ Mr. Thomas
France Nuyen
as Xiou-Xiou Ling
Ellis E. Williams
as Charlie Hayes
Max Van Ville
as Infantryman No. 1
John Prosky
as Director
Justin Thomson
as Infantryman No. 2
Rachel Winfree
as Angry Woman
Merritt Yohnka
as Attacker No. 1
Pete Turner
as Attacker No. 2
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Audience Reviews for The Battle of Shaker Heights

  • Apr 27, 2015
    Pretty dumb, though kind of interesting. I like the military reenactment angle for a comedy, but they don't really use it to their advantage much to truly distinguish this film. The reenactment scene towards the end of the film is still pretty funny though.
    Stephen S Super Reviewer
  • Jul 09, 2011
    The Battle of Shaker Heights may be a simple movie, but it does that in the best way possible. It brings together a great cast of characters in this low-budget, loveable movie. The story of Kelly (Shia Labeouf) as an actor in war films, decides to takes his acting skills into real life situations. When he mixes his war-life with romance, things get complicated and friendships are lost. This is a harmless movie that people of all ages can enjoy, with a heart-warming story and a great life lesson, The Battle of Shaker Heights just barely makes itself a great memory, but I will definitely be revisiting it in time. Very solid teen flick that not too many people know much about...
    KJ P Super Reviewer
  • Jan 18, 2010
    For it being a very small indie with essentially no reason for people to go see it other than it won Project Greenlight, it is a great movie. Shia LaBeouf really did a great job and carried the movie with no trouble. The story was a little corny, but it still manages to be a fun coming-of-age movie.
    Conner R Super Reviewer
  • Aug 23, 2009
    Cast: Shia LaBeouf, Elden Henson, Amy Smart, Billy Kay, Kathleen Quinlan, William Sadler, Shiri Appleby, Ray Wise, Anson Mount Director: Efram Potelle, Kyle Rankin Summary: Teenaged Kelly (Shia LaBeouf) loves reenacting battles. When he befriends Bart (Elden Henson), also a war enthusiast, they decide to take on a school bully by using time-tested strategies. But their friendship is tested when Kelly falls for Bart's sister. Directors Kyle Rankin and Efram Potelle and screenwriter Erica Beeney are winners of Project Greenlight, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's moviemaking contest. My Thoughts: "It was funny and entertaining. Shia plays a kid who's mother is a painter and kinda a hippie.. His father is a recovering drug addict trying to better himself by helping those who are still addicts.. Shia's character is funny, smart, and angry. I think others would enjoy this movie. It was made before Shia got big.. I think it kinda reminded me of his Even Stevens character with all the smart come backs.. Liked Elden Henson in this movie too. Haven't really seen him in a lot of films."

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