Dead of Night (Deathdream) Reviews

August 30, 2018
Deathdream [is] definitely an overlooked gem that will appeal to horror fans from all different walks of life.
August 25, 2018
Deathdream is definitely an under-appreciated and hidden horror that needs more love.
July 21, 2018
...uses acceptable forms of horror (the walking dead!) to reflect and allegorise real traumas that are a lot less acceptable.
November 30, 2017
belies its low budget with both an impressive cast headed by veteran character actors and director Bob Clark's creative economy
July 11, 2014
One of the first and best films to confront the ill-effects the Vietnam War had on the home front.
October 9, 2005
A disturbing low-budget horror film that doubles as a critique of America's involvement in Vietnam.
August 10, 2005
March 31, 2005
Deliberate, uncompromising, and very sad, Bob Clark's quiet masterpiece is still one of the most inspired anti-war genre pics out there.
September 9, 2004
Grim, tasteless and inexplicably overrated trash.
June 28, 2004
John Marley imbues the film with the kind of pathos that wears down the defenses of a principally comic filmmaker like Clark
February 2, 2003
Like the best genre films, Deathdream offers an interesting glimpse of the American psyche during the time it was made.
August 11, 2002