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November 21, 2018
amazing story as usual for Pixar.
November 20, 2018
Watched this movie 5-6 times but everytime I watch it with same excitement ! Only if there were few more songs or at least full length songs !
November 17, 2018
Pixar has created a vividly imaginative film that centers around the Mexican holiday Dia De Los Muertos, or Day of the dead. The animation and backdrops of the film are so colorful and vibrant. They've created a visually stunning fantasy world of the land of the dead. It's story is very well paced, and has an excellent plot twist towards the end. A true classic for the ages that will pull the heartstrings, and features some memorable songs along with it.

There's so much about the film that's worth praising, including the animation is top-notch quality. The visual effects and backgrounds really standout as fantastic eye-candy in the film, most noticeably during the land of the dead scenes. The narrative never drags in parts, and adds a real emotional punch with it's plot twist. Also worth mentioning, the music is just as exuberant as the film with the best song being Remember Me. It's main characters are unforgettable especially Hector, and Miguel who are my favorites in the film. Pixar have truly outdone themselves with this animated feature.

It's an incredible masterpiece in animation, and storytelling. The colorful landscape makes for some of the best eye candy in cinema. This is a well crafted story that will have you laughing and weeping with tears for its memorable characters, and heartfelt songs. The animation is a master class in workmanship and artistry. It's without question the best Pixar feature since Inside Out, that will endear in the hearts of all ages for generations to come.
½ November 14, 2018
It is an interesting film that has a heart, and warmth. It is thoughtful and has a good message about family, and there is great music to be enjoyed. The characters, for the most part, are endearing, and the visuals are stunning. But the film has an unclear story throughout. It is certainly entertaining and contains the emotional punch one is used to with Pixar, but simply doesn't live up to the heights of the past Pixar entries.
November 12, 2018
Emotional, heartwarming, beautiful film. This I Hope is the start of the comeback for original Pixar Films. The plot not only was tragic and interesting, but also did a really great job at educating everyone about El Dia De Los Muertos. The Characters are well thought out and lovable, and the music is honestly perfect.
However some of the comedy didn't feel right in this, and the villain of course is a twist.
Despite the cliche of De La Cruz being the villain, I think it still works (at least much better than a fair amount of Pixar twist villains) . I just wish they could do something new since a great majority of their films include twist villains.
I think this film is great and a very good step in the right direction for Pixar!
November 11, 2018
100% certified fresh
½ November 9, 2018
Anthony Gonzalez probably has a real acting career in possible other Disney films ahead of him. This is more than comedy though, it has a bit of family drama; which is relatable in some scenes throughout the film. And the movie also has a few touching moments sprinkled throughout like every Disney film has. My only flaws with this film is that some of the elements and twists are predictable, and there is a certain character which I would've liked to have been developed, just to maybe get more of an emotional impact (which is sort of dissapointing because it could have led up to a real big moment). But I'm sure this movie will entertain young children and adults alike.
½ November 8, 2018
Una copia barata de la película El Libro de la vida(2014) de Guillermo del Toro, no tiene un buen desarrollo, avanza muy rápido la trama y la verdad no tiene más que un mínimo de referencia de la celebración del Día de muertos, a mi pensar una película sobrevalorada y aburrida.
½ November 7, 2018
This film was solid.
November 5, 2018
I cried like a baby several times during this movie
½ November 2, 2018
Coco is a beautifully made film throughout, but is brought down from being great by its over-dependence on typical story tropes.
November 2, 2018
By far the best movie about Dia de Muertos Celebration...
November 1, 2018
My favorite Pixar Animated movie ever.
October 31, 2018
Such a good movie! I cried every time I watch it.
October 31, 2018
Such a great movie. One of the best that Pixar has made.
October 28, 2018
TV Picture Mode settings for the Best Movie Ever Made.
I just watched the iTunes Digital HD version of Coco thru my AppleTV (4th gen) on a 48" 1080p Visio TV. I played with the picture settings and got pretty good results, so I want to share them. WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT-- The craftsmanship of the animation in Coco is astonishing. I fell in love with the A++ story, the symbolism, the dialog, the music, the cultural enlightenment (for me, anyway), and topping it off the animation. I am addicted. I saw Coco in the theater 20 times (3 in 3D) and each time I appreciated the workmanship in new ways: the entire topography of both worlds and how they moved in the background; reflections off wood, metal, and glass surfaces; scratches on guitar fingerboards; Miguel's hair; hundreds of different clothing outfits, with remarkably realistic textures; and on and on. I cannot name any movie of any kind that shows more effort in the making, and at the same time is so enjoyable. SO-I was worried that the home video versions would not do justice. But I was able to see most of what I saw at the theater - and I even continued to see even a lot more at home. This might be because my settings are a little bit lighter than the theater, so many background objects and other details were more visible. I am no expert, and I am hoping a few will offer better settings. But if you are not happy with your picture, I offer the following for your consideration. On Visio I had best luck with Picture Mode "Calibrated" which was: Backlight 100; Brightness 50; Contrast 80; Color 50; Tint 0; and Sharpness 50. I preferred Auto Brightness = Off.
October 28, 2018
If there's a few things I love about movies, it's interesting characters, beautiful animation, great songs, big plot twists and a vibrant and colourful world. Coco ticks all those requirements off my checklist.
½ October 27, 2018
Coco will definitely be remembered as a superlative masterpiece and one of Pixar's best releases in forever. After two disappointing films in The Good Dinosaur and Cars 3, it was becoming quite concerning whether Pixar would ever live up to its unequalled animated features. Thankfully this new heartwarming, coming of age tale exceeds expectations with its stunning animation and delightful music. Coco captures the essence of Mexican culture and traditions in a colorful, creative way springing a beautifully crafted movie that both adults and children are sure to enjoy.
½ October 23, 2018
Beautifully animated, touching, and above all thoughtful. Coco is another win from Pixar.
October 23, 2018
Relatable. Family movies. Tugs at heart strings. Likable characters AND GREAT ANIMATION AND MUSIC
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