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This 1978 horror-lite opus was the work of René Cardona Jr., who was a creative force behind other tabloid-inspired efforts like Survive! and Guyana, Cult of the Damned. This less-exploitative entry in his filmography utilizes the infamous legends revolving around the many disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle as the backdrop for a fictional horror tale. The Bermuda Triangle tells the tale of a family scuba expedition, led by patriarch Edward (John Huston). Things take a turn for the bizarre when Edward's daughter finds a mysterious doll. The little girl claims the doll is telling her of their impending doom as strange things begin to happen to the cast and crew. The resulting film was more restrained than the likes of Survive!, going for more a Twilight Zone-style creepiness. Like much of Cardona Jr.'s work, it boasted an international cast that included Huston, Italian starlet Gloria Guida, Claudine Auger, and Cardona Jr. regular Hugo Stiglitz. The Bermuda Triangle found little favor with the critics but has earned a small cult following amongst people who have encountered it on late-night television.


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  • Aug 24, 2017
    Supremely boring seafaring "adventure" chock full of razzable qualities. The legend of disappearing vessels and unexplainable phenomena and unexplainable phenomena in the Bermuda Triangle are apparently due to bright lights and a cursed doll of all things! The ridiculousness doesn't stop there, witness the bizarre parakeet attack and a decently staged underwater earthquake, but with a following rescue effort that goes on for minutes too long, draining away any excitement that might have been. John Huston looks like he's fossilized in his 80s but here he has a couple kids in elementary school - ick. The most hilarious in a bad way character is a disgraced surgeon who carries a drink in his hand in every single scene, you know just so we don't forget he's a drunk. This was Italian sensation Gloria Guida's first international role, and she appears fantastic but all to briefly in a red bikini, then essentially disappears from the movie at the hour mark. I wouldn't be surprised if she actually faked the malady of her character so she would be taken off the set of this total turkey.
    Doctor S Super Reviewer
  • May 27, 2010
    John Huston was in this? Anyway, what you would expect from a Rene Cardona film: awful direction, awful pacing, absurd plot, camp value everywhere. Is 100% MST3K material.
    Tsubaki S Super Reviewer

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