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October 30, 2019
What Clark does suggest in this confrontational work is a cultural condition in American suburbia by which relations between parents and children are strained or even nonexistent.
April 6, 2012
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April 4, 2012
March 31, 2012
March 30, 2012
February 20, 2002
There's something troubling about a film which, on the one hand, wants to take a moral stance about a lost generation, and on the other relishes shooting the nubile flesh of its young actors.
September 14, 2001
The moral wasteland of suburban youth has been examined, earlier and better, in The River's Edge. Clark's leering leads nowhere: In Bully, he has nothing new to say, and, in the end, no real point to make.
September 6, 2001
Closer to teen pornography than to teen tragedy.
August 17, 2001
Clark's probing camera leers, but it also reflects truth, providing visions of a hard reality most of us would be unable to comprehend and unwilling to face.
August 17, 2001
Neither killers nor victim are drawn from life, just from lurid teen-exploitation pictures past.
August 9, 2001
Exposes us to the true horror of what's going on in these kids' lives.
August 2, 2001
Attention must be paid, because this story of middle-class suburban teens who murder one of their own is all true.
July 31, 2001
If you stick with Bully through its seemingly endless repetition of themes and its hurl-inducing hand-held camerawork, it does build a crude, indefinable power.
July 27, 2001
Clark pokes his lenses where they don't belong; and though the actresses both are 21, they look young enough that the film edges uncomfortably close to child pornography.
July 20, 2001
Some call it realism; I'd call it exploitation.
July 20, 2001
Clark is not some objectified, outside adult observer making an after-school special, but an artist who has made a leap into this teenage mindscape.
July 19, 2001
Fixated on young flesh, it never really get us inside the skins it keeps stripping naked.
July 16, 2001
A riot of sleazy camera moves, bad acting, and maladroit profane dialogue.
July 13, 2001
An honest piece of work by a filmmaker who has found his level.
July 13, 2001
Brilliantly unsettling.
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