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½ January 23, 2018
While it might not be the most memorable or unique experience, Benny and Joon succeeds due to the depth at which it explores into its protagonists, unafraid of what unlikable or frustrating elements to their personality might show their head, because all it does is make you care that much more.
October 28, 2017
Wonderful film. Great acting. a real classic.
October 2, 2017
Great cast with Johnny Depp, Mary Stuard Masterson, and Aidan Quinn. I enjoyed and would recommend this.
September 19, 2017
Typical Johnny Depp movie of the 90's when he was interested in playing unusual roles and experimenting. It's a pity that he had long since abandoned this practice. This film is a sweet drama portraying the struggles of Benny, the brother who has to take care of his mentally ill sister and the matter becomes more complicated when a strange Buster Keaton-loving guy appears in their house.
½ August 23, 2017
Too sweet and syrupy for my taste.
July 16, 2017
Great film... acted greatly by Depp & Masterson.
April 15, 2017
Amazing how the 90's movies didn't need an outstanding story to make an outstanding film
December 3, 2016
It's been a while since I've seen this. Forgotten some of the details, actually, but I remember really liking this love story.

Performances are good all around, and this is my all-time favorite Johnny Depp character. He started out slightly annoying and grew on me, until I really wanted things to work out between Sam and Joon.

The ending is not as happy as I would have liked and yet, it works and is beautiful, because Sam demonstrates a love toward Joon that is hopeful, non judgmental, and perservering, the kind of love spoken of in First Corinthians 13.

As a Johnny Depp fan, I was interested to read that his former partner of 14 years wrote about him: "He is a sensitive, loving and loved person", even though their relationship had ended.

Some people bring out the best in each other, don't they? Even if things don't ultimately last a lifetime. If we could all be so lucky that our loved ones and even former long term partners would say something so nice about us.
December 1, 2016
Miten psyykkistä sairautta käsittelevästä aiheesta onkin saatu tehtyä näin riemastuttava elokuva! Ja Johnny Depp on taas ihan omaa luokkaansa! ??
November 21, 2016
This is probably Johnny Depp's most underrated movies in my opinion.
July 15, 2016
Johnny Depp was nominated for a Golden Globe for his astonishing performance in Benny & Joon, though the entire cast is equally impressive.
July 1, 2016
Sweet and charming romantic comedy.
May 26, 2016
A man must care for his mentally impaired sister in this lighthearted comedy.
½ May 26, 2016
Not terrible, but primarily boring.
May 13, 2016
Good acting but nothing memorable.
½ January 31, 2016
A Brilliant performance By Depp in a two-way romantic comedy that is different then most. The unfortunate thing is that I never bought Mary Stuart Masterson is her "mentally ill" performance. She was uneven and mental health should never be treated as such. Depp's performance is so powerful he takes over the screen and has you believe he's a modern day Buster Keaton.
January 31, 2016
Although a bit melodramatic and completely transparent, "Benny & Joon" is a quirky, funny, heartfelt and satisfying rom-com; and an early Johnny Depp shines as Joon's kooky and mysterious partner in crazy.
October 11, 2015
Imitation is practically what makes a performance believable. In fact, that's what acting is almost like. A good example of this are the silent comedians of the past. People like Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin are prime examples of how early comedy can be imitated into today's modern society. Then we have 1993's "Benny & Joon", a unique comedy that also gives way to an interesting drama. Although, that may be the film's downfall, it certainly does not mean the movie itself is bad, far from it. "Benny & Joon" offers a nice blend of both comedy and drama and honors silent comedy through the actions through one character.

The story focuses on a brother named Benny (Aidan Quinn) and a sister named Joon (Mary Stuart Masterson) living together after their parents died in a car crash. Joon is a mentally challenged individual that Benny must maintain constant control unless something terrible happens. One night, during a poker game, Joon looses and as part of a deal, she and Benny must take care of a quirky individual named Sam (Johnny Depp) Sam is an interesting person who soon takes interest in Joon, and has a passion for cinema; more specifically, silent cinema. Together, the three must face reality while also having a little laugh along the way.

"Benny & Joon" is a nice little fable to watch. The story itself is unique and original as it offers new ways that the audience For instance, the relationship between Benny and Joon creates good conflict in a way that a brother and sister would react to. The introduction of Sam gives the story an uplifting tone, and creates good humor to go along with it. Jeremiah Chechick did a great job at directing the movie as well as the motion for Depp's slapstick. Rachel Portman did the score for the film, and she made a nice balance between comedy and drama. The acting is great as every performer, including ones in supporting roles like Oliver Platt and William H. Macy, deliver fine performances with the roles they are given. Even Johnny Depp, who, at the time, was relatively unknown before becoming a huge celebrity. Here, he mimics the silent stars of the past very well, and hopes to inspire others to check out their work. This contributes to the rest of the production as the setting looks and sounds nice. In total, the film looks and sounds great.

However, there is one major problem with the movie that cannot be overlooked. And that is that the film takes itself very seriously. While it is nice to mix comedy and drama together, here, it mostly focuses on the more dramatic elements, which is okay, but it kind of drags the movie along it's hour and a half run time. If there had been a bit more comedy, then the movie would have had a nice balance between the two genre's.

In conclusion, "Benny & Joon" is definitely no masterpiece, but it is entertaining and fun enough to have one of its characters imitate comedic geniuses.
August 15, 2015
awesome movie I love it!!!
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