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½ August 27, 2017
Fun flick and Statham is always worth watching!
August 22, 2017
A phantastic car-action movie.I first liked Statham in a movie :)
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May 12, 2017
A massive departure from the original, Death Race keeps the cars and kills and forgoes virtually everything else from 2000. Fun in a very different manner, but still fun, and that's what counts.
April 23, 2017
4/22/2017 (2): A pretty entertaining action flick. The story isn't really developed, but I still liked it.
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½ February 2, 2017
Brilliant film with good races and some nice gory deaths, Good story a little different from the usual Statham films but worth multiple watches.
January 22, 2017
The original was a classic - Can Anderson make this another and recapture his previous Event Horizon form... or do we have another Alien Vs Predator on the cards?
½ January 5, 2017
It's good movie to watch
December 31, 2016
Palomera y divertida.
½ December 29, 2016
I liked this movie. Jason Statham makes pretty good action movies. The plot was alright in this movie. The action and the special effects were good.
December 18, 2016
Jason Statham and Tyrese Gibson in one of the coolest movies ever!
½ August 15, 2016
A lot of critics, I don't think. quite knew what to make of this film: it is hyper over the top. is incredibly dark, yet also steals elements from the video game Mario Kart, and tries to send a message about the private prisons at the same time. It's an interesting matchup, one of which the medium of movies was, I'd argue. tailor made for.. There are some not so great elements at play too including a rather annoying shaky cam, but I could overlook them easily enough.
July 9, 2016
Death Race is fast, furious, undemanding, brutal action entertainment that gets the job done.
June 29, 2016
A very thrilling ride loved it
June 2, 2016
lol actually better than the original death race 2000
May 8, 2016
a decent movie i have both 1-2 great action just too futuristic that probably wont happen
April 24, 2016
It's fun doesn't make sense but it's fun
½ April 14, 2016
A fun big dumb action flick, but also fairly forgettable aside from a death scene here or there. I generally enjoy Jason Statham, so this is something I can see returning to as comfort food, but I'd highly doubt it'll end up being anyone's favorite film, y'know?

Possibly best viewed on cable as a guilty pleasure rather than purchased or rented.
½ March 6, 2016
Not a petrol head but must admit I quite enjoyed this film not bad for car lovers
January 26, 2016
Jason Statham's best movie ever. This movie reminds me of the game, Full Auto, for Xbox 360.
½ December 13, 2015
Death Race takes its name from the cult classic car racing B-movie from the 70's, Death Race 2000... then removes the 2000, throws everything else away and shits all over the entire concept.

Enter Jason "I'm Great at Driving Cars in Movies" Statham, a blue collar worker who used to be in NASCAR but was given a career that would make him more relateable to audiences. He comes home from work one day when he gets laid off cause something something recession, and gets framed for (get ready for it): A crime he didn't commit. Now he's in a maximum security prison where they give prisoners ... cars... and make them drive around tracks... to kill eachother, for TV ratings... ugh. Basically it's shitty version of Running Man with cars, and the same color scheme as a call of duty game. Something like 20 minutes into the movie, you'll have figured out the entire plot line (including the ending), and all that's left for you is the car racing/crashes which are honestly really half baked.

TL;DR - 3/10
The characters are unlikeable, the concept of a cross country race where you murder innocent bystanders is completely butchered, the camp factor is completely erased and replaced with a gritty edge that makes you want a mountain dew, the races are boring and take place on what looks like a crappy level of twisted metal 1. In short, this movie is dreadful. If you want something like this movie that doesn't suck, just watch Death Race 2000, the recently released Speed Racer film or hold out for the upcoming Mad Max release, because honestly, this film borders on being insulting to the viewer.
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