Ekaj Reviews

May 4, 2020
There's an experimental feel to this film both in structure and style which is a daring choice for [Cati] Gonzalez, but it works on many levels.
December 1, 2019
A touching and powerful story, very similar to real life, which dares its audience to experience it as personally as possible. [Full review in Spanish]
September 15, 2019
There is a lot to enjoy if you can accept its stylistic choices for what they are and how they help inform the film's unrelentingly stark tone.
August 8, 2019
Ekaj is a hyper-realistic slice of real life; we see into the (often tragic) life of a gay street 'hustler' which is a character we don't often seen portrayed as raw as this on screen.
August 4, 2019
a modern day Midnight Cowboy. It's raw, gritty, sensitive, organic and real.
April 16, 2019
Ekaj is a film that will leave you thinking about its message and its characters. Hopefully, it propels viewers to act with kindness towards others, especially those who are different than them.
April 10, 2019
Bold, strong, heavy, gritty, raw, and for the majority of its runtime, an excellent slice of grim realism. Surreal yet sincere, and well worth a watch.
March 7, 2019
In her debut film Ekaj, Gonzalez was able to use her background to create a moving portrait of friendship, loss, and survival in New York City. While New York is often portrayed as a paradise for wayward dreams, the reality is often the opposite
January 24, 2019
...delivers a heightened dose of reality while also capturing aspects of present-day New York City that have emphatically not been Disneyfied
December 10, 2018
Ekaj shows flashes of brilliance and wisdom. It's reminiscent of an early film by the Safdie Brothers but manages to create its own place among the subgenre.
December 3, 2018
A compelling directorial debut from Cati Gonzalez, thanks to her confident direction, strong lead performances, striking cinematography, punchy themes and distinct characters.
November 25, 2018
Gonzales's ability to tell a story using fast-paced imagery is unlike anything I've seen before. She never wastes a single second...instead choosing a photographic approach to film that echoes the moment to moment lives of these homeless youth.
November 13, 2018
Gonzalez doesn't spare us the unforgiving and painful details of lives lived at the edge in her engrossing and confident debut feature. Badd Idea, playing the brutally honest yet caring Mecca, is moving, charismatic and hilarious.
May 2, 2018
Garners great direction by [Cati] Gonzalez who really captures the grit and flavor of New York that "Midnight Cowboy" did decades ago...
April 19, 2018
It presents a world that is rarely seen onscreen like this, recognisable to those who have lived in it. It tells a story that is cruel and urgent, passionate and real.
April 2, 2018
Ekaj has the ability to open up people's perspectives and allow connection to people we don't normally interact with. It is full of potential and I hope to see it get there. It holds pieces of a story that are too valuable to be lost and need to be told.