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½ January 11, 2018
Overrated. She's a prostitute with mental problems.
January 1, 2018
Hepburn steals the movie. Even as a PG rated cornfest this movie is good.
December 29, 2017
A masterpiece of the legendary actress Audrey Hepburn yet with a poorly structured and boring story. The two stars are dedicated to Audrey Hepburn and the beautiful song Moon River.
October 23, 2017
Breakfast at Tiffany's: Heartwarming and classicly romantic. Breakfeast at Tiffanies is one of the best Romance movies of all time.
October 1, 2017
Do not get why everyone raves about this film. It is utterly cringey in places. The acting isn't that great. The plot is ok, but is very to and fro the whole time.
½ September 6, 2017
A good really excellent, romantic, character drama with great performances.
August 31, 2017
It's added into the rom-com sorting as an additional influence with the main asset being the charming performances, mainly Hepburn in her usual shining with slight corruption, and occasional comedic moments. "Breakfast at Tiffany's" would falter a bit from your expectations somewhat, but its reputation doesn't disappoint. (B+)

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August 25, 2017
Audrey Hepburn is gorgeous and all her outfits are strangely so beautiful even from today's fashion point of view. The story is really mediocre though.
½ August 18, 2017
"Breakfast atTiffany's" was a revelation and a gem! Honeslty I thought all romance movies from that era were had a typical storyline, but no, this one is really different. Hepburn's character was a delight, and you wanted to know more of her, she's there to have you hooked. Peppard's character wasn't the common boy next door either and I liked that a lot. It was a romance between two unconventional people and that's always a delight. I liked it a lot.
½ June 6, 2017
The party scene at Holly's puts an extra half star on this otherwise sexist effing piece of cuteness overload. GO HOLLY! Don't be anyone's belonging!
June 5, 2017
With glamor, humor and wonderful acting , this is really a shining Hollywood romance.
½ June 1, 2017
Insensitive Mickey Rooney caricature aside, "Breakfast at Tiffany's" charms past its imperfections.
May 30, 2017
Breakfast At Tiffany's, the movie which teaches us that stepping outside your New York apartment and whistling will cause a taxi to appear in a matter of seconds, is a widely beloved classic. Audrey Hepburn's turn as Holly Golightly is as instantly recognisable now as it was 50+ years ago. It's odd to say that a film this soft and fluffy was a tough sit for me, but it was. In fact, this was one of the most annoying movies I've ever sat through. It's so tooth-grindingly irksome that it might as well be a follow up to The Rules Of The Game. Hepburn rambles on and on and on for the majority of the runtime, usually spouting either inane platitudes or materialistic fantasies. Hepburn has an unmistakable charm, but the character she plays is so needy, whiney, self-absorbed, money-grubbing, shallow and irritating that it was never possible for me to make an emotional connection with her. George Peppard, portraying her love interest, is depicted as a pathetic, servile doormat, who indulges Holly in her sad behaviour, and the romance that's supposed to blossom between them is utterly unconvincing. And to address arguably the most discussed aspect of the film, Mickey Rooney's role as Mr Yunioshi, a character who wears fake teeth, can't pronounce the letter r, shouts constantly and walks into things in every scene. Well, he's awful, truly dreadful, and the fact that this was ever considered even remotely acceptable is ridiculous. But for me the most reprehensible thing about his character is that there's literally no reason why he needs to be Japanese in the first place. He never speaks in his native language, doesn't interact with anyone else of his culture, and we never see him doing anything typically associated with Japan. He's only doing it so we can get a cheap laugh at the expense of another race by exploiting the cheapest and most antiquated stereotypes. From a purely objective standpoint he's the worst thing in the movie, but from a subjective one, he's overshadowed by the non-existent plot, grating characters, banal dialogue and overall pointlessness. Overrated is not a strong enough word to describe this one.
½ May 8, 2017
An amazing movie. Young Audrey Hepburn is heartbreakingly beautiful, naive, narcissistic and desperate. While the story suffers a little from the jolting storytelling of that era (sudden phone calls as plot progressors etc), the film itself is a treasure and well worth watching.
½ April 10, 2017
Much ado about ....nothing?
½ March 29, 2017
Are you kidding me? This is considered a classic? From wooden old Hannibal from the A-Team to the woefully miscast Hepburn to the racist tripe from Rooney this is an absolute stinker. Truman Capote wrote this? Really!
½ March 10, 2017
Ditzy...but Delightful
"Breakfast at Tiffany's" is a charming movie starring Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard. Both actors are convincing in playing their parts and talented. Hepburn enthralls her audience with impeccable acting playing the role of Holly Golightly. Holly is a fascinating character that you can't help but love. Holly's character is easy to connect to, making you wish that Holly Golightly wasn't a fictional character. Not only is Holly beautiful, but she is incredibly quirky and hilarious. Though quite poor, Holly loves nothing more than Tiffany's and of course rich men. Holly earns her income by visiting a convict named Sally Tomato in prison. She tells him strange weather reports each week such as: "It's snowing in Hawaii" (This "job" becomes important later in the story).
One day, a handsome writer named Paul Varjack (Peppard), moves in next to Holly. As soon as Holly meets Paul, she decides to call him"Fred". She refers to "Fred" like this throughout most the film, due to the fact that he reminds her of her brother who is fighting in World War II. Paul initially finds Holly to be strange and ditsy. However, the couple become fast friends. Slowly but surely Paul begins to discover the complexities that make up Holly. Though she tries to come across as tough and unemotional, Paul discovers that she's quite the opposite on the inside. After a number of different events occur, Paul discovers that there really is more to Holly than just a pretty face.
Though he calls himself a writer, Paul hasn't written anything in five years. His "friend" Emily takes care of him when it comes to money. Because of his lack in finances, Holly has zero romantic interest in "Fred". Paul begins to fall in love with Holly, but Holly is guarded, frustrating Paul. Paul eventually uncovers the shocking reason: her real name is Lula Mae. "Holly's" husband shows up because he wants to take her back home. He finds Paul and begins to tell him Lula Mae's story. Lula Mae was married at fourteen and was as rough as it gets. She lived on a farm in the south with her husband and step-children. A man discovered her, and brought her to New York because he saw potential in her. He worked hard to fix Lula Mae's southern accent and turn her into a well-mannered, refined woman. This secret comes as quite a surprise as Holly is classy and seemingly perfect.
Holly becomes interested in a fellow named Rusty Trawler. She discovered him on a list called "The 15 Richest Men Under 50". Holly recognizes that Trawler is quite daft and not particularly good-looking, however, he's rich. Around this time, "Fred" confesses his love to Holly to which she replies "Thanks" (Don't you just love her?). Paul and Holly begin to grow apart and after finding out that Rusty Trawler's money is all his parents, Holly moves on to Jose. Jose is an attractive (and of course rich) Brazilian whose family is of high social status in their country. She becomes infatuated with him and does everything in her power to become the perfect Brazilian wife. Holly and Jose plan to get married. Paul finds this situation ridiculous and calls Holly out. After the truth about her previously mentioned job visiting Sally Tomato is revealed, Jose calls off the engagement to protect his reputation and image. After a big fight, Holly finally breaks and tells Paul that she loves him too. The movie closes with Holly and Paul together.
Some may find the plot slow and anticlimactic. If you're looking for a movie with action, this may not be the film for you. The plot develops slowly but is so lovely. If anything, the quotes, actors, set, and clothing should be incentive enough to watch "Breakfast at Tiffany's". There are hilarious and inspiring quotes tastefully sprinkled throughout the film. The clothing worn by all the characters, but particularly Ms. Hepburn are top notch. By the end of the movie, you're inspired not only by Holly's spontaneity, but the heartening message of staying true to yourself and following your heart.
½ February 27, 2017
I love Audrey Hepburn, but this film is simply not very good. The original story suggests a powerful friendship between a gay man and an independent woman seeking glamor, selling sex and trying to find herself. In the Hollywood rewrite, Audrey never conveys the edge of a women who has fled poverty and remade herself into a glamorous sex worker. The romantic relationship between the two actors simply does not click. The rejection or drastic toning down of the interesting elements of the original story (homosexuality, prostitution, wealthy abuse, refusal of middle-class values) leaves the film muddled. The racism of the original is grotesquely exaggerated. The final scene of the original text, also involving the cat, but a cat that like the heroine who has escaped the narrator to find a separate life, is infinitely more moving and provocative that the film ending. There can be no mystery as to why Capote disliked the Disnified version of his story, which, while perhaps not a brilliant work of literature, interestingly explored friendship between a gay man and a heterosexual woman.
½ January 30, 2017
One of the most romantic films of the 60's. Holly Golightly is such a gold digger, but she receives a life lesson of humility and love. First time I watch Audrey Heburn on screen and I think she had an amazing role.
January 16, 2017
Though the part might have been written with Marilyn in mind, it has become hard to imagine anyone but Audrey in this role. The perfect flick for a pajama party. Even though the final fifteen minutes seem a bit "Hollywood Ending", this film is still so close to perfect that it doesn't matter. Holly is just a cat searching for a name, a home, and relying on the goodness of strangers along he way.

I so wish there had been a sequel about fifteen years later.
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