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August 18, 2018
How they managed to take one of the most dramatic periods of the 20th Century and turn it into a boring movie is a tribute to non-talented people.
August 16, 2018
El año pasado se estrenó Dunkirk, la última película de Christopher Nolan, la cual relata la Operación Dinamo, la acción militar llevada a cabo por Reino Unido bajo el mando del Primer Ministro Winston Churchill con el objetivo de evacuar a 400 mil soldados de la costa francesa mediante botes civiles luego de ser invadida por la Alemania nazi en el marco de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, todo ambientado en la ciudad de Dunkerque.
Unos meses después se estrena Las horas más oscuras (Darkest Hour), una "mini" biopic sobre el mismísimo Winston Churchill desde que asume como Primer Ministro hasta que se lleva a cabo la Operación Dinamo, mientras es presionado a firmar la paz con Hitler. Por lo cual ya sea por casualidad o no, ambas películas forman un excelente combo relatando el mismo hecho desde dos ambientes y perspectivas diferentes. Además, ambas están nominadas a la categoría de mejor película en los Oscars, ya que como sabemos a la Academia les encantan las películas basadas en historias reales que involucren guerra y política.
Sin embargo, su conexión con la película de Nolan no es lo único que se destaca de esta película.
Hay algo la hace aún más grande y estamos hablando de la magnífica interpretación de Gary Oldman como el ex primer ministro británico, un papel difícil si los hay, en el cual además de adentrarse en una caracterización muy particular por el estilo de vida de Churchill (alcoholismo, comida chatarra, descuido por su salud y bastante fanfarrón) también implicó un gran cambio físico, con ayuda de maquillaje claro está.
Ya hemos visto a Churchill ser caracterizados en otras ocasiones como en Bastardos sin gloria o la serie The Crown, pero lo que hace Oldman es algo excepcional llevando a su personaje por todos los estados de ánimos, desde el enojo y desprecio a sus pares hasta la preocupación que le llevó no poder lograr sus objetivos. Si bien la película no es la gran favorita para ganar la estatuilla en la máxima categoría, si lo es Gary Oldman en la categoría de mejor actor.
August 16, 2018
Overall, Darkest Hour is a fantastic war film without the explosions and gun fire. The film is loaded with tension, suspense but also managed to bring some smiles, which is to the credit of the award winning performance from Gary Oldman. Needless to say, this film comes recommend just to witness Gary Oldman's performance alone.
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August 13, 2018
B+. Interesting movie. At times felt more like a documentary, but a good one. Oldman did a fantastic job.
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August 5, 2018
Gary Oldman delivers another great performance but in a superficial film that doesn't even try to escape the typical clichés found in so many biographies. Full review on filmotrope. com
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August 2, 2018
One of the greatest films you will ever see. An absolute masterpiece and one of the best films ever made.
August 1, 2018
A cheesy hagiography of Winston Churchill, full of caricatures instead of actual characters.
July 29, 2018
Incredible just amazing
July 28, 2018
An instant classic; one of the best films of all time. With superb scripting, directing and acting "Darkest Hour" is to film what a Dickens novel is to literature. Destined to be included among the best received films ever produced, "Darkest Hour" provides a sweeping and engrossing glimpse at one of history's most storied moments. By turns timely and timeless, we are invited to explore the life and mind of a statesmen of monumental influence. Far from being stale or out-of-touch, Oldman deftly breaths life into this towering figure in a way that makes him human and accessible. With support from a stellar cast and paced to deliver maximum impact, the script beckons to the audience to engage with it in a way that few films have since Attenborough's "Gandhi."
½ July 26, 2018
Gary Oldman delivers his finest, jaw-dropping and most Oscar-worthy work as Winston Churchill, embattled the moment he is appointed to succeed Neville Chamberlain as Britain's war-time prime minister. There is unbridled brilliance in every frame, as Oldman nails the essence of a stubborn man repulsed by cries for an impossible peace, headstrong in his quest to avoid surrendering to Adolf Hitler at all costs. This is essential cinema for students of history, even those who haven't toured Churchill's underground yet still vulnerable war rooms near Westminster.
½ July 25, 2018
This Joe Wright's Darkest Hour is one of the historical drama movies which takes the setting at the same time as Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk in the battle to rescue 300,000 people during World War by Winston Churchill. Apart from some important events shown in this movie doesn't match with the historical record, this is one of the films that push Gary Oldman's performance in an Oscar award. At last, Gary Oldman is Winston Churchill who plays as a different character in this film. The pace is slow but the premise is simple and easy to understand even though this is a movie that discusses a quite about politics and historical figures. Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill always gives us a speech that goes against his personality and the people so we didn't know that he is an unpredictable character. There are so many characters that are not told deepened though too many flaws can overcome this movie, it's pretty memorable, enjoying, and easy to understand.
July 25, 2018
Gary Oldman is ultimatly the standout of the movie, as he gives an impecable, identicle and profound portrail of the life of this iconic figure in 20th century history.
Besides Oldman's performance the cinematography and editing were sometimes incredibly spot on. Though its not original or groundbreaking its surely enjoyable and Oscar-worthy.

July 24, 2018
7-2018 Rxcellent, great acting
½ July 20, 2018
A nearly great film buoyed by a truly great performance by Oldman (I can't believe this performance is his first to result in an Oscar), which is itself buoyed by great performances by Kristin Scott Thomas and Ben Mendelsohn.

Even though we know that Churchill was on the right side of history when he judged Hitler to be a menace, most of the rest of the world, including the British royalty and parliament, did not have the benefit of hindsight (the death camps had not yet begun operation) to help them see this reality. So there is tension and drama despite our knowledge of the outcome of the war; it comes from the battle Churchill fought among his peers in his own country.

A few quibbles: Why do films aimed at the Indie Film audience insist, if tobacco is being smoked, on making the sound of the tobacco burning as loud as a Who concert? It always comes across as pretentious to me... if we make the sound overly rich and vibrant, then the viewer will somehow think of this as an "important" film. This is something that has annoyed me in films for a few years, and I still haven't been able to articulate effectively why it annoys me. Sometimes it's the sound of an actor's hands moving across a sheet of paper that affects me this way, or the sound of a page turning,

Another quibble: When Oldman's Churchill screams at other characters at the top of his lungs, it seems like too much. Every piece of his performance is perfect, except this. So many actors' portrayals of real-life famous people are hailed as being not just an imitation, but an embodiment of the person (Jamie Foxx in Ray comes to mind). Until now, I've *never* been able to stop thinking of the actor's imitation... I've *never* thought an actor fully embodied the character. This is the first time that I've not only forgotten that an actor was mimicking certain quirks, movements, or vocal inflection, and that I've been immersed in their performance of the historical character. But when he screams at the top of his lungs at someone, I think of what would happen if I were to scream at the top of my lungs at my friends, family, or the people I work with. They'd think I'd lost control. They'd let me know my behavior is unacceptable. The script asks me to accept it, as Mrs. Churchill explains to him that he's gotten more curmudgeonly; Churchill himself explains to the king that he lacks temperance; and one or two more things in the script that I can't now recall. Regardless, it still doesn't quite ring true.

Finally, there's a moment of cliche'. Making exposition feel like it's being told from one character to another and not to the audience must be very difficult. Most of the time I accept it, because as a viewer it's usually information that I need to have early in the picture to understand what's going to happen later. But as good as most of the script is, whenever I hear a character say, as happens in Dark Hour, "What just happened?" I know that somebody got lazy. Whatever comes next is not from one character to another; it's being told to the audience. We just saw it happen; either the filmmakers screwed up the scene and didn't show us what they meant to show us, or they assume we're too stupid to understand what happened. It almost ruins the scene here. They had a great line that they didn't want to waste, and the rest of the script is great, so I accept it quibblingly, but it really did almost ruin the scene for me.

Anyway, I've now written more about my quibbles than I have about what I like about the film, and I'm not going to elaborate further. It should be seen for Oldman's performance alone, but it offers much more than that. See it.
½ July 18, 2018
Film che mi ha sorpreso, perchè non pensavo che un film storico come questo potesse interessarmi così tanto e non annoiarmi neanche per un minuto. Prima di tutto grandissima interpretazione di Oldman che è irriconoscibile con tutto quel trucco ed è uguale e identico in tutto al vero Churchill, Oscar meritato. Anche il trucco è veramente fantastico, come già detto. Mi è piaciuta molto la regia di Joe Wright e anche la fotografia, bellissima, con il "contrasto" tra luce e buio, che prevale nella parte centrale del film che è appunto più scura. Ho avuto i brividi e mi ha emozionato tantissimo la scena nella metro in cui Churchill parla con dei cittadini. Grande film.
½ July 12, 2018
Glorifying a mass murderer, bigot & racist. How he is any different from Hitler, Idi Amin or Mugabe. People don't care because he was responsible for deaths of brown & black people.
½ July 11, 2018
Wow. Gary Oldman was not to be found in this film. Amazing performance. Put the subtitles on you don't miss a lick of dialogue. Another flick that would do you well to see in this day and age. It's up there with The Post and Lincoln.
July 8, 2018
Joe Wright's Darkest Hour is a tribute to one of the world's most bold leaders, even if Gary Oldman's performance as Churchill is its only inspired quality. The good news is Joe Wright got the most important aspect of this film correct, the casting. As said, Gary Oldman steals the entire film as Winston Churchill and the supporting cast, Lily James and Kristen Scott Thomas, are also great additions. However, Darkest Hour fails to deliver a plot that is just as colourful. It follows a very predictable storyline of a man faced with an impossible task. It doesn't opt for historical accuracy, however, neither does it choose to be a refreshing or particularly different. Overall, Darkest Hour is all good fun thanks to Gary Oldman and the supporting cast, however, it pales in comparison to other great political flicks, such as Lincoln.
July 5, 2018
A masterpiece. The acting and story are as close to what reality was as you can possibly get. This movie will teach you about the horror of war from a new perspective, those who can't see it. It is an amazing story about a great man and one that more people need to see today.
½ July 1, 2018
I usually loathe historical dramas, especially those with screen times over two hours, but "DARKEST HOUR" has a life force to it that I found to be intriguing. Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill in all his sniveling brilliance was a profound performance to be sure, and Oldman delivers the role flawlessly, but the screen writing here is also top-notch, making his performance even more significant. It is a well-made film, quite interesting and harsh in its realities of one of the bleakest times in modern history.
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