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½ March 25, 2017
It has to be the final cut. No retirement.

March 16, 2017
My favorite futuristic flick of all time. 100 years from now it will be relevant...
March 15, 2017
worse H.Ford film i ever seen..
March 4, 2017
Just saw this movie for rhe first time. We watched "The Director's Cut" and it was rubbish! What a boring, nonsensical and poorly put together film! Somewhere out there there has to be a version of this film that is actually good.
February 6, 2017
Well, what can I say about Blade Runner? This movie is a cinematic masterpiece. The performances of the main cast, especially Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer, are phenomenal. The cinematography and visual effects are timeless and do not look dated more the 20 years later. The amazing score by Vangelis complements the mysterious qualities of the film perfectly. This is by far Ridley Scott's best film and I would recommend it to any sci-fi fan or any movie fan in general.
February 1, 2017
One of my all-time favorites. I still remember seeing it at Genesee Valley Theaters. I walked out amazed, and a couple of friends thought it was the worst thing they had ever seen. It still holds up, which is rare. BTW, it was supposed to take place in 2019 I think.
January 20, 2017
This might just be the best science fiction movie ever.
½ January 15, 2017
Overrated, under-written and repulsive. Scott, an art direction/film design major is far more interested in backdrops, scenery, lighting and accessories than the simplistic plot, slowly stretching a short film concept of a few pages out to 90 minutes. Character performances are outlandishly affected and odd, and while the film alludes to existentialism or "deep issues" surrounding the biogenetic manipulation of living beings, and themes of inequality, they are played out very simply. Even the final dramatic conflict between replicant and creator in the film is more about staging, lighting and set design than plausible plot, or god-forbid, quality dialogue. The film was unfairly panned upon release, now made out to be brilliant, perhaps because of the nostaligia for all the craftmanship and concept art that went into creating the elaborate pre-CGI set's and props. Blade Runner is a dull, unlikeable movie that is somehow overwhelming and lacking depth at the same time, ie: a product of the 1980s.
January 5, 2017
There are a few seconds of overacting, to be honest. BUT, I can forgive this movie everything. The soundtrack, cinematography and basis is flawless in my eyes. Ahead of its time. It just sticks with you.
½ December 28, 2016
Best version of the film.
December 27, 2016
A futuristic cyberpunk scene where the former Blade Runner finds himself back into the work he used to be occupy. Which is to "retire" specific replicants who are on the loose. These replicants are look like real life humans in appearance, when they really just are advanced androids. The way to find them out is asking a set of questions that can relate and differentiate between a human and a robot. But since in this movie, they already know what they looked like and that finding won't be too hard. It's when they find you. That's where it becomes a difficult situation.

I've said so before that I'm a sucker for science fiction films and this one was no walk in the park. It may have its slow paced scenes but the environments, the landscapes, the scenery makes it all up for being one of the greatest films of all time. Harrison Ford is one of my favorite actors and he's been in a lot of good movies but this is just legendary.

The soundtrack is wonderful and aesthetic. It goes well with the futuristic theme of the movie and it gives you the feeling of such eerie and fantasy. One thing that I love about this that the plot somehow redefined itself and its pace makes things more interesting time and time again. It pulls you into knowing why replicants are doing this while Deckard struggles the emotions he gets towards them. Especially towards woman. Rutger Hauer who played the antagonist named Roy Batty gave the most wonderful performance throughout the movie, especially at the end.

The movie interprets life unlike other and the usual between man and machine. Where two clash each other and two are misunderstood but you know in the end, it's all because co-existing is part of the problem. No one cooperates and everyone believes they're doing the right thing.

I've seen both the director's cut and the final cut of the movie and I gotta say, I prefer the final cut of the movie. It's more rigid and more precise. While others prefer to the director's cut, it's safe to say that anyone have their own personal preferences to anything and this is one of them.

With Blade Runner 2049 coming up, there's no doubt that returning to the neo-noir cyberpunk theme will probably bring it back to motion once again. As I love such a theme and hopefully it'll bring in more people having a new interest towards it.
December 22, 2016
Visually breathtaking and beautifully crafted, Blade Runner is a film that takes its time with its characters and makes the audience think, benefiting from terrific direction from Ridley Scott and a great performance from Harrison Ford.
December 19, 2016
Blade Runner (1982) C-117m. ???? D: Ridley Scott. Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young, Edward James Olmos, M. Emmet Walsh, Daryl Hannah. In bleak, violent futuristic society, a slick detective (Ford) is assigned to kill four androids who have escaped their creator and now live among humans. Legendary sci-fi, heavily criticized upon release but now regarded as one of the top films of its time; cold, unfriendly, but endlessly fascinating. A milestone in art-direction and cinematography as well. Haunting Vangelis score. Several cuts exist, including a "Director's Cut" and "Final Cut", which include at least one key story sequence. A masterpiece.
December 2, 2016
Cualquier intento de resumen y/o explicación es vano y fútil
November 30, 2016
Ridley Scott's Magnum Opus!!!!
November 20, 2016
This is Great movie Sci-if ever so I'm going to wait till 3 or 2 years till November 2019 day!
October 30, 2016
Blade Runner is everyone's favorite movie that people love to delude themselves into thinking they actually like due social conditioning of the cult of nostalgia. They Live is a cult classic worthy of praise that holds up, while Blade Runner is a do-do sandwich that some clever nerd bamboozled well intention idiots to thinking it's in fact not shit, but a CLASSIC! The emperor has no clothes. Maybe one day people who LOVE this movie will wake up and realizes they've been playing themselves this whole time.

There's a lot of cuts of this film: theatrical cut, directors cut... FINAL cut. They only thing these different editions have in common is they're all a waste of your damn. time.
½ October 27, 2016
Very slow with typical sci fi themes. Probably had expectations that were too high
September 29, 2016
A masterpiece for the eye & the ear!
September 4, 2016
Absolutely perfect. Ridley Scott didn't cut corners with this edited version. It's practically flawless and really improves the cult classic's quality.
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