Elite Squad: The Enemy Within


Elite Squad: The Enemy Within

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Elite Squad: The Enemy Within is a bleak, violent descent into the Brazilian underbelly, ripping into the favelas with unstoppable and kinetic force.



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The sprawling slum that towers over Rio de Janeiro is one of the most dangerous places on Earth, and as the head of Rio's BOPE (Special Police Operations Battalion), Captain Nascimento (Wagner Moura) has seen his share of intense situations. When a BOPE mission to stop a jail riot ends in violence, Nascimento finds his job on the line--and BOPE accused of a massacre by human rights activists. But a public fed up with the violence and gangs that plague Rio loves it, and Nascimento finds himself embraced as a hero who gets results. With elections around the corner, he's promoted to Sub-Secretary of Intelligence. In his powerful new post, Nascimento strengthens BOPE and brings the drug gangs that run the slum to their knees-- only to come to the sobering realization that by doing so, he's only made things easier for the corrupt cops and dirty politicians who are truly running the game. After years in the trenches, Nascimento now finds that his new enemies are much more dangerous and, even worse, sitting at desks just down the hall. -- (C) Official Site


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  • Oct 03, 2013
    Possibly even better as the first one that won Berlin. Excellent screenplay although the direction is not quite as good as Cidade de Deus.
    William H Super Reviewer
  • Dec 25, 2012
    Hold the press: A sequel that's better than the first film! An amazingly well-told story of violence, corruption and principles, with less crass violence than Tropa de Elite (mind you, still a lot of that!) and more actual storytelling. Brazilian cinema probably can't get much better than this, an absolute must-see.
    Ina S Super Reviewer
  • Sep 15, 2012
    Captain Nasciento is promoted to the Intelligence Agency and uses his BOPE units to clear the drug trade out of the city, unwittingly allowing the corrupt militia to fill the empty criminal power vacuum. Jose Padilha's sequel to the entertaining if morally dubious Elite Squad is a similar expose of the crime and corruption of modern day Rio de Janeiro, peppered with some brutal action sequences and coloured with nothing but various shades of morally ambiguous grey. Padilha's script is actually rather more nuanced than that of the first film, which tempers the fascistic overtones as Nasciento comes to find common ground with the lily-livered liberal Fraga when he realises that they both want the same thing; justice. It also attempts to address the corruption of the system beyond the streets showing the self serving politicians pulling the strings and their manipulation of the media. It's essentially a visceral tirade against institutional corruption and as such seems a little preachy, especially since the first person narrative makes it feel rather dry and detached. The action scenes are brilliantly executed however and the multi-layered story gives it a depth missing from the original film making for a quality action thriller with a political spin.
    xGary X Super Reviewer
  • Jul 24, 2012
    This is an excellent movie. Far more story-oriented than I was expecting but it's actually for the better since the story is complex yet easy to follow. Basically it's a story of corruption and the things people in power do to maintain themselves in that position, no matter if it involves illegal activities. But there's a whole cast of characters involved with a lot o The one thing I very much liked, and I'm a big fan of this, is that every moment in the movie seemed to be working toward the same endgame. Everything that happened had a purpose and it all played out in the end. It's rare to see films do this and do it as well as this movie has. Of course the movie is also full of shootouts and it's definitely kinetic and high-octane. Visually the film feels like a documentary so the shootouts feel tense, and again high-octane, and very realistic. Really it's a movie that clicks on all cylinders. Wagner Moura does an excellent job as a man who's torn apart between what's right and what he, as a former Skull, would have done to protect his colleagues. Not to mention having to live with the fact that his system, through no fault of his own, just the manipulations of others, created this widespread corruption. I also enjoyed how we're always one step ahead of Nascimento in knowing what's happening in Rio. Nascimento, in a voice over well after the events have happened, narrates the story and tells us how things escalated and how he played a part in that. Sometimes this makes the character look like a dumbass because the 'bad' thing, in this case corruption, is happening right before his eyes and he doesn't even realize it. But in this movie it doesn't make the character look like an idiot, it actually makes you want for him to find out what's happening even more. It's very well done. Wagner also brings a completely weariness to the character, you can tell by the end of the film that he's just tired of everything and he wants to put an end to it all. Really he feels like a very complete character with his own flaws yet a man that always tries to do what's right, in his eyes. Really this movie is just fantastic. It's complex, flawed and violent. Always a good combination if done correctly and this movie does it excellently.
    Jesse O Super Reviewer

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