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Brad Galt (Mark Stevens) is a bitter ex-con, turned private eye, who depends upon his faithful secretary Kathleen (Lucille Ball) to keep his life in order. Hardy Cathcart (Clifton Webb) -- upon learning that his wife Mari (Cathy Downs) is having an affair with Galt's crooked former partner, Tony (Kurt Kreuger) -- has his henchman kill Tony and frame Brad for the murder. Suspected by the police and on the run, Brad is helped to clear himself by Kathleen. The ending of the film has an interesting twist as Brad confronts Cathcart in his art museum, and Cathcart confesses to being responsible for the murder of Tony. Expertly directed by Henry Hathaway, and with characteristically excellent performances by Clifton Webb and William Bendix, the tense mood of the film is greatly aided by the superb, dark photography of Joe MacDonald, grim darkness becoming the pervasive motif of Brad's predicament. The ending, nicely melodramatic, is a fitting finale for this enjoyable, extremely watchable mystery.


Mark Stevens
as Bradford Galt
Lucille Ball
as Kathleen Stewart
Clifton Webb
as Hardy Cathcart
William Bendix
as Stauffer, alias Fred Foss
Kurt Kreuger
as Tony Jardine
Cathy Downs
as Mari Cathcart
Reed Hadley
as Lt. Frank Reeves
Constance Collier
as Mrs. Kingsley
Molly Lamont
as Lucy Wilding
Forbes Murray
as Mr. Bryson
Regina Wallace
as Mrs. Bryson
as Daughter
Matt McHugh
as Milk Man
Hope Landin
as Scrubwoman
Gisela Werbiseck
as Mrs. Schwartz
Frieda Stoll
as Frau Keller
Thomas Martin
as Major Domo
Mary Field
as Cashier
Eloise Hardt
as Saleswoman
Thomas Louden
as Elderly Man
Eugene Goncz
as Practical Sign Painter
Lee Phelps
as Cabbie
Colleen Alpaugh
as Little Girl
Thomas Lockyear
as Elderly Man
Lynn Whitney
as Stenographer
Charles Cane
as Policeman
John Russell
as Policeman
Ralph Dunn
as Policeman
John Kelly
as Policeman
Donald MacBride
as Policeman
Tom Monroe
as Policeman
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Audience Reviews for The Dark Corner

  • Jan 10, 2014
    Standard noir about a twice framed private eye (Mark Stevens) with all the usual suspects: the muscle (William Bendix), the brains: (Clifton Webb) and the beauty (Cathy Downs). The difference here is the curve: Lucille Ball. As secretary/love interest/eye candy to the gumshoe ... it almost seems as if her part were added on. Some trying-to-be-hardboiled-like-Dashiell-Hammett-would-write dialogue don't help none and often adds the unintended air of comic spoof of the genre, overcome in the closing third of the piece. Watchable one time.
    Kevin M. W Super Reviewer
  • Nov 27, 2012
    Except for a few good dialogues, the movie has nothing in its favor. It's heavily predictable & short of twists for a film-noir, and lacks the execution that keeps you hooked in a thrilling crime drama. Avoidable as watchable.
    familiar s Super Reviewer
  • Feb 06, 2010
    i'm not sure if it's fair to say henry hathaway is usually a western man (sons of katie elder was great) but westerns are all i've seen of his work. kurt kreuger played a really slimy guy and he played the character of jardine so well that i did start asking myself whether he could be a slimeball in real life??? anyway, there's one big twist that i won't reveal. all the other players were good too along with lucille ball, mark stevens and clifton webb. it's no masterpiece but it's possibly the most solid as hell film noir thriller i've seen
    Sanity Assassin ! Super Reviewer
  • Apr 28, 2009
    A good little noir. I enjoyed getting to see Lucille Ball in a different light. She's good in this serious role. The private eye played by Webb doesn't seem all that great with his powers of deduction. Figuring out the mystery of who is trying to frame him takes a looong time. There appears to be a plot hole in the coincidence of the P.I. showing up at the art dealer's studio. Or maybe the filmmakers were trying not to be too obvious in putting the pieces together, since you never see the detective solve the mystery till it is too late. He's just stumbling through.
    Byron B Super Reviewer

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