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November 11, 2018
When I saw it the first time it was almost viewed from between my fingers, the original blade runner (in all its versions) is incredibly close to my heart.
i walked away absolutely stunned by the look and sound, colour and soundtrack are mind bogglingly good, but the story and acting didnt really hit home. Wasnt until I saw it again that i started to really see the detail and the subtleties. I think anyone could have played the lead, Gosling just broods all the way through but doesnt do much else, was basically moody neo (without the occasional whaaa?). He was upstaged massively by Love his nemesis of sorts who was blindingly good. And Im not sure Harrison Ford needed to be in it, its kind of like an algorithm told the studio to put him in because it will sell more tickets but whatever,. At first I didnt like Jared Leto in it, waaaay cheesey it you know what, the film is kind of pretentious but its all the more beautiful for it and by the third time I watched it I really appreciate the character. Basically this film is at first stunning sure, but its a grower just like the original. And thats what sets it apart, the more you analyse and ry to pick it apart, the more you appreciate the level of detail, thought, skill and work thats gone in to making it and obvious love of the original by all involved. Stunning
November 4, 2018
The year is 2049, there is the real world and the outer world, separated by a wall, presumably built by America and paid for by Mexico. Global warming has not been kind; LA is in the year of winter powered by the perpetually sunny state of California which has been covered in stunning solar panel towers. There is a shortage of crops but we still have cigarettes as tobacco fields are both an important part of American GDP and a great way to make someone look bad ass in the movies.

If this film is in any way a prediction of the future it's good to know that technology gets way out of hand, also buy Mitsubishi shares now, diversify portfolio with Coca-Cola and sex bots.

On a side note I once read that after Return Of The Jedi, George Lucas held back on making any more Star Wars movies until the technology was right. That might also be fitting of Blade Runner. The film just can't fail to disappoint, visually it's stunning, with its vast landscapes, baron city ruins, fallout zones, mega cities, and technological fantasy.

Blade Runner also captures a complex and obscure dystopian future featuring child slavery, android servitude, and a macho world of sexual obscenity not too dissimilar to Duke Nukem's Land Of The Babes. Technologically there is a lot to take in, from the delights of hover cars to mainstream JOI companionship, in 2049 Joi is a robot hologram who will risk everything in the pursuit of syphilis. One bit of technology that stood out was the 4D TV's, I mention as Back To The Future also predicted them so I'm thinking it's only a matter of time folks.

The plot is enjoyable, it neatly works on its predecessor's mind melt that people can't guarantee that they're human because memories are implanted faster than the NSA can access your webcam but it adds a twist with Replicants urging to be recognised as equals, and you get the sense that the Replicants are gearing up for a Hunger Games style conflict sooner or later.

The Replicant's call to war comes with the discovery of a child born of Replicant descent. So basically this is the plot from Orphan Black, a child born from a clone gets hunted down by an evil corporation so that they can do testing on its genetic structure or something.

However unlike Orphan Black there is less logic behind the corporations motivations to recover the child, for instance if they really wanted to produce well behaved drones then reproduction might not be the best way of doing it, on the premise that you have more genetic uncertainties and less control over production and data analysis. Also it seems as if Mr Wallace has created a technology which has garnered him huge wealth and he's left looking a bit like a one dimensional super villain suffering from a god complex, with very weak motivations and a lack of depth.

Ms Luv also fails to use the company's firepower to wipe out K which makes it feel a bit like a weak Bond movie at times because you never feel like he is in critical danger and the one question you come away with is why at any point in this movie wasn't K killed when he could have been.

The LAPD leader is like the love child of Theresa May and Mariano Rajoy and her motivations to quell rebellion before it kicks off a referendum are a bit easier to understand. This makes the plot a bit more tangible and if the corporations motivations were a bit meatier this film would have a more complete feel about it.

Blade Runner also attempts to raise familiar questions in AI SciFi such as when is an android considered equal to a human, when does AI start to think for itself, can AI feel real emotion and if so does such emotion relate to independent thought. With that in mind, despite the weak plot points, Blade Runner offers total escapism into a bizarre world, worth seeing for the innovative technologies, abstract ideas and stunning landscapes.
November 2, 2018
The finest science fiction of the last two decades
November 2, 2018
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November 1, 2018
A visual masterpiece.
October 29, 2018
Blade Runner 2049 is a sequel to Ridley Scott's ambitious sci-fi movie Blade Runner. It's directed by Denis Villeneuve and Stars Ryan Gosling as Officer K and Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard. This movie reminds me why I love the art of film. Its colors and setting is gorgeous and truly feels like a dystopian Earth. It has a wonderful story that keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time and keeps you asking questions. The score is fantastic, the props are realistic, the costume choices were perfect, I mean this whole movie is as close to perfect as possible. In the film, we learn that Rick Deckard had a child with a replicant and is now being hunted by Blade Runners to find out how and to disclose this information from the public. Agent K is considered the worst kind of "person" because he is replicant who's job is to kill other replicants. Agent K is forced to go after Deckard while he is struggling to figure out if he is actually human. I'm not going to spoil the rest because I feel that anyone who loves movies should go watch this film. As I said with the first one It's pure Ridley Scott magic.
½ October 28, 2018
A complete tribute to the original material source. A triumph for Denis Villeneuve.
½ October 27, 2018
Unbelievably Boring !
½ October 26, 2018
Stylish, moody, accomplished.
½ October 26, 2018
I loved the fact that the movie had this typical sci-fi world. But I know this world was built up in the first Blade Runner movie and I appreciate this but the thing is that it's not enough now to be fresh, and to stand out from the agglomerated genre. The actor did a enormous performance, especially Ford and Letho. But I felt like Ryan's performance on the character was a little forced and he didn't have any real face gesticulation. The cinematography was slightly above average with the shots and scenes taken, and the writing of the movie was very absent, but on point for the events. The sound effects where very realistic, but the visuals where mind blowing, and gorgeous. Really stand out in this genre. Even the environment was on point for this universe, but it was disappointing that we didn't see any off worlds. There wasn't any humor which made the movie quite dull, and didn't help the overall fact to make the movie more fun to watch. But it was entertaining as it got, apart from the fact that it got some pacing issues. Like it was to slow, at times and lost me or the general audience. The plot was complex with it's twists and awesome narrative, and it was delivered with an amazing style. Also the message was pretty clear, and amazing for me. But that might shift for others. Also the action was lacking a lot of choreography and innovation.
Overall it's a good movie, but it hasn't done enough to be considered as good and original as the old one. I think other critics are influence by the nostalgia of the previous movie.
October 21, 2018
Many information. Good experience throughout this ~3 hours. Only it ended too soon.
½ October 20, 2018
I LOVE Denis Villeneuve as a director and although I think Blade Runner 2049 deserved the Oscars it won for best visual effects and best cinematography. I have to admit, Blade Runner was the first Denis Villeneuve film I did not love. The film is visually stunning and well that's about all I felt... the film was way too damn long!! The story could have been told it an hour and a half.
I know there are people who loved it and I may be stoned to death by some sci-do fans.. but the film just didn't work for me. The film felt labored which makes me sad because I am in love with almost all of Denis Villeneuve's other films.
October 20, 2018
This movie is an unforgettable masterpiece. Loved every second of it.
½ October 16, 2018
BR2049 is an excellent (and visually gorgeous) return to Philip K. Dick's dystopian world, and explores its core idea---what it means to be human---much more powerfully than its prequel.
½ October 13, 2018
It answers a lot but it still leaves a lot on the table. Wonder when the next one is coming out.
October 11, 2018
35 years after Ridley Scott's "Bladerunner" we are back in the sunken city of LA. It's almost as we left it. Human clones are still hunted down by bladerunners .They seem smarter and more humanlike than before. Could it even be possible for them to have babies?

It looks mindblowing. Hands down. The images are always chilling and the structures and atmospheres are amazing. Great effects comes as no shocker and the sound mix is perfect. The acting is cool, with fresh and old faces. Gosling is still something that anoy me a tiny bit. He kind of nails it, but he has gotten way to much screentime on big films lately. I'm tired of his face and he is not really an amazing actor to be honest.

I saw the original just three or four years ago. I liked it, but I found it hard to get into and digest - so I never left it as a total fan. Not as much as I wanted to at least. I planned to give it another go before watching this late follower, but I didn't.

This film was easier for me, it looks helped a lot, and it was never hard to hang on too as the plot and main story motor is constant and well paced. The 2.30 hours actually flew by. My rating goes mostly for the visuals, but the story is also very solid. Villeneuve is one amazing director that rearly disappoints me. Now he has made a huge follow up for one of the world's best known sci-fi clasics, and it deservingly took the world by storm. He is like the artist Michael Bay wants to be, but is miles ahead of.

8.5 out of 10 orange distances.
½ October 10, 2018
With many layers and thick plot development, Blade Runner can come off as confusing and extremely convoluted but there is an amazing story buried under all the madness.
October 9, 2018
A incredible sequel to an already incredible film, Blade Runner: 2049 uses a mix of great acting, beautiful imagery and masterful directing to deliver a film about what it means to be real.
October 6, 2018
Blade Runner 2049 is a perfect example of why I love films.

This movie is beautiful in every aspect. The cinematography, the soundtrack, the visuals, the performances. Blade Runner 2049 is more than just a film, it is art perfected.

I liked the original Blade Runner, but I had some issues with it. The characters weren't multidimensional, and the story was lackluster. Some of the performances were questionable.

Blade Runner 2049 improves upon not only the amazing parts of the original, but fills in the gaps where it was lacking.

Whether it be a better script or the experience of age, I also felt that Harrison Ford's performance in this film was far superior to that of the original Blade Runner.

K (Ryan Gosling) is a complex and interesting character. By revealing K to be a Replicant immediately, the film is able to explore the deeper nuances of what it truly means to be human. K's relationship with Joi (Ana de Armas) is heartfelt and meaningful. I've seldom experienced such devastation in a film as I did the moment when Luv (Sylvia Hoeks) crushed Joi out of existence.

I could continue to gush eloquently about how amazing the world-building is and how immersive the soundtrack is, and how so much of this film's beauty lies below the surface... but it would become repetitious.

Suffice to say that if you haven't seen Blade Runner 2049 yet, stop what you're doing and watch it.
½ October 6, 2018
I am a teenage girl who watched the first 50 minutes of this film. I found it to be horribly sexest, treating women as an object and it made me feel disgusted, sad and uncomfortable. It gave me a feeling that I couldn't shake. I immediately stopped watching because of how bad I felt and will probably never see the rest of that movie. I also thought the amount I watched was boring and nothing happened. Very unenjoyable and I wish that in 2018, there would be a recognition of the disgusting images they showed. I can promise you I am not over exaggerating, I am heated with anger and my feelings are quite valid. Women are not sexual objects and I don't appreciate being portrayed in that way.
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