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October 11, 2019
An entertaining romp, driven by a full-blooded lead performance.
October 4, 2019
As if to make up for the slack pacing, the violence seems unnecessarily garish and sadistic.
October 8, 2018
This is too well-made and acted to be a total failure, and even the formulaic slasher scenes are handled with creepy aplomb.
October 8, 2018
Romero is starting to appear to be a successor to Hitchcock, crafting intelligent stories of ordinary people in dire peril and lacing them with dark wit.
October 8, 2018
King's story is full of zingers, all aptly visualized by Romero.
October 8, 2018
It's a hard trick to pull off playing against yourself, but Hutton generates a real chemistry between Thad and Stark that is at once both fraternal and antagonistic.
July 11, 2016
another variation on the Monkey Shines conceit of Jungian shadows and Freudian id manifestations
November 25, 2014
Romero's direction is atypically listless, and the supernatural aspects are never explained in a satisfactory manner.
November 17, 2014
A riveting horror-thriller with a textured sense of location and encroaching menace.
April 7, 2011
Romero's adapation of King's novella is not a great horror flick but a decent genre item.
March 26, 2009
Hutton's George Stark is a terrific contrast, a cowboy greaser in black who's all razor edges, cigarettes and booze.
October 29, 2008
Should satisfy mostly hardcore fans of the horror genre.
June 23, 2007
Legendary horror director George A. Romero takes this material seriously and lends a real intimacy -- and real dread -- to it.
April 9, 2007
The film is sleek and enjoyable, with a highly amusing Timothy Hutton in the dual role of nice-guy Thad and vicious George.
March 11, 2006
A wicked good time
January 26, 2006
It's a strong conceit, but precisely how it's linked to a feather-brained subplot about the black-outs and aural hallucinations Thad suffered as a child remains obscure.
July 4, 2005
August 30, 2004
The scenes are so beautifully done that Hitchcock might have admired them, or at least their technical facility.
March 4, 2004
January 12, 2004
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